Well, Eclipse is my favorite book in the saga and one of my fav chapters in this book is Fire and Ice

Well, Eclipse is my favorite book in the saga and one of my fav chapters in this book is Fire and Ice. So I'm going to be writing it from Edward's view . This is my first fanfiction so bear with me.

The wind howled, and shook the tent. My Bella was shaking in harmony with the tent as it moved back and forth by the force of the wind. The temperature seemed to be dropping unseasonably for June. And of all places to go camping, we choose this place. As if Alice couldn't see it coming.

"W-w-w-what t-time is it?" Bella forced out of her chattering teeth.

I sat as far away from Bella as possible, in the space given. I made sure to not even breath, trying not to make it any colder for her than it already was. She didn't need to freeze to death. I tried so hard to talk her into making a run for it.. but she was stubborn about leaving her safety. And I could see why. If it was this cold in here for her, without the wind, what would it be like for Bella in the storm?

"Maybe..." I tried to say..

"No, I'm f-f-f-ine, r-r-r-really. I don't w-w-w-w-want to g-go outside." I growled much to low for her to hear. If there was only something I could do for her...

"What can I do?" I practically begged. There HAD to be something I could do, and whatever it was, I'd do it.
Bella shook her head. Always stubborn. I heard a whine outside, the dog was thinking about her.

"G-g-get out of h-h--ere" Bella ordered.

No The dog growled in his head, knowing she couldn't hear him. I'm just worried about you.

I guessed, since Bella couldn't understand this, I would need to be a translator again.

"He's just worried about you." I told her. "He's fine. His body is equipped to deal with this."

"H-h-h-h-h." She tried to say something.. What? That he should leave? She really should stop talking. Bella was practically biting off her tongue trying to speak. I really wanted to do anything for her.. and I couldn't. I continued to stay locked in my position, far away from her.. no matter what my other instincts wanted to do.

Can't you do anything, bloodsucker? Jacob complained in his mind. Or you don't mind seeing her freeze to death, since you haven't done anything to help her.

The dog was really getting on my nerves.

"What do you want me to do?" I growled, too annoyed to even be polite. "Carry her through that? I don't see you making yourself useful. Why don't you go fetch a space heater or something?"

Yeah, right. Even if I was stupid enough to go and 'fetch' a space heater, why would she need it? There's already one here.

Jacob's thoughts were rotated around him being the one to warm her up... My Bella wrapped in the dogs arms...

"I'm o-k-k-k-kay." Bella protested. I groaned... Bella was the opposite of okay. She could possibly even freeze to death.

Yeah, if okay is chattering your teeth off. I would be able to warm you up.. but your bloodsucker is too jealous too agree to it."

Jacob howled loudly. I scowled.

"That was hardly necessary." I muttered mainly to myself. "And that's the worst idea I've ever heard." I called loudly.

Jacob was now in his human form. He wasn't going to cooperate with me, what did I expect?

"Better than anything you've come up with," Jacob said, his thoughts taking on a 'tone' that I did not like. "Go fetch a spare space heater I'm not a St. Bernard."

Close enough.

The zipper on the tent opened quickly, Jacob coming inside, holding the parka in hand. I held back a growl, and the urge to attack him. The snow flakes were coming in from the open door. Bella started shivering even more.

"I don't like this." I hissed through slanted eyes. My fists were clenched tight into balls, trying to stay as calm as possible. "Just give her the coat and get out."

Like he was going to do that. Jacob had other thoughts in mind. Some I'd much rather not think about. But the dog kept yelling them at me, and the images pained through my head. I tried to keep them out as I did in the past, when blocking my family's out-but for other obvious reasons. Not reading my family's mind was an asset for them. This was all for me-and my sanity of course. As much as I tried, still the thoughts came in, making me shudder.
Bella tried to ask something, but only a few stutters came out. I looked towards her, frustration in my eyes.

"The parka's for tomorrow-she's too cold to warm it up by herself. It's frozen. You said she needed a space heater, and here I am." I kept my jaw clenched tight, eyes narrowed towards Jacob measuring his every move.

"J-ake you'll f-f-f-freeze" Bella tried to say. A snow storm in the middle of June? Of all things to happen!

"Not me," Jacob replied. "I run at a toasty one-o-eight point nine these days. I'll have you sweating in now time."

My eyes slanted even more, if that was possible, and I snarled. Despite my attempts to remain calm, Jacob had pushed me too far.
Without even thinking about it, I placed-with much more force than necessary-my hand on his shoulders, keeping him away from Bella. The stench coming off his skin was too much to bear. Wet dog almost. He recoiled from my touch.

"Get you hand off of me," He growled.

"Keep your hands off of her," I answered darkly, glaring at him.

Bella tried to tell us not to fight. I internally groaned for her effort. Even now, she was thinking more about others than herself. Her sleep talking always hinted at that. But currently we were both fine, physically anyways. She was the only one to worry about.

"I'm sure she'll thank you for this when her toes black and fall off." Jacob spitted at me. Then you can go wallow in misery of your precious Bella having her toes fall off, all because of your prejudice against werewolves. Jacob laughed in his mind.

I hesitated, my hand falling off his shoulder. He had a point. With another sigh, I went back to the corner.

"Watch yourself." I warned. With my fists clenched tight I pulled my knees up to my chest glaring towards Jacob.

"Scoot over, Bella." I heard him say over his VERY loud thoughts.

Bella stared at him it shock. I continued to watch her face, measuring every move all the while that Jacob made. She tried to protest, but it flared out-even Bella couldn't resist the need to be warm, no matter how stubborn she was.
Anger flew inside of me, but I had to remember to stay calm. This was helping Bella after all...

"Jeez. Your freezing Bella." The dog said. I wondered , if her skin could be any colder than mine was.

"S-s-s-s-orry." She stuttered. I turned my head against the tent door waiting for the storm to stop. It just kept getting worse.

"Try to relax. You'll be warm in a minute. Of course, you'd warm up faster if you took your clothes off." I'd like to see your bloodsuckers face...!

I growled defiantly, my head jerking towards them. I would not let myself overreact. I told myself.
The images flashed through my head again, of Bella and Jacob. I groaned quietly. He made very vivid mental pictures.

"That's just a simple fact. Survival one on one." He said, trying to defend himself. I would of laughed at his effort, if it wasn't Bella he was talking about. And his mind was not hinting at survival skill either. Not at all.

I flinched.

"C-cut it out Jake." Bella said, but didn't pull away. "N-n-nobody really n-n-n-n-needs all ten t-t-t-oes."

When will Bella ever realize she is in love with me? She's probably to scared to admit it, or recognize it at least.

I supposed it was like cuddling up in a blanket, but blankets didn't have reactions, much less thoughts.

"Don't worry about the bloodsucker." Jacob was smug now. Even he knew Bella wouldn't stop worrying about me. It was irrational, of course. "He's just jealous."

I glared, keeping my voice calm and smooth. "Of course I am." I admitted. "You don't have the faintest idea how much I wish I could do what you're doing for her, mongrel."