A/N: this idea came to me in my P

A/N: this idea came to me in my P.E. class. :p hurray for P.E. Ok, the prologue will be first of course. It's the prologue! But anyway, it'll be probably a little weird, but please bare with me. Enjoy!


4 years ago

A woman with short, light blue hair stood in front of a cylinder tank with a clipboard. She wore small glasses, a white shirt with a giant yellow 'G', white pants, and white boots. She looked down on the clipboard and began writing.

"Subject releases normal behavior," she said, writing quickly, "Age: 10. Gender: female. Years experimenting on: Four. Subject seems to have adapted to DNA sample number 0483."

The woman looked up into the tank. The liquid in the tank gave off a light, green glow.

She stared at the 'experiment'. In the tank was a young girl. Wires were attached around her entire body as she floated in the liquid. Her eyes were closed, giving her the appearance to be in a peaceful sleep.

The girl had long, dark blue hair. On top of her head, laid a large, pointed clothing. On both sides were large, pointed silver objects. In the place of where her shirt would be, was a light gray looking shield. In the middle rested a light blue diamond. She wore short, dark blue shorts. Behind her, was a large, pointed blue tail, with light blue shining down the middle. On her arms and legs were circled symbols that glowed.

The woman sighed. The doors then opened. The woman jerked her head, as did other people with the same uniform.

In walked a man with spiked, dark blue hair. He wore a gray vest, a yellow 'G' on the right. Everyone turned and typed on the computers while others wrote behind them.

The woman gulped slightly, and sighed. The man walked to her.

"G-Good evening, M-Mister Cyrus," the woman said when the man reached her.

Cyrus walked in front of her, ignoring her welcome. He gazed up at the girl inside the tube. Her eyes were still peacefully closed.

"Tonya," Cyrus said.

The woman stood up straight quickly. She gulped slightly.

"Y-Yes, sir?" Tonya asked.

Cyrus continued to gaze at the girl.

"Has she awoken at all today?" he asked.

Tonya looked down at her clipboard. She lifted up a paper and gazed down at another.

"Um yes, sir, she did," Tonya said, reading the paper, "She awoke once at 12:45 this afternoon."

Cyrus sighed.

"That was over eight hours ago, Tonya," Cyrus said.

Tonya gulped slightly.

"Y-Yes, sir," she said, "B-But she has been making progress! When she awakes, she eats on her own now! She opened her mouth once and said, 'Where'!"

Cyrus smiled slyly.

"Excellent," he said, "She's beginning to move on her own."

The girl stirred slightly.

Cyrus smiled even more.

"She's ready then," he said.

Tonya's eyes widened.

"B-But, sir," she said, "I-I think we should wait at least a couple more months to see how much more she can-"


Tonya's glasses fell to the floor, Tonya falling with them.

Everyone turned, seeing Cyrus's hand raised.

Tonya looked at the ground, touching her cheek. Small blood trickled down her cheek.

Cyrus looked at her angrily.

"You're not here to think!" he yelled, "You're here to make sure she progresses well and do what you are ordered to! When I say she is ready, I want you to do what I say! Understood?!"

Tonya nodded her head, putting her glasses back on.

"Y-Yes, sir," she whispered.

Cyrus looked at a man to the right of him. He was in front of the tank, on a computer.

"Drain the tank!" he said.

The man nodded his head.

"Yes, sir," he said.

He typed quickly on the keyboard. A siren blew, and the tank began to drain.

Cyrus looked at Tonya, who was standing, the clipboard to her chest.

"Get DNA sample 0484! Now!" he yelled.

"Yes, sir!" Tonya said.

She quickly ran to a metal door. She looked to the right, at a small keyboard. She pressed four codes and the door opened.

She walked into a cold room. She ran to the back. She looked up by a case numbered 0483. Next to it was a case labeled 0484. She pressed for codes and it opened. She dug in and pulled out a small machine. It resembled a small gun. On the top was a small tube with red liquid.

Tonya ran back into the previous room, closing the cold room's door. She ran to the side of a tank, up a ladder. She looked down in the tank.

The girl was curled on the bottom of the tank, the wires tangled.

"Lift the bottom!" Tonya cried.

The tank then began to rise. The girl stirred slightly. Tonya's eyes widened as the young girl's opened. The girl weakly looked up at Tonya with bright, red eyes. The girl looked at Tonya slightly sad.

"L-Lift the girl!" Tonya yelled.

A man flicked a red switch and the wires lifted the girl.

Tonya could hear the girl groaning in pain.

The girl was then lifted, her back turned to Tonya. Tonya saw that her hair had grown far down her back.

Cyrus smiled at the girl. He could see her eyes shifting around the room.

"Now!" Cyrus yelled.

Tonya placed the front of the small gun like machine to the girl's back, right below her right shoulder. She then pulled a trigger, and the girl screamed loudly in pain, her back arching greatly.

Her eyes were widened, and she was screaming loudly. Tonya looked at the tube, seeing the red liquid almost gone.

Just a little more, sweetie: Tonya thought, looking sympathetically at the small girl.

The girl screamed louder, tears flowing down her eyes. The diamond in her chest began to glow.

Tonya's eyes widened.

"She's reacting!" Tonya cried, "Pull the switch!"

A man quickly ran to a large switch. He pulled it and the girl screamed. Tonya saw small electricity go from the wires to the girl's body.

I'm sorry: Tonya thought.

Then, the tube was empty. Tonya removed the small machine. The girl stopped screaming, panting heavily. Her eyes then closed, her body limp. Her head hung, her hair falling.

Cyrus smiled. He turned and headed for the door. He stopped.

"Tonya," he said.

Tonya looked down at him from the ladder.

"Y-Yes, sir?" she asked fearfully.

Cyrus glanced back at her. Tonya gasped softly. His eyes were filled with rage.

"Do not disappoint me," he said, "Or the consequences will be even more severe."

The doors opened and he walked out, disappearing.

Tonya looked down. Tears formed in her eyes.

"Yes, sir," she whispered softly.

4 years later

Cyrus walked into the lab. Tonya turned from the tube, looking at him.

"How has she progressed?" he asked.

Tonya glanced at the papers.

"E-Excellent, sir!" she exclaimed, "She's awaken at least eight times a day, she's performing sentences, and she's beginning to react to her surroundings!"

Cyrus smiled, walking to the tank.

He saw the girl's eyes closed, deep in a peaceful slumber.

He touched the glass where her face was.

"Excellent," he said.

He studied her.

"I noticed her body has changed," he said.

Indeed it did.

The girl's long, dark blue hair was now a dark violet. On her right eye was a silver, crescent shape object, surrounding her eye. On her back, were two silver like pointed wings. On her body was a silver and violet like armor. A short, pointed silver tail replaced her long dark blue tail. On the sides of her shoulders were large, silver like circles. In the middle of them were large, dark pink pearls. On her legs were long, dark violet symbols that glowed.

The girl's face the cringed.

A loud siren then went off. Tonya and Cyrus turned their heads.

"What is it?!" Cyrus yelled.

A man began typing quickly. Tonya ran quickly to his sides, reading a scanner.

"H-Her heart rate! It's extremely fast!" Tonya yelled, "F-Faster than it should be!"

"Well fix it!" Cyrus yelled.

He turned towards the girl.

Her face cringed.

Girl's thoughts

Where am I? Why am I in so much pain? Mother…Mother where are you? Why haven't I seen you? Why am I in so much pain, Mother? What is going on? I'm scared.

Her eyes then began to flutter half way opened. She curled up in a fetal position, wrapping her arms around her legs.

Mother…I'm scared…I'm really scared, Mother…Please…Please…Help me! Save me, Mother!

Cyrus heard the siren continue louder. He turned quickly to Tonya.

"What is going on?!" Cyrus yelled.

Tonya turned and ran to the tank. She saw the girl look directly at her, into her eyes. Tonya's eyes widened. She turned to Cyrus.

"S-Sir, I-I think she's realizing feelings!" Tonya yelled.

"What does that mean?!" he yelled angrily, clutching his fists.

Tonya began to shake.

"She's thinking more for herself! She's trying to remember her past!" Tonya explained, "Her brain is straining itself so much, giving her small tears of her past! In order to do that, it's causing her to think for herself!"

Cyrus cursed under his breath.

"How dangerous is that?" he asked, sweat forming on his forehead.

Tonya began shaking more.

"I-If this continues," she began, "She might become so panicked and confused that she might accidentally trigger her powers! Powers that we have yet studied for her to control!"

The girl turned her head, looking around. She saw panicked eyes looking at her.

Where am I: she thought: Why are these people staring at me?

Her eyes then widened.

Tonya noticed. She turned and whispered, "Oh no."

Cyrus looked at her.

"What?! What is it?!" he yelled.

Tonya stared at the girl.

"I…," Tonya stammered, "I-I th-think she's realizing th-that w-we took her."

They took me! They took me from my mother: the girl screamed in her head.

The girl looked at the wires. She turned seeing the tail. Her eyes widened even more.

They did this! They turned me into a monster!

The girl screamed loudly. The tank's liquid began to bubble. Tonya backed her, her eyes shining with fear.

"Sh-She's reacting! Her powers!" Tonya screamed, "Hit the switch!"

Before anyone could move, the tank exploded the girl screaming, "NO!"

Glass exploded everywhere. Cyrus, Tonya, and everyone were slammed into the wall, some through it. Smoke covered the place, blinding everyone's view.

Cyrus looked up, coughing.

"Damn it," he whispered, "I was sure she was perfected."

The smoke cleared and Cyrus's eyes widened.

There the girl stood, different yet again. The right side of her hair was dark blue, the other half violet. The right shoulder contained the pearl, while her chest contained the diamond. The silver crescent shaped object covered her right eye, while a large pointed silver object was on the left side of her head. Her right arm and leg was covered in violet symbols while her left was covered in light blue symbols.

The girl screamed loudly, an explosion happening again.

Tonya covered her eyes. She then heard the girl scream, "MOTHER!"

So how was it? Would've made more, but decided the next chapter to be the present and the first the prologue. I hope you liked this story. If you think it is bad, I will try and make it better. Oh and if you need a visual on what the girl looks like, just tell me and I'll send the link. - thank you! Review please!

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