Title: For no reason

Pairing: TsengxReno

Theme: 049. Happy

Reno looked at his boss, blinking a few times before breaking out into a wide grin. It was rare, really, what had just happened. What Tseng just did. Rare and downright precious, and the redhead was more than aware of that. He knew the man very well. He prided himself in that. Hell, sometimes he even liked to call himself a 'walking Tseng-encyclopedia'. Mainly when he was drunk.

This rare thing was reserved solely for Reno, and it was caused, again, by something Reno said or did. It could have been because the redhead yawned and stretched, looking absolutely cute in a very disshelved way. Or maybe it was a natural reaction to the insolent Turk's joke about him being too old for his job, just because his spine made a rather disturbing sound while he stretched. It sounded like snapping. Reno joked.

Tseng smiled at him.

And, just like that, for no other particular reason, Reno decided he was really, really happy.