Hi this is my new story! Enjoy! (starts after twilight first book and after third MR book but they have the same powers that they got in MR4) Max, fang,ig:17 years Nudge:14 years Gaz:11 Angel:9

Chap 1


We had decided to take a break from saving the world for a change. We settled down in a rainy place called the Forks in Washington. Angel got us a house and now we have to go to school. We are using the same names that we used at Anne's except we have different last names. Now we are settling into the new house. There were five rooms Nudge and Iggy had medium rooms, Fang, and me had big rooms, and Gaz and Angel shared a medium room. There was a kitchen family room, and a basement that we used as a mini gym area. It had a punching bag, weights ect. It also had games and stuff.

"Max?" Nudge asked, I looked at her "Can we go to the mall. All of the clothes we have are messed up and bloody, and disgusting. We need haircuts!" She rattled on.

"fine, we can go everyone lets get ready we are going to the mall" I said in my leader voice.


Nudge bought a lot of clothes. Did you know some clothes are "in" and "out". She bought shoes, skirts, tank tops(we can make our wings disappear), jeans, shorts, and everything else you can possibly think of. All I bought was tee shirts, jeans, hoodies, and a new pair of combat boots. Angel bought stuff similar to Nudge. Iggy got shirts and whatever else he gets. Gazzy got whatever Iggy got in his size and Fang got shirts and jeans in black. We got haircuts, we pretty much got the same haircuts as when we were in New York except we didn't put any colors in and Nudge had her hair permanently straitened. Finally we got home and had dinner.

"I can't wait until school starts again" Nudge said babbling on.

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