Chapter 12 Max POV

We ran through the trees, using our (the flocks) built in gps instinct-y thing to find the erasers. I was the fastest, I could use my speed flying on the ground. The others had no trouble keeping up with the vampires. We saw them. Half of them had wings the other half didn't. This wouldn't be too hard.

but it definitely wouldn't be easy.

The vampires were gaping at them.

"lets go" I yelled. "they're pretty easy kill but a lot of them coming at you at once can be dangerous."

"is that so?" I heard a voice.


I was fighting off about 9 of them. I sent a hard round house kick to its chest. It started falling. I pulled the wings from the back of another one.

Fang was next to me. He punched one and kicked another. I wasn't paying attention when I felt something punch me. Omega was flying. He was flying. I Pulled his wings. His reaction told me that this was the first time that someone did that to him. He kicked me. Pain seared through me. Pain is just a message. I thought. I punched him. He flew into the tree behind him, he came back and kicked me in the chest. My back hit the tree behind me. He pulled my wings from behind my back. He totally took my idea. He pinned me to a tree. I couldn't get out of his grasp. I kneed him in the stomach and pulled his wings as hard as I could. I guess the pain was too much for him because he passed out.

I saw most of the erasers passed out or dead. I finished off the last few and it looked like they were all gone.

"Report!" I yelled.

"were fine" the vampires mumbled together.

"that was only hard because there were so many that you can't concentrate." I nodded.

"I'm okay" Fang said.

"cool" Iggy said.

"I'm okay!" angel said.

"Nudge! Gazzy!" I Yelled "guys?"

"There minds aren't here" Angel cried.

Oh no...