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Lia- this is just a random story i came up with when smiley came home from disneyland and told me how she stalked " Jack Sparrow".

Screaming Fan Girls/A New Love

written by cecilia friesen

Cecilia and samantha were enjoying an amazing day at disneyland ,eating candy and enjoying all the rides when this little ordeal occurred.

Cecilia-OMJONAS!!It's Jack Sparrow!!squeals


C-On your left!

S- I don't see anyone looking like Jacky!!

C- No! Your other left!

S-You mean right?

C-Whatever!! He's changing positions!!


Jack turns around to see the girls jogging in his direction, Samantha with her arms outstretched,panics, and starts running for his life.

C-He's getting away!

S- Oh no you don't my little drunken pirate!

C- dude...I never heard that one before...swweeeeet!!

S- thanks...I-NEVERMIND! lets go!

C-There he is! He's heading for the pirate ship!

S- AWWWW! He's so cute when he's running for the pirate ship!

C-Now he's trying to set sail!

S-He's so cute when he's trying to set sail!

C-Dude, who cares! Lets go!

S-Sorry hes just flat out cute! He looks like William Turner!

C- How can Jack Sparrow look like William Turner?!

S- I don't know! Ask God!!

C- rolls her eyes and keeps running

Jack Sparrow disapeers out of thier view when they reach the ship.

S- Where did he go?!


J.S.- You will remember this as the day you almost caught Jack Sparrow!

S-sighs Just like in the movie!!

The mast unexpectantly anps and he falls to the ground. When they regain from shock they rush to his aid in panic.

C- OMJ! He's unconsciouss!!

S- Maybe he needs mouth to mouth!!


S-Hey it's worth a try!

C- How about we just pour some water on him?

S- okaaaaaaay...

Samantha grabs a water bottle from the nearest worker and kneels over Jack, slowly dripping water onto him.

J.S. awakes AHHHHHHHHH!!

S- It's okay! We just want autographs!

C- mumbles to herself Well that's not all SHE wanted...

J.S.- You do know im not really Jack Sparrow right?

S-WHAT! You mean disney and you have been lying to us?!

C- Dude, chill. We knew he was fake!

S- Hey a girl can dream! this IS disneyland.

The pirate guy stands up and offers his hand for a handshake.

J.S- The name's Tim.

S-My name is Samantha...

T-That's an amazing name!

S- Thank you!

C- I think its been too long of a handshake. It's going to your brains now...

Tim and Samantha lock eyes and they both blushed imensley.

C- mumbles to herself yet agian. Here we go.

S&T at the same time- Wanna hang out? Sure! hahahahaha

Tim and Samantha walk off into the sunset talking about Pirates and their favorite parts in the story.

A/N: HOpe you like it!!