Title: Bio-Meat 101

Genre: General/Horror

Rating: T

Pairings: Slight Maaya X Kano, Kano X Banba, Maaya X Shingo

Summary: 20 various sentences centering around the manga series Bio-Meat: Nectar by Fujisawa Yuki. Slight Maaya X Kano, Kano X Banba, Maaya X Shingo in some sentences. Please R & R! You probably won't get this stuff unless you actually read the manga. Many are AU.

1. Idea

It was Japan's greatest idea...

2. Mistake

...and their worst mistake.

3. Love

"I think I'm in love, Shingo-kun!(Chapter 1, Page 26)" Maaya had only meant that as a joke, but as they laid together in bed, naked, he realized how far things had come for him.

4. Scream

He tried to ignore the pitiful screams arising from the lower floors, and just swallowed the bile in his throat.

5. Monster

In Maaya's mind, the B-M were like every monster ever concieved by man rolled into one...but worse.

6. Won't

Holding the shivering girl in his arms, Maaya whispered, "Don't worry, Kano-chan...I won't let you die..."

7. Fire

If there was anything Shingo remembered particulary well about Maaya, it was his ingenious use of hair spray and a lighter to create a flamethrower. It saved their lives more than once.

8. Blood

She tried to ignore the fact she was running through a huge trail of blood as a horde of B-M closed in on her.

9. Jealous

Maaya knew it was stupid, especially because their lives were in dangerous, but he was worried that Kano liked Banba more than him.

10. Irony

Is it not strange that humanity's asset in fighting world hunger ends up becoming responsible for wiping out a majority of the population?

11. Dark

Some people were afraid of the dark, and Maaya had a good reason why; B-M thrive in the darkness.

12. Sun

The sun and its light were mortal enemies of the B-M, shriveling them up into resembling giant raisins upon impact. All they need, though, is just a shadow of darkness to revive themselves...

13. Friend

Maaya had made many friends, and lost many friends during his three horrible encounters with the B-M. Yet, all those loses and relationships made him a better person.

14. Song

"B-M...B-M...B-M...gonna, gonna eat ya...B-M...B-M...B-M..."

15. Run

They run and run, but the B-M will still feast on their flesh.

16. Quiet

"Not...a...word..." Maaya hissed into her ear, holding her still as about a thousand B-M passed through the ventilation shaft overhead.

17. Wedding

On their wedding day, Maaya and Kano really, really hated to admit it, but it was thanks to they B-M that they were brought together.

18. Vegetarian

After their first ordeal with the B-M, Maaya, Kano and Banba all became strict vegetarians.

19. Goodbye

"Good-bye, Shingo..." "Good-bye...Maaya-kun."

20. War

This wasn't a war between nations; this was a war between man and the horrors of constructed nature!