A/N: Saw a text on tv. Presenting to you a Ryuzaki and Light drabble:) I don't own Death Note.

Passing Notes

A piece of lined paper jutted across the room, landing on Light's lap. He looked away from the computer screen, giving the folded sheet a curious glance. He opened it, wondering what it said.

'Hey Kira,'

Light glared over at L, who was spinning around in his chair, smiling slightly.

The brunette picked up a pen, angrily scribling onto the piece of the paper before thowing it back at L.

The note bounced off of black spikes, and L caught it before it got to the floor. 'God damnit L, how many times do I have to say I'm not Kira!'

Ryuzaki tried not to laugh, pushing his chair over to Light. He stared at the younger, smirking.

"What?" Light raised an eyebrow.

"Refering to me as L has raised the possibility of you being Kira by 15 percent."

Kira twitched.