-Tears Unshed-

The rain pelted down upon her. It was an utter cliché, much like what she felt.


Everyone's gone through it. And now, so has she. And it hurt a lot. But not the hurt she'd feel in battles and fights against the usual town villains. Because it was a lot worse. And although they weren't officially together, they had this thing. A connection, chemistry, whatever you want to call it. She felt stupid for crying over someone she wasn't even dating. She felt weak and vulnerable. She hated him with the most venomous of passions.

She roughly wiped the tear hidden amongst the droplets of rain. She was cold and it stung against the chill of the wind slapping her skin.

"Bubbles! Just let me explain!" A muffled voice cried out to her. She ignored it completely. Give him a chance, Bubbles. She was tempted to listen, forgive him then run back to his arms. She trusted him. He knew she was sensitive with things like this and yet he continues to act against his better judgment.

She flew faster, her hair swished around her. He flew faster too, doing his best to catch up. He felt stupid of having done what he did. His brothers were right. He was programmed to practically mess everything up. But now, he wasn't going to let that happen. He's lost a lot in his life. But he was determined to keep her.

He flew faster. He could hear his heart thumping loudly as he grew closer to her. Closer.. Closer. He could just barely reach her foot. Just a few more.. Gotcha.

Bubbles whipped around to turn to him.

"What is your problem?!" She was frustrated, tired from crying.. tired from hurting. She wanted to cry, to let all the hurt out.

"Hear me out. Please." He asked. He said please. Her conscience desperately reasoned out. She breathed heavily, weary from simultaneously flying and crying. He doesn't deserve a chance. But who else but Bubbles would you expect to give him something he doesn't deserve?

She impatiently crossed her arms. He sighed in relief.

"First of all, I'm sorry. I really really am." He emphasized. This just made her cry all the more.


"I just really don't want to hear it, Boomer." She had enough of crying. She was sure that hearing him explain could make her bawl worse. Heck, just hearing his voice wouldn't stop her from crying! Each word just pierced her heart so badly.

"It hurts." She admitted. Because, unlike her sisters, she was open with her feelings.

"I know." He hung his head in shame.

"Just let me cry first." She turned back to path she was going. A tear had already escaped her eye. She was ready to fly off when a hand grabbed her wrist.

"I can't." He said, pulling her back to face him.

"Give this time, Boomer. I'll get over this. I just need to cry this all out." She smiled weakly at him. He didn't smile back, though. He hated it when she cried. His expression was filled with concern.

"Okay." He hesitantly nodded. "I'll be waiting. Doesn't matter how long you take. I'll always be waiting." He tried his best to crack a smile despite the increasing pain in his chest.

What he said did nothing to help her. In fact, it only made everything worse. She wanted to run back to him, feel his warmth and protection in a tight embrace. But that would emphasize her weakness: him. So, instead of having to endure more of the temptation, she quickly turned away and towards home, tears streaming down her face. She left him there without a goodbye. Without anything. But guilt. And the feeling of utter stupidity.

If Princess ever screwed up anybody else's relationship, he was sure to wring her neck and break every single bone she had.

-End of Story-