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Summer has to be the best time of year, well for me it is, and this summer is no different. I am currently in the airport that my father owns along with my friends and younger cousin MIMI which was her nick name since she was little, and my other cousin Ana who is the same age as me. Our friends that are with us are Edward, Jasper, Emmet, Jessica and Amy. We have been best friends since we where little. We all grew up together and we have always tried to spend the little time we had in the summer together, but this summer is different. This summer we get to be together for the whole thing since the Weasley's and Harry Potter were invited to a pureblood\ half blood party and since I am neither, I get to stay home with them, and to be truthful I don't care. I really have missed hanging out with Ana and the others.

"Flight 54 is leaving in 5 minutes" We head over to show our tickets to the women at the boarding wicket. She greeted me by name since everyone who works here knows who I am.
"Miss. Hermione its good to have you here. Is there anything that you would like? "She asked me as she showed us the way.
"No, not at all, but is there anyone sitting in the back?" I asked her
"No, miss. Would you and your friend like to sit there?" she asked me.
"Yes, that would be great" I said. Once we got on the plane I was shocked to see who was on it. There were the Malfoys, and the Weasleys, and Harry too. They were all looking at me and my friends. They looked surprised at seeing me dressed in summer clothes since today was one of those hot summer days that was over 95 degrees and it was way too hot to wear pants, not that I wear pants in the summer anyways.
I was wearing my new white kind-of-showing-skin-dress. Okay, okay it went up to my knees, and it was bare in the back, and it doesn't have sleeves, and ok, it was a V shaped neck line and it tied in the back, so basically something I would never get caught wearing at Hogwarts. But here in the muggle world, I don't care. My friends have never seen this side of me. Along with the dress, which was pricey, I am also wearing 4 inch white heels which were on sale for one thousand dollars, but they don't need to know how much I spend on clothes or how little it impacts by bank account. I think what surprised them the most is that I now had green, navy blue, and red highlights with purple tips in my hair. I look nothing like when they saw me last which was only about a week ago.
"Hermione?" Ron was the first to speak. He looked at me differently than he used to. The dress and heels where too much for him and Harry.
I looked over to the junior Mr. Malfoy and he had his mouth open looking at me. Great. Just what I needed.
"Hermione why did you wear white when white is for purity and your not a virgin anymore? " Emmettasked me (A\N someone in school asked me that as a j\k so i so had to add it in there lol so i want to thank them for giving me the idea)
"What?! " I looked at Him and could feel everyone's eyes on me

"Yeah, I know what you did 3 summers ago on the street corner with that Latino guy who was 17! I was taking a walk there and saw. Really! You could have gotten a room. There are some things I would rather not know about you even thought we are best friends."
"What the hell? You couldn't have seen us! We where in that little bar room where you couldn't see anything inside and it was like 5 in the morning!!"
Emmett looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
"Wait. You mean you did!! Man I just guessed!! Go Hermione! So was it your first time?" he asked me.
"Her first time for what?" I turn to see my Boyfriend or should I say fiancée. He had his arm around my waits.
"You made it" I said looking into his reddish eyes, don't ask me how he had read eye I have no clue!
"Yes I did, you think I would miss to be with my future wife?" he asked as he kissed my neck. I smiled he was a sweetly
"I could wish couldn't I?" I asked jokily. The truth to be told even thought our parents arranged our marriage, we are in love. He kissed me and then put his head on my shoulder with his arms around me. He held me tight.
"So what were you first time of doing what?" he asked
"Um my first time braking a nail! You know girl things"
"Oh ok so what are we doing to do on here? "He asked me
"We're going to play strap poker!! Girl against guys." Emmett said and I looked at him with a smirk that would make a Malfoy proud.
"You're on but don't cry when you lose." I said
"Hermione why are you here?" asked Mrs. Weasley asked seeing that I would not answer Ron.
"Oh sorry about that zone out. Itachi has that affect on me a lot. Will we are going to my summer house in California. How about you guys I thought you where going to some ball?" I asked
"Will the ball that we're going to is in California the one where we will be staying in a summer house with them." she said looking that the Malfoy. I looked at the Malfoy's each of males gave me a duty look while the mother smiled at me. Weird.
"I feel for you "I said
"Hermione we not going to summer house we going to the mason remember the summer is being use this year" Itachi said with a smeller.
"Oh that that right. I don't care as long as my mom and dad don't bug us I don't care where we go." I said he smiled and kissed my forehead
"Glad to hear that." he said
"COME ON ITACHI. MIONE!! I WANT TO PLAY NOW!" Emmett yelled from the back
"Coming! Keep your pants on for now at less cause me and the girls are going to bet you guys." I yelled Emmett came out
"You want to bet on that?"
"Ya I do." I said
"ok then if I and I will win, you have to give me you money for the whole summer and wash my clothiers along with that and you have to act like a whorl every time we go to the mall and you will have to gave me pig back rides when ever I want one."
"Find but if I win and I will so bet your butt . You will give me your money for the whole summer and be my slave for the summer and wear a dress to the mall every weekend oh and it don't matter how stupid my orders are you will have to do them."
"Fin!" I turn to the Weasley and said
"Will I have to go; if there is anything you need please tell the flight attends everything here is on me." As I said this she came over to me,
"Miss Hermione is there anything you and your friends would want?" the flight attend asked me
"The same as always and some pain killer I have a hanger over from early today." I told her and she left
"Hermione do you travel a lot on here?" Harry asked me
"Ya my dad own the airport so I got in for free and they all know me. Will I have to go in the back bye." I said as we walked out back
"COME On GUYS LETS PLAY!" The flight attend came walking to the back with our things manly beer. As the guys where taking off their shirts.
"Looks like we are going to win." I said
50 minutes later-
"No fair you cheated!!" Emmett yelled at me
"Come on we won fair and squire it's not my fault you suck!" I yelled back
"Come on I was so close you just have your bar and underwear left I could have won!!" He yelled out for everyone to hear,
"Ya like I would take that off in front of you!" I yelled back
"So what should we do now? We will be there in about another hour and it's still early
"Ya its just about 9 so we should get dress for clubbing that would be fun." Ana said as she sat on Edward lap. We all go dress in out outfit's.
10 minutes later
Everyone was in their outfits and we only have about 50 minutes lift.
"So now what?" I asked
"Don't know how about we play have you ever…"Mimi asked
"Ok" we all said
"Have you ever… died your hair a funky color?" Mimi asked Ana and I took a drink of our beer that the watered
"Have you ever done the freak chicken dance" Jessica asked
I took another drink
"Mad this is going to be better then the last game Hermione done everything!" Emmett said
"Have you ever gone all the way" Jasper asked. Everyone took a drink
"Ok there are think I rater know but have you ever kiss anyone from the same sex." Edward asked jasper and I took a drink

We when on like this for the next 5o minutes and I lost man I need stop doing dares.
As we got off we pass the Weasley and the Malfoy
"Man Mione what haven't you done?" Emmett asked me
"It's not my fault; I just hang out with you guys too much. I really need to get new friends,"
"Come on coz you can't find better friends then us." Ana and Mimi said
"Ya that right we aren't like those little goody good shoe you hang out in school. Hey I have an idea how about while we wait for the limbo we go to get coffee and you can sing for everyone like last year." Jessica said
"Sounds like a plan come on." we left the Weasley and the Malfoy alone. We head to the cafe and since we only had our backpacks we don't need to get lugged we are buying new clothier tomorrow. Will as we got there. There was a guy that was singing I had to wait for my turn. But once it was the music came on and I looked out and saw the Weasley, Harry and Malfoy
"Ok this is for my BBF who I know longer then anyone in the world and who know me as will as the palms of their hand. " I then started to sing.

You've been such a good friend
I've known you since I don't know when
We've got a lot of friends,
But they come and go
Even though we've never said it,
There's something that we know
Together, forever no mater how long
From now, until the end of time
We'll be together and you can be sure
That forever and a day
That's how long we'll stay
Together and forever more
Always gone that extra mile
Depended on you all the while
Even in the good and bad times
You will see
From now until our journey's end
You know that you can always count on me
No matter where our destiny leads
I'll be there for you, always come through
And that you can believes

Once I finish everyone clap
"Thank you I'll be back in the end of the summer!!" I said laughing and walked back to Itachi and the others "Let's go clubbing!!" I yelled at them and they laughed
"We walked off and saw that the limbo was there and got in.
"Take us to the nears club. "
"Yes Miss Hermione." and they where off (A\n Man this makes me want to go clubbing and meet hot guys1.1!!)With Harry and the others.
"Miss Hermione and her friends are lively as always its good for them to be like that don't you think Amanda?" a women from the café shop said
"You know Hermione?" Harry asked her
"Why yes everyone knows her she being coming here since she was a little baby, she was always too smart for her own good and her friends are always with her to bad they don't go to the same school. Am such she would enjoy it better if they where there with her."
"What do you mean Hermione loves school she the best in the class." Ron said
"Oh you go to the school" both Ron and Harry nodded
"Will she dose like school but she not the type to just sit there and do nothing she needs her friends she is just a rebel when it come to her mother and father and the way she has become. I guess that why she never cared much for her own safety but her friends are with her so they will help her thought what ever she need, "
"Don't speak too soon remember last yarer she ends up the hospital for over dose?"
"WHAT?" both Harry and Ron yelled them where both surprised at this? Everyone was couldn't believe she would do something like that.