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"what are you talking about?" Harry asked

"why you don't know? What a shamed lets just say that what you seen in school is not always what you get in really life since school and out of school is different." Amanda said smiling

"DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT HER!! HERMIONE THE ONE WHO GAVE YOU TWO THIS JOB AND YOU THINK HER BY TELLING THEOSE PEPOPLE BAD THINGS ABOUT HER!?" A girl a few older then them she was yelling at the two women that where talking to them

"sorry" they both mumbered

"don't listened to them they done know what they are taking about but anyways My name Addy Lione. Are you friends of Hermione?" she asked then

"Um ya am Harry potter,"

"Ron Weasley"

" Bill Weasley"

"Charlie Weasley"

"Percy Weasley"

"Ginny Weasley"

"Molly Weasley am there mothers all but Harry's but I mat as will be." she said as Harry blushed a little

"Arthur Weasley"

"Lucius Malfoy"

"Narcissa Malfoy"

"Draco Malfoy"

"oh the Weasley and potter Hermione told me about you! You the goodly good shoe who never do anything wild and the Malfoy's are the rich family who try and put her down every time they see her don't see why you don't even reach her knees." she said giving the Malfoy's a dirty look

"oh and who do you think you are?" Draco asked

"am one of Hermione play mates when we where younger but as we grow I became her personnel maid and her close friend she always tells me about her school."

"if you're her maid then why are you here?" Lucius asked not really caring

"oh um I work for the Achlys her godparents and her mother and father are living together right now and so they will be in the summer house while she will be at the mansion with her other friends I will be going with them tomorrow, but today I will take you to the summer house." she said as 2 other man came and took the luggage. They all walked to the limbo. To find another young man, he was reading a note book the moment Harry saw him he know or at less thought of who it was.

"Tom riddle?" he asked the young man turn to him. He looked just like the dark lode but his eyes where different they where full of love and caring unlike his,

"hello I see you found them Addy." he said

"yes I did and Hermione just left a few minutes so I didn't get to talk to her. But I can wait until tomorrow. so what do you think of her new story?" Addy asked

"Its really good, I love it. She out did herself if you can believe that. By the way am Tom am Addy twin brother. And Hermione's other playmate as a child, her butler, secrete keeper And when ever I feel like it am her body guard." he said as he smiled at everyone that came in. "Hermione called me a minute ago sister she said that she is in the club blue moon and wanted to know if we could meet her there. "

"what did you tell her?"

"told her that we couldn't but we had this weekend off so we will go then, she was upset but she said that she will see use in the morning so we better get everything really we have all night."

"what do you say that? Its not like Hermione going to stay out all night that not her. " Ron asked

"Will then you don't know Hermione very will her and her friends stay out all night when they go clubbing " he answer him

"Are you almost one with her first part of the story I want to read it next." Addy said

"yes just one more page and am done." he said going back to the notebook.

Once he finish he handed it to his sister. They stopped at a conner and as they did they saw Hermione and her friends coming out the club. They where laughing and talking each had a drink in their hand.

"Lets go to twilight club!!" Hermione yelled as the got in the limbo and Addy and the others stared to move again,.

"so Hermione always like this in the summer?" Harry asked them

"ur. Oh no she being good right now since her mother and father are in town you have to see her when they are not here. Its much more funnier and much more fun." tom said as he took out a video camera.

"why do you always carry that?" Addy asked him

"just incase we see Hermione make a fool of herself and its fun to just look back on things like this. Look at this. This is a party about 2 or 3 years ago." he turn that video camera so everyone could see it. Harry's, Ron's, and Draco's eyes went wide there was Hermione and all of her friends and they where in a house and on the table was Hermione and some other girls dancing like there was no tomorrow. Everyone else where eating or drinking or dancing not caring what they where doing.

"What is she doing?" Harry asked

" its called dacing we all do it all then time." Addy said

"she dancing like she in a bar and you guys let her do this?" Ron asked

"ya so what she was having a suck day so she should have had some fun."

"why is that? What happen?" asked she looked a little worried. It was no secret that she had always seen Hermione like a daughter and Harry as her son.

"her mother and father are trying to mold her into something she not. She rubles agest them when ever she can but she on the eager At that moments. She almost giving up on how she wants to be and become what her mother and father wants her to do. Its really sad she so tanted on everything she dose and tries. It would be a waste if she just turns her back on everything that she loves to do." Tom told them

"so what dose her parents do for a living? They cant have too much since they are only muggles" Lucius said

"your so wronged. Hermione is the only heiress of over 50 air ports, 10 business and to the Adrian and granger are partners in business and other things as will. They have more then the Malfoy have or would dream of having. She also has contacts that you would only dram of. " Addy said proud of how she work for.

"how is that possible she acts like she from a lower class."

"will she only dose that when she in school with you when she out of school she act much more like how she should act. She dose it to please her parents but once she with her friends she goes wild, she has been getting a little better thought but that beside the point…"

"but we're her friends and we never seen her like that before."

"ya but you already have a picture of what you think she is like and if she acts different here so some of the think she dose may surprised you. But it won't with us we know her better then anyone." Tom said

They finally got to the summer house and got out. They enter

"wow this is bigger then out mansion." Draco said as they enter once everyone was in they where all looking around

"Welcome!" a voce came

"Mr. Granger what are you doing her?" Arthur asked

"Arthur , molly it been too long welcome to our summer house."

"What this is yours?"

"Yes the Achlys asked us if they could use it but then again you never know we could be them." he said with a smirk

"what are you taking about?"

"will you don't think you will know who the Achlys are right always did you?" a women said as she came in "why no that would not be funny at all."

"but the Achlys are Hermione's godparents so she would know who it is wont she?" Harry asked

"oh no we all her godparents and you never know she could be a Achlys and not know it," another man said

"and her friends?"

"We are their parents and we could also be the Achlys" and with that said a group of men and women came out

"what's is going on?"

"the Achlys are know for playing with others mind and this is the name of the game is.."

"who are the Achlys? And its stays now." another man finish seeing the Weasley, Malfoy's and Harry looked so confute

"will why don't Abby and tom show you your rooms tomorrow we will talk." and with that tom and Abby showed them the way.