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Haruhi: So I guess I'm your co-host right?

Me: -shrug-I guess.

Haruhi: ……

Me: ……

Haruhi: Why am I gonna be paired with Tamaki or Kyoya?

Me: Because I wanted you to.

Haruhi: … I really hate you now.

Me: Awww! I love you too Haru-chan!

Haruhi: -sigh- Why is it when everything comes out of my mouth, it sounds positive to you?

Me: I don't know.

Haruhi: Well… on with the story…

Me: R&R!!

Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter 1:

I can pull this off! I think…



"Why not? You never gave me a real reason!"

"I don't think I can pull it off Ruhi!!"

The brunette stared at the red head for a minute then shook her head. They were in Haruhi's room in her apartment trying out more clothes that make the red head look like a male. Haruhi's father had brought the clothes for her friend the day before. The red head was going to attend the same school as Haruhi starting this semester, aka tomorrow. She and Haruhi were planning on asking the club Haruhi was in to see if they would let her join because Haruhi wanted and needed her to. They were making the best attempts to turn this girl into a boy for the past couple of weeks. So far, it has been successful but… the red head had doubts.

"Your hair is already short and your bust is as small as mine… so why not try it?" Haruhi reassured her friend. The red head puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms,

"HEY! I take that as an offense thank you very much! And no! I don't want to!"

"Oh get serious Hiromi! You can do it. Come on! Please! For me! I'm lonely in there sometimes and I really need a female friend to talk to."

Hiromi just stared at Haruhi like she was nuts but then sighed.

"Okay. Fine, but on one condition."

"And that is?" Haruhi stared at her like she knew what she was gonna say.

"We both move into the apartment we saw the other day. You know the one next to the park." She smiled.

"Yea, the one that isn't cheap either." Haruhi rolled her eyes as she added her statement. Hiromi glared at her best friend, "It is so, and if we live together, we can pay the rent every month." Haruhi glared back,

"But how are we gonna pay?"

Hiromi thought for a bit then smiled, "We can get jobs!"

Haruhi sighed and got up from the seat she was currently in and took the newspaper that was on the desk. "Well, we can get a part time job and I know my dad will force money on us and he will insist on us moving in together… so I guess we can manage."

Hiromi's smile brightened, "REALLY? You mean it?"

Haruhi returned the smile, "Yep but as long as you keep your part of the bargain."

Hiromi glomped her friend and squealed, "YAY! I WUV U RUHI-CHAN!" Haruhi hugged her friend and sighed, "I wuv u too Hiro-kun"

Hiromi realized what her friend was doing and quickly got off and pulled Haruhi up. She smirked like a guy would and said, "Sorry Haruhi-kun, I didn't mean to knock you down."

Haruhi smiled like she usually does and said, "That's my boy."


Haruhi eyes widen now knowing what she had forgotten to do. "Oh no! I forgot dinner!" With that Haruhi ran out of the room leaving Hiromi, who is now being called Hiro, to cope with her thoughts.

'Geez Haruhi, you're so needy!' she giggled a little but as a boy more than a girl and looked at herself in the mirror. 'We've been practicing for so long… I hope I can pull it off tomorrow.'

Hiromi sighed and took off the boy shorts and baggy t-shirt and pulled on her pajamas and headed to the kitchen to help Haruhi cook dinner.

After dinner, Haruhi and Hiromi headed off to bed hoping that tomorrow would go perfectly.

'Okay, clam down and breathe.'

Hiromi, rather known as Hiro, and Haruhi walked to Ouran Academy in a rather nervous and tired state. Neither girl/boy got any sleep because of their nerves, so now, they are sleep deprived. Haruhi giggled a little.

"Hiro-kun, clam down we're almost there." Haruhi reassured her friend by placing a hand on her shoulder. Hiro tensed.

"R-Really? Oh god… I hope I survive today." Hiro closed her eyes and prayed as Haruhi giggled again as she stopped suddenly making Hiro walk slightly ahead of her before she said,

"We're here Hiro."

Hiro opened her eyes and turned back to look at her friend who was 1 1/2 ft. away from her but then glanced a little more forward to her right. Haruhi was staring at her smiling as Hiro's mouth gapped in awe, "Wooooww…Is this…?"

Haruhi nodded at her and turned back to look at the school but then her face grimaced seeing something she did not want to see this early in the day. "Oh no…"


Hiro looked over to where Haruhi was starring and smirked. Two people were running towards Haruhi and Hiro and they appear to be twins.

'Alright, this is my shot. Act like…a…dude.'

Hiro put his arm over Haruhi's shoulder then smirked at the twins as they immediately stopped in front of them. They pierced glares at the suspicious boy holding Haruhi looking over him and noticing he wasn't wearing the school uniform. The mystery boy wore a grey t-shirt with black sleeves with slacks and converses. His flaming hair went up to his earlobe and was combed mainly to the left. His bangs farming his face perfectly. They glared even harder finding that the boy was indeed a well-looking dude. (Not good-looking, well-looking…like an average cute boy)

"Who are you?"

Haruhi smiled at them and answered, "Hikaru, Kaoru, this is Hiro Kururugi -directs hand towards- Hiro. Hiro this is Hikaru -points to the one on the left- and Kaoru -points to the right- Hitachiin." Hiro smiled,

"What's up dudes?"

They glared even harder, "How do you know Haruhi?"

Hiro blinked at their question. He smirked then replied, "How do I don't know her?"

Their eyes widen in shock and quickly as possible, they grabbed him, gagged him, blind folded him, and pulled him away from their poor toy, who immediately followed after them. Hiro tried speaking through the gag but it was no use. Slight pain surging through his legs, but he didn't care. He just wanted to be let go. All he heard was Haruhi yelling at the twins,

"Is this really necessary? He already knows I'm a girl and about the entire situation with the host club!" They looked at her with annoyed looks.

'We should have guessed'

"Hey, it isn't our idea." The twin holding his right arm responded looking forward again.

"Yea, blame the Shadow and Tono." The other on his left stated following his brother's example.

"Oh really?" Haruhi sounded pissed off at the sound of this Tono guy and this Shadow King. Haruhi never spoke of these two but she did speak of Tamaki Suoh, the king of the club Hiro wanted to join, Kyoya Ohtori, the evil glasses dude that gave Haruhi her debt, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, well she obviously knew what Haruhi meant by 'Lil' Devils', Mitsukuni "Hunny" Haninozuka, the senior that loved cute things and cake, and Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka, the silent one. Hiro could tell when Haruhi was upset, mad, sad, or if something is bugging her. He had a feeling that Haruhi was starting to transform into 'Piss me off and I'll murder you' Haruhi. She always gets that way when people are really attempting to tick her off, which know he thinks that the Tono and Shadow King guy are really making her pissed… or was it the twins? Who really knew? Hiro only knew that whoever she was mad at, was gonna get it big time.

"Oi, Haruhi?"

"What?" She pierced a glare to their faces as she spoke.

"How do you know this guy?" One twin asked who had his hair parted to the left.

"And how does he know you?" The other who had his hair parted to the right added.

"Oh," Haruhi turned and looked at her blind-folded friend and smiled, "Hiro and I have known each other for a year now. I meet him at the train station I take to get home."

The twins glared over their shoulders at the back of Hiro's head, "Did you now?" Haruhi nodded.

"Yep. I later found out that he lived near my house and that started our friendship." She smiled at the memories she shared with Hiro from the past year. They had so much in common and they really cared for each other. If you saw them, you would ask if they were sisters since that got along so well with each other.

"So he is a commoner like you?" Hiro flinched a little at the word 'commoner' coming out of their mouth. Haruhi did tell Hiro that they said this a lot but he still was upset.

'Commoner?! What the-?! They have no right to call me commoner why I outa-'

"sigh Yes…" Haruhi slumped her shoulders and glared at the twins once again knowing how much she hated the word but she was still surprised that they still hadn't realized what was going on behind them. Hiro had been gnawing at the gag in his mouth for a while as they spoke. Haruhi knew this because when she looked back at Hiro she saw him doing so but when the twins looked at him, they could only see the back of his head because of the way they were dragging him. Hiro finally broke the gag and it fell softly around his neck as he spoke, slightly annoyed with them,

"Where the hell are you taking me anyway?"

Hikaru and Kaoru stopped in their tracks and turned to see that the gag was ripped and was currently around Hiro's neck. Their eyes widened and their mouths gapped.

"Well? Are you going to answer me?"

No answer. Just stares and opened mouths.

"Alright fine then answer me this, why am I being kidnapped on my first day here?" Haruhi untied the blindfold,

"They do this all the time." Hiro glanced up at her with a questioned face and smirked, "They kidnap innocent people and drag them to the front of a large pink door?"

Haruhi laughed nervously and shook her head, "Not exactly…" Now noticing that they have arrived to the Third Music Room, twins shut their mouths and smirked putting their arms around Haruhi holding her close. Hiro just stared dumbly at them not really caring since Haruhi did say she dealt with this all the time.

"What are you two hooligans doing to my daughter!?" All of them turned their heads to see a handsome blonde with amethyst eyes that burned with hate and worry. Hiro blinked at him and pulled himself off the floor. He pushed the twins off as they fell to the floor with a loud 'thump' and placed his arm around Haruhi and smirked, "Oi Haru-chan… Who is this weirdo? And why is he callin you daughter?" Though, Hiro already knew why since Haruhi told him already about the entire 'family' business. The blonde froze and his eyes widened. The twins glared once again as they pulled themselves off the floor and turned their attention back to Haruhi to if she would react negatively but she didn't. She smiled at Hiro then answered, "Hiro-kun, this is Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki-sempai, this is Hiro Kururugi." She smirked at Hiro then placed her head on his shoulder. Hiro got what she was doing and smirked. He placed his head on hers and kept a stray face. They wanted to see how they would react to this and boy was it a doozy.



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