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Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter 8

Misunderstandings and Auditions



Hiromi sighed as she fiddled with her sweat jacket sleeves, fiddling with the small thread that hung from the seam. She turned to glance at Hikaru, who was sitting next to her on a small rusty park bench in between two oak trees. His golden eyes staring boredly onto the scenery in front of him, which wasn't much…just trees… and more… trees… She sighed and jumped slightly from a sudden flash in the sky.

"It's going to start raining soon…" Hikaru filled in, looking up as well.

Hiromi shivered lightly, rubbing her left arm trying to keep it warm, "Yea…"

Hikaru looked over at her, no emotion on his face, his gaze burning into the side of her head, "Cold?"

Hiromi turned to him, a small smile on her face, "A little…" she pulled up the hood of her jacket, "Nothing I can't handle…" Another cold gust shot up her spine, causing her to shiver again.

The Hitachiin frowned slightly, chuckling, "You're such a bad liar…"

But before she could protest, Hikaru threw off his jacket and placed it on her. She blinked for a second then looked back at him, "You didn't-"

Hikaru shook his head and looked at the ground, sighing, "Doesn't matter…" He bit his lip before speaking, "Listen…I… I'm sorry alright? I…I really don't know what got over me…"

Hiromi sat back and gazed at the sky, "No… It's my fault…" She sighed, "There was probably something that I did wron-"

"No…" Hikaru interrupted, "It wasn't you… It's just…" He shook his head, "It's just that... as soon as I meet you… I knew that you'd change our lives, all of ours… and I… I just didn't want anything to change…" Hikaru closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair, "Everything has gotten so much calmer and with Haruhi around, we knew if anything went wrong, she'd help us get through it…" He glanced at her to see if she was listening. Hiromi was staring straight into his eyes. She smiled at him, wanting him to continue.

Hikaru smiled slightly then continued, "And now…knowing that there is someone else there-"


Said boy looked back at her.

"Is that all your worried about?" Hiromi smiled standing up her back to him, lacing her hands together behind her, "You know, change isn't all that bad… Haruhi proved that." She looked at him over her shoulder, "And you know, people will come in and out of your life once in awhile." She grinned and turned to look at him fully, "You're just worried that all the people in your life now will forget you and leave you behind if someone else comes in the picture and takes them away. Am I right?"

Hikaru didn't say anything. He just stared at her wide-eyed.

Hiromi giggled, like a girl this time, "It's so sweet that you care about your friends that way… especially your brother…"

Hikaru glared, standing up at the mention of his twin, "What do you know about Kaoru!?"

"I know that you don't want to lose him." Hiromi stared at him as if she was staring into his soul, "You don't want anything to happen to him… You want to protect him."

Hikaru's glare softened into a look of curiosity as Hiromi smiled sweetly, her head cocked to the side a bit, "You don't need to worry about him... He's a big boy now you know?" She giggled again.

Hikaru stared at the petite girl in front of him.

'I… How does...'

Hiromi turned her back to him, "Oh… and apology accepted."

Hikaru finally snapped out of it and chuckled, "That's good…" He scratched the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly then looking up into the sky as she spoke,

"Oh! How about we start over?"

Hikaru looked back down at the red-head. Her smiling face was glowing by the reflection of the water, glimmering in the moonlight. He blushed slightly, shaking it off, "What are you talking about?"

Hiromi merely grinned and held out her hand, switching to Hiro's voice and changing her stance so she'd lean back a bit, "Hi! My name's Hiro Kururugi, nice to meet cha'!"

The Hitachiin stared for a second before chuckling softly, grabbing Hiro's hand in a friendly manner, "Hikaru Hitachiin, ditto."

Three Days Later

After school, Third Music Room



"Grrr!!" Haruhi continued to glare at Tamaki as he cried out in fear of his 'daughter's' wrath.

"Um… mind filling me in…" Hiro whispered to Kyoya, who was furiously typing on the computer,

"Nothing really… Tamaki just spilt a pot of coffee on Haruhi's school bag, nothing too important."

Hiro sweat dropped, 'To him, it's nothing big but to Haruhi apparently…' She turned back to the fighting host 'couple' and sighed, "That's kinda heartless Kyoya-sempai…"

Said Ohtori's typing stopped, "Are you implying something Sir Kururugi?"

"…n-no Master Kyoya… Ohtori, sir…" Hiro inched away slightly.

"Good." The typing noise continued on.


Hiromi turned and saw two smiling red-head twins approach her. She sighed, "You guys… I don't like that name remember?"

Kaoru laughed and wrapped his arms around her neck, "But it's so cute-"

Hikaru smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, "-And it fits you so well…"

They both nuzzled her cheeks, Hikaru on her right and Kaoru on her left, as she sighed, "Fine whatever…"


"HIROMI-CHAN!!!" Tamaki screamed, pushing the twins aside and hiding behind Hiromi, "SAVE ME!!! YOUR SISTER WANTS TO KILL ME!!! MAKE HER STOP!!!"

Hiromi sweat-dropped, "Daddy, not even I can save you from her this time…"

Tamaki blinked and squealed in delight as he hugged Hiromi, swinging her around the room, "OH MY DAUGHTER, YOU CALLED ME DADDY!!! HAPPY DAY! HAPPY DAY!" He nuzzled her cheek with his own, "At least one of my daughters is still pure!!"

"HEY!!" The twins glared at Tamaki, "Milord, let go of our Hiro-chii!!"

"Never!" Tamaki returned their glare, him hissing slightly, "I will NOT let you take my daughter away from me!!"

"We will not go down without a fight!" The Hitachiin duo grabbed swords out of nowhere (fake of course) and pointed them at Tamaki, "On guard!"

Tamaki, in response placed Hiromi down behind him, pulling out his twin swords (also fake), "On guard!"

Hiromi took this opportunity to slip away from the three and hide behind Haruhi, "Is this what they did to you before I came here?"

Haruhi nodded, turning and walking away, leaving poor Hiro out in the open, "Thank God it's you and not me anymore…" Hiromi blinked and sighed walking towards her table, shoulders slumped,

"I don't think God likes me then…"

Haruhi overheard this little statement and chuckled lightly as she sat down staring at them all, smiling,

'It's weird… all of this happened so fast…' She turned her gaze to the twins who were now poking Hiro in the ribs, trying to see if they'd get a reaction out her with no success, 'At first, they wouldn't even go near her… but now…' Haruhi smiled, 'They're giving her a chance… Its like none of the violence actually happened…'

It was true…

Even after all the drama, everyone acted as if it didn't happen. The twins began to tease Hiromi as their new toy, getting Haruhi off the hook sometimes. Tamaki began calling her his second daughter aka the 'baby of the family who needs the most protection from her evil elder brothers'. Kyoya was enjoying how much profit that has been coming in recently. Hunny had dubbed her "Hi-chan" and "Mimi-chan" as Mori… well… was Mori.

Haruhi was thankful that everything had worked out according to what she hoped for. She was just now praying to God that nothing crazy happens again…




Never mind…

~*Host Club Is Now Open*~

"Hiro-kun! I heard you were going to trying out for the school play of Romeo and Juliet?" One of Hiro's customers asked, her hands clasped together in front of her.

Hiro smiled and nodded as he poured more coffee into his tea cup, "Ah, so you've heard… Yes I'll be trying out for one of the roles. It won't matter which part I get."

"Oh but you should get the part of the handsome prince Romeo!" A girl with blonde hair and big brown eyes giggled, squealing in delight. A brunette beside her had hearts in her eyes, "OH! I want to try out for Juliet!!"

One girl gasped, "Wait! W-what if Hiro-kun played JULIET!?"


"I want to see Hiro-kun as a girl!"

"Yea! He'd look so cute!!!"

Hiro blushed bashfully, "I uh… I don't really know…"

All the girls at his table turned to him, "Hunh? What's wrong?"

"I…" Hiro blushed deeply, "I… I don't really know if I'd look too good in a dress…"

The brunette moved next to him taking his hands in her own, "Hiro-kun, you'd look beautiful! Just believe in yourself!"

Hiro smiled shyly and cocked his head to the side, a sudden appearance of cream colored roses in the background, "Thank you Hime-chan… Your opinion means so much to me."



Hiromi looked up to see Tamaki leaning on the head of the chair he was sitting on, "Hai, Tamaki-sempai?"

Tamaki waltz around Hiro's hosting area, stopping and striking a dramatic pose, one that consisted of his finger tip nearly touching the tip of Hiro's nose, "If I have heard correctly from all the princesses here, you will be trying out for the School's production of Romeo and Juliet?"

"Yea and?" Hiro questioned, fighting off the urge to bite his finger off.

Tamaki smiled his princely smiled, "Then as we, your family, will go and support you at your audition!"

"Sempai, it's a private audition." Haruhi put her two sense in, placing a tray down on the table, handing all the girl's brand new cups of hot coffee, "Only I can go with him."

"B-but Haruhi," Tamaki cried, "Daddy wants to support Hiro too!"

Hiro sighed and touched Tamaki's arm gently, "Okay okay… I don't want you to be sad so… you can come Sempai."

Tamaki squealed in delight, hugging Hiro tightly, "OH HIRO, MY CHILD!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU MUST CARE ABOUT YOUR FATHER A LOT, DON'T YOU!?"

"Um…n-need t-to...breathe!" Hiro gasped for air as he struggled against the king's hug.

"SEMPAI!! He can't breathe!!!" Haruhi yelleds trying to pry Tamaki off her friend.

-=Host club Is now closed=-

"Phew… glad that's over…" Hiromi sighed as she collapsed onto a nearby couch, Haruhi following right after,

"You said it…"

"HARUHI!!! HIRO-CHII!!!" The twins came up from behind the cross dressers, Hikaru leaning over Hiro as Kaoru leaned over Haruhi, "Is it true that Hiro-chii is going to audition in the school play??"

Hiro groaned, staring at the elder twin through the corner of her eye, "Why do you want to know?"

Hikaru grinned and leaped over the couch, sitting down right next to her, "Because we-"

"-Want to be there…" Kaoru strode to the now unoccupied seat next to Hiro (Haruhi didn't want to be bothered with the twins).

"- For our Hiro-chii!" They both rubbed their faces against hers…again.

"Can you two please cut that out?" Hiromi's face was squished in a hilarious manner, thus making her look like a fish. A small amount of weight had made itself known by jumping onto her lap. She glanced down at the tiny college student, who giggled cutely and hugged the small pink bunny in his arms, "Hi-chan! Can Me and Usa-chan come and watch too??"

Hiromi blushed slightly, "Umm… I don't know Hunny-sempai…"

"Takashi wants to come to! Right, Takashi?" Hunny smiled at his towering cousin.


"We all want to see my daughter audition don't we??" Tamaki struck a pose in front of everyone, having Haruhi in a head-lock/hug thing.

"But Sempai…" Haruhi muttered, "You can't go."

"I beg to differ…" Kyoya stated typing away on his computer, adjusting his glasses as he spoke, "I've already arranged so that the host club may see Hiromi's audition."

The twins, Tamaki, and Hunny all jumped up in excitement, "YAY!!!"

"Are you certain sempai?" Hiromi questioned and hand on her chin, "Sensei said that she wouldn't let anybody in." A hand appeared on her shoulder. Hiromi turned gazing into the eyes of Haruhi,

"I think it'd be best if you didn't ask."

"Hunh?" The redhead blinked in confusion as Haruhi merely put of the subject, smiling,

"Come on. The realtor is going to call soon to see if our price is descent enough."

Hiro gasped, a smile spreading across her features, "Then what are we waiting for?? LET'S GO!!" She grabbed the brunette's hand and bolted out of the room.

"W-wait!! We forgot our stuff!!"

Fujioka Household

6:47 P.M.

Hiromi stared up at the magazine she was holding a few inches above her face as Haruhi spoke to the realtor woman who was selling the house they wanted a few blocks away from Ranka's apartment. Hiromi's body was hung upside-down on her beanbag chair as she flipped through a few pages, stopping whenever something caught her eye. Until finally…

"Hunh?" She turned back a page, sitting up at her findings on the page, "Hitachiin?"

Apparently what she was reading was a fashion magazine and on one of the few pages that sported a couple of name brand items, was the name "YUZUHA HITACHIIN" in large, cursive red letters. She rubbed her eyes and stared at the woman standing proudly in the middle of the page. She looked like a female version of Hikaru and Kaoru.

'Maybe it's their mom?' Hiromi blinked, her eye scanning through the article, 'Haruhi did say something about their mother being in the fashion business…hmmm…'

"Hey…" Haruhi smiled as she walked into their bedroom. Hiromi quickly set the magazine down, a big grin on her face, "Did we get it??"

Haruhi smiled fell as she sat in her beanbag next to Hiromi's, "Um…well… there is a slight problem…"

Hiromi frowned, "What is it?"

"There was this guy that had proposed 20,000 yen more than us but…" Haruhi bit her lip.

"But?" Hiromi sat foreword in anticipation.

Haruhi broke out into a smile, "Dad added 30,000 yen to our proposal and we got the house!"

Hiromi squealed in delight as she glomped Haruhi, rolling around in delight.

Ranka smiled at the sight of his two girls, hugging each other. He sighed, 'Would've expected them to leave the nest someday.' He glanced at his red-haired 'daughter' and chuckled lightly, 'Are you happy now Hiromi-chan?'

The answer to his question was two girls hugging him from either side, laughing as they collapsed on the ground, in each other's arms.

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