A lonely girl walks home alone. No one sees her tears. No one sees her at all. She's invisible to everybody but herself. This girl is all alone in the world. No one has ever been her friend. No one has ever loved her. But she loves somebody, though. She sees him all the time, but he never notices her. One day, she decides to talk to him. She talked to him more and more each day. Then, a week later, she decides to ask him out. She was terrified of rejection, but she had been rejected her whole life, anyways. She mustered up the courage to go to him.
The boy says yes.
So, the girl and boy went out together.
The girl loved him dearly, but he avoided her.
Two weeks, he didn't call.
The girl walked home again, tears falling down her face. The boy still wasn't talking to her. The September wind blew.
The next day at school, she goes up to him and demands to know why he's avoiding her.
"Who are you?" he responds, confused.
He had completely forgotten about her. He didn't even know her name.
That night, the girl sat alone in her house, crying.
Suddenly, fire burst out of nowhere. The girl started screaming, but no one heard her. The girl died that night. Nothing but ashes remained.
The girl was so angry at the world. No one had known her when she was alive. Now that she was dead, everybody would know her. She was going to come back as a ghost. And she would personally make sure everyone knew her name.
You should know this girl.
Her name is Ember Mclain.
You will remember her name.