It was pathetic, when she thought about it

It was pathetic, when she thought about it. Stupid and sad and just pathetic. Pathetic that she should have been standing in front of the perfume counter for the last twenty minutes torn between being disgusted with herself and her own pathetic-ness, and wanting to give in and buy the perfume.

She didn't even like J Lo Glow. It was all flowery and delicate. Not Abby material at all. And yet, somehow, she wanted it. Not for itself, but for what it represented.

It so wasn't her perfume. She was a gothic, black skull wearing, pale makeup and spikes kinda girl. J Lo Glow was for cute girls with blond, bouncy curls and dimples.

But McGee liked it.

Abby shook her head. McGee liked cute girls, that was obvious enough. His type was the cute girl with curls called Gina Marie who had a ladybug toothbrush and wore J Lo Glow.

She thought she was over him. And then she had stayed at his house for the night, when Mikel was stalking her, and she had seen that toothbrush, smelled the J Lo Glow. And she had known what it stood for.

That light, flowery scent stood for the kind of girl that McGee wanted: traditional, cute, sweet, the girl next door. Abby was more of the girl that the parents told their kids to stay away from.

She would never admit it (not out loud, anyways) but McGee had turned her tidy, ordered world upside down. He wasn't her usual type, but he was intelligent, and funny, and they had a lot of fun together. Everything was going fine; and then she got scared at his seriousness about it. So she's broken his heart, and tried to forget him. But that hadn't worked out too well. He had continued to be around, and continued to always be there for her. He was so sweet, and so caring, and no matter what happened, she could count on him.

He had other girls in his life now. She hadn't fully realized that he had moved on until she smelled the perfume on his shirt. And now that she knew, she wanted him back.

The bottle of J Lo Glow stood before her in the case, taunting her. Telling her that she could never be that girl.

Was it totally pathetic that she wanted to be the kind of girl McGee wanted?

Author's Note: This was a random plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone, no matter how much I tried to ignore it. Evil bunnies.