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Formal dances at Middleton High School were traditions that were held in the highest regard. The girls planned their social year around them, dwelt on them, worried over them, and obsessed over every detail. On the night of the formal, the girls religiously prepared themselves, dedicating their day to it. The boys were not as stressed about appearances; their main concern was a date.

But at the actual dance most, if not all, enjoyed themselves. It was a time of fun, friendship, and love. Without stress, without care, without worries.

Kim Possible felt as at ease as she could. She was slow dancing with her boyfriend and best friend Ron Stoppable, looking into his soft brown eyes. The blue lights flashed around the underwater theme, the slow version of "Everytime We Touch" playing in the background. Everything. Was. Perfect.

The gym doors burst open. Monique stumbled in, her eyes wide and looking a bit disheveled.

"Somebody call the police!" She screamed over the music. A few students turned and stared at her. Kim let go of Ron and made her way to Monique.

"Why?" She asked. Her wild eyes turned to Kim.

"Bon, Bonnie's dead! In the bathroom!"

"Show me," Kim urged.

Kim's high heels clicked on the linoleum as she ran behind Monique. Ron was close behind.

"How inappropriate would it be if I went in with you guys?" He asked.

"Trust me. You do NOT wanna see this," Monique said over her shoulder. They slowed down as they came to the restroom.

"You should call 911," Kim suggested, touching him on the shoulder reassuringly before ducking into the bathroom.

Kim gasped. She wasn't sure what she was expecting to see, but it wasn't this. Bonnie's eyes were frozen open, her mouth slightly agape as she stared up at the ceiling. A pool of blood was underneath her, turning her brown hair crimson. It had come from her slit throat.

She felt dazed as the police and ambulance personnel swarmed around. No one really liked Bonnie, but to kill her... She had to find out who had done it. She had to find the person who would do such a horrible thing.


Shego casually glanced up from her magazine.

"...Middleton High cheerleader Bonnie Rockwaller was found dead in the girl's bathroom by a fellow classmate, her throat slit. Police along with Kim Possible are investigating the case as we speak."

"Hmm," Shego pursed her lips. Murder in Middleton, eh? This was interesting. The low rumble of Drakken's voice could be heard from his office.

"...pudding...macerana...mind control..." Definitely more interesting than what was going on here. And if she could figure it out before Kimmi...

Shego grabbed the remote and set all news stations to record. She then left to go see what she could unearth about Bonnie Rockwaller on the world wide web.


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