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Kim snorted.

"That's absurd. Why would I kill Bonnie?"

"That's the question, isn't it, pumpkin?" Shego neared Kim, looking her directly in the eyes, "Your hatred for Bonnie wasn't exactly hidden, if I understand correctly."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't kill her," Kim insisted. Shego shook her head slightly.

"There's way too much against you. First of all, you haven't been acting like yourself, and I am not the only one to notice," Shego glanced at Monique. Kim looked at Monique, feeling betrayed.

"I'm sorry, girl. Truth stings a little, but you haven't been acting like the Kim I know," Kim turned back to Shego.

"You've been emotional and defensive every time I brought up a suspect that hit too close to home. I can understand you being in denial a little bit, but you're a bright girl. You know better than to leave people out of a murder case when they have no solid alibi."

"Ron was in the gym the entire time! How much more of a solid alibi do you need?!"

"An eyewitness that didn't leave the gym," Shego turned around, "Anyone else want to vouch for Ron's whereabouts on prom night?"

"I was there the whole time, and so was Ron," Jason defended.

"Yeah, me too," Brick added. Shego nodded her acknowledgment of the alibi.

"Even with knowing the possibilities of the murderer being a guy being slim to none, you insisted it was either Brick or Jason. Why is that?" Shego turned around, "Which person did you claim it was?"

"Me," Kate snarled, "Apparently me being in the same class as the guy with the supposed murder weapon and hooking up with Brick after his girlfriend died means I killed Bonnie because I wanted Brick that bad," Shego turned back to Kim.

"You totally jumped ship!"

"I changed my mind! I'm entitled to that, aren't I?!" Shego thought a minute.

"I guess, but you've been all over the board with this murder. Your inconsistency is inconsistent with your personality. Not to mention your reluctancy to work with me."

"Yeah, because everyone's thrilled to work with their arch enemy."

"You're more mature than that. A little fuss, yeah, but unless there was something you didn't want me to know, you'd be glad to have another head."

"This is why! You're crazy if you think I killed Bonnie. Your evidence isn't even very solid," Shego smirked.

"I'm just getting warmed up," she shifted her weight, "I was just talking to Monique outside. She was shocked that you hadn't heard the Tara rumor yet since, and I quote, "everyone knew". Unquote. I especially find it hard to believe that such a diligent captain as yourself would not know about such a vicious rumor in her own squad."

"You didn't know?" Tara asked. Kim didn't respond.

Shego brushed the hair out of her face.

"Let me paint the scene. We have a malevolent, resentful cheerleader picking on an innocent fellow cheerleader, spreading a nasty pregnancy rumor for no known reason. We have a devoted team captain that has an ongoing struggle with the malevolent, resentful cheerleader. Frankly, those two hate each other's guts. Then, Team Captain gets word of the rumor. She's had enough with Malevolent Resentful Cheerleader."

Shego expected objections to her claim, but all was silent in the police station. They were thinking. She took a cautious breath and then continued.

"Team Captain has easy access to a murder weapon. Her boyfriend owns a pocketknife. She grabs it when her boyfriend isn't looking, slips it into her purse, and prepares for the prom. She knows Malevolent Resentful Cheerleader is going to be there, and waits," Shego turned to Ron, "Was Kim in the gym the entire time?"

Ron shook his head slowly, "No."

"Why did she say she was leaving?"

"To go to the bathroom," Shego nodded.

"To go to the bathroom. Simple enough answer, right? Perfectly normal. No one would ask why she was going," Shego took a deep breath, "Team Captain sees Malevolent Resentful Cheerleader leave the gym and follows her to the bathroom. She doesn't know that the team captain knows about the rumor, and that's why she wasn't wary of the team captain coming into the bathroom. Team Captain comes up behind Malevolent Resentful Cheerleader, slits her throat before she could object, begins to lay her out, but the fear of the blood getting on her dress scared her into dropping her. Team Captain grabs the purse, hides the murder weapon in the purse, and hides the purse. Sometime after the discovery of Bonnie's body, Kim slipped into the Rockweller house and planted the evidence on Lonnie's bed." Kim looked at Shego in disbelief.

"How did you come to that conclusion?" Shego shrugged.

"It's a looooong flight back from Go City, with plenty of time to contemplate how this would all happen."

"KP wouldn't be that sloppy," Ron insisted.

"If she was stressed out, she would," Shego put her hand on her chest, "I was surprised, too, when the evidence came up. It seemed too sloppy a job for Kim Possible to have done it. But think about it. If you killed someone and you were sane, wouldn't you be a little freaked out? Wouldn't you panic? I imagine she didn't plan this out very much, and her state of mind wouldn't have her thinking clearly."

"I'm used to high stress situations," Kim said. Shego laughed.

"And you cope sooo well with them. Besides, I think it's safe to say you're not exactly a seasoned murderer."

"Why would she investigate the murder, though, if she was the one to kill Bon-Bon?" Mrs. Rockweller asked. Shego smirked.

"Interesting question. Even more interesting would be the question of, "Why isn't Kim Possible helping with the investigation?". Wouldn't that be a little more suspicious if Kim, Miss Goody Goody, stayed out of it?" Shego looked back at Kim, "She went into this investigation depending solely on her good girl reputation to avoid suspicion. And, let's face it, if there was someone with as many marks against them as Kimmi we'd be counting them as a suspect too. Back to the question, though; why would Possible investigate the murder? To find a scapegoat."

"A scapegoat?! That doesn't sound like Kim at all!" Liz protested.

"Does any of this sound like Kim? Really," Shego shrugged apologetically, "She wanted to find someone she didn't care if they got life or not. Which is why she turned the investigation away from those she loved. Her cheer squad, her best friend, her boyfriend... She ruled them out too quickly to have seriously considered the evidence."

"You're talking a lot about facts. Where's your solid evidence?" Kim asked.

"For starters, easy access. Easy access to the murder weapon, easy access for a quiet killing... easy access for poisoning me," Shego laughed at Kim's shocked expression, "Don't look so surprised. I know what eating bad meat feels like, and it does not have you out cold in ten minutes. You were in the lair that day, right after I suggested it might be Monique. I was getting too close for comfort, wasn't I? Monique?" Monique showed Kim the papers she had with a trembling hand.

"Kim, you signed out right after Bonnie. Tara was in the gym when I went out."

"Monique..." Kim murmured. Shego handed Kim her the papers she had in her hands.

"Dr. Mortimer analyzed the pocketknife. Your DNA was found on it at approximately the time Bonnie's blood was split on it. If I hadn't have wanted to talk to Monique again, I would have gone to Upperton at 8. Wrong place, wrong time, and I doubt it was just a mistake," Shego took a deep breath and then, imitating Forrest Gump, she concluded, "And that's all I got to say about that."

There was a long silence. The tension in the air, in order to cut it, needed to be sliced with an axe. Then, a single tear rolled down Kim's face, followed by several more. She wiped them away and sniffed.

"Shego's right. It was me," Kim admitted quietly. She shook her head, "I don't know what came over me, I was just so...angry. How could she say that about Tara?! And then, and then it just all happened. I didn't really think, I just took Ron's pocketknife...I saw her heading off alone...it was like something took over."

"...KP?" Ron breathed. She nodded. Shego sighed.

"May the judge have mercy on you," she murmured.


Kim was charged on one account of first degree murder with possibility of parole. Ron visited his girlfriend everyday faithfully. Kim broke up with him, urging him to find another girl. Ron eventually fell in love and married. Kim was released ten years later, in time to witness the birth of the Stoppable's third child.

Brick received anger management classes and bereavement counseling to help both with his aggressive nature and to deal with the death of his girlfriend. Tara married an underwear model and moved to California while Jason Morgan went to law school and became a lawyer. Monique went on to work for Club Banana and Kate to art school.

Shego didn't know the toll the teen heroine being locked up would have such an effect on her. Without Kim, there was no challenge to taking over the world. After Drakken's position was secure, Shego left her position as co-emperor-of-the-earth for a more challenging, frustrating line of work... crime investigation.


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