Winning Freddie's Heart

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A/N: For those of you who haven't seen Gym Teacher, that's fine. I'm doing this simply because the fact that Nathan Kress played Roland inspired me to write this. He kisses a girl in the movie…I will include some detail of the movie in this story, but you don't have to have watched it completely. It'll still make sense to you. Oh, and the characters are 16 in this story. Thoughts are once more in italics and regular speech in regular font.

Chapter 1 (Freddie Benson)

Freddie yawned and sat up in his bed, it was yet another new morning for him. He glanced out his window and frowned, yet another day he wished that he could go back to his old school. Another day when he wished he could return to the people who once meant the most to him, and the man that taught him some of the most important lessons in life. Of course, he knew it would never come. He now lived with his aunt and uncle, Emily and John Benson. He changed his name completely, making his middle name Dave, in memory of his gym coach, Dave Stewie.

Freddie slowly pushed himself out of the bed and walked toward the window, continuing to gaze out of it. He watched as a group of kids played street basketball. He smirked and thought about how he could go down there and shoot a few hoops, if he wanted to. He could recall a time when he never was athletic, or strong for that matter. Of course, he worked out more often, since then at least. That was over four years ago, when he went to a different school and participated in some athletic competition. He was weak, and his gym teacher had trained him.

"We won," Freddie thought while smiling softly. He could remember holding on to that rope and climbing up the rope as if it meant his life. He smirked as he remembered throwing a helmet at someone, knocking the person out. "They did deserve it." His mom had been so proud of him, as was the entire class. Everyone had been shocked and glad that he came out on top. His coach's rival, Mr. Shelly Bragg had been greatly upset at the loss. "I hate that man."

Bragg was the reason Freddie now lived with his Aunt and Uncle. Bragg was the reason that Freddie wasn't able to contact his coach or any of his old friends. Apparently the man had begun drinking heavily because of his loss that he hit Freddie's mom while driving, though he had been aiming for Mr. Stewie. She died instantly, and Freddie was sent to live with his only relatives. Naturally, he changed his last name. He chose to change his first name, he hated it. "Roland Waffle…what the hell kind of name is that anyway? Sam would mock me for eternity if she knew that one."

Freddie watched the kids on the street, three of them looked very familiar to him, though he knew they weren't the people that he was thinking of. "Derek, Morgan, and Champ, to think all it took to win them over was winning the competition." Those three were the best athletes in the class, and the first ones to start picking on him. "Of course, I had been a pretty big dork back then…Hell, I'm still a bit interested in science fiction." Freddie didn't like to think too much about his old interests, because it brought forth many memories. "Of course, that's not the only thing that gives me memories."

Freddie breathed in a sigh and turned around, he looked at his desk and saw the picture of Sam and Carly, with him in between the two girls. "Carly…I don't really love her, and I'm not stupid. I know she would never love me back." Carly looked like a certain girl in his past, her name was Susie. She was a very pretty girl, and she was his first love interest. "My first girlfriend…Sam and Carly think Valerie was my first. Jeremy was wrong as well, Susie was the first girl I kissed, not Valerie."

Freddie closed his eyes and crossed his arms, the memory of Susie entered his mind. He remembered that conversation they had while in his home, and the talk they had about a science fiction magazine, where the guy kissed the girl in the end. It was then that he shared his first kiss. He and Susie kissed each other's lips and the fireworks flew. "Of course, I've moved on since her…I sort of wish Sam would go out with me, but I don't think she ever would."

Freddie walked to his closet and started pulling out his clothes, he had to have something good to wear. He had to wonder why Mrs. Benson had such bad clothing for him. Freddie blinked and a sarcastic smirk formed on his lips. "Oh wait, that's my mother's fault to begin with, telling Aunt Emily that I needed crap for clothes." He shrugged and threw his best looking clothing items on the bed, they didn't actually look half bad. Freddie crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side, he could be seen in those clothes. Freddie tilted his head back and thought of his mother, she was so crazy and overprotective, just like his aunt. "Sisters have to be that close, why, I'll never know." Freddie shrugged his shoulders and started to change into his clothes.

He never called his aunt and uncle by anything other than mom and dad, simply because he didn't want anyone to know about his past. If he called them his aunt and uncle, everyone would become inquisitive. There were only two people that knew anything about his previous life, and those two people were his best friends, Jake and Jonah. Jake had actually met him long ago, when Freddie was known as Roland. Jonah was in the audience that saw the competition, so he knew Freddie right when he saw him.

Thankfully, Jonah never told the girls. He had asked about why Freddie never talked about his past, and he respected that some things were too painful to talk about. Freddie honestly missed everything about his past, that much was evident. "It's painful to remember, that's why I choose to move on as Freddie Benson. Truly falling in love with Carly would be ridiculous, like falling in love with a memory." He couldn't even begin to fathom the amount of grief he'd be given if Sam or Carly knew about his past. Therefore, he had to keep it secret from them.

He finished putting on his clothes and went in to brush his teeth, he stared into the mirror with bored eyes until finally rinsing out the toothpaste. He then left his room and walked into the main room where the Bensons were. "Hey Uncle John, how are you?" Freddie asked while sitting on the couch next to his uncle. It was only in private and when no one else was around that he ever used the terms "Uncle" or "Aunt."

"I'm good, Freddie, how was your night?" John asked. Freddie merely shrugged and sniffed the air, he could smell something good coming from the kitchen. John caught this action and smiled softly. "Emily and I made some omelets just a little while ago, you can have one now if you want."

"Sure, I love those things." Freddie hurried into the kitchen and saw Emily placing an omelet on a tray. She glanced at him and smiled.

"Good morning, Ro-Freddie," Emily said in a soft voice. Freddie chuckled lightly and let out a sigh, four years down the road, and she still slipped up at times. Of course, he slipped up himself at times. One time, he had almost called Carly, Susie.

"Good morning Aunt Emily." Freddie smiled and thought back on when he nearly mixed up Carly's name. "That would have been something requiring a lot of explanation." Freddie took the plate and sat down at the table. Emily looked over to see him staring at his food in deep thought, she wasn't sure what he was thinking about, so she asked.

"Freddie, is something bothering you?" Freddie took a bite of his food and looked up, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Not really, though my old friends have been on my mind lately." Emily sighed and smiled as she sat down next to him, John entered the room at that moment, interested in the conversation.

"You're still having trouble moving on from them?" John asked while placing his hand on Freddie's shoulder. Freddie took another bite of his food and shrugged, the memories were fluent, but they hadn't always been this much trouble.

"I remember how painful it was when you first moved here," Emily said while crossing her arms and leaning back in the chair. "You were so distraught about leaving your favorite teacher, your friends, and the life you knew back then. You even had to break up with that one girl…"

"Susie was her name," Freddie responded while taking another bite of his food. "That pain that I felt subsided, but it feels like it's come back. I mean, I was only infatuated with Carly because she looked like Susie, but I'm not infatuated with her anymore. Actually, I have feelings for Sam…but lately, I've been thinking a lot of Susie, and I don't really know why."

"I can't explain that one very well, either," John said while letting out a small sigh. "The best advice I can give you is to remember the good times you had with Susie, but also know that you must continue on. Sam is a very good girl, and I think you would have something great if you chose to pursue a relationship with her. You shouldn't let someone who was in your past hold you back from being happy in the present and future." Freddie smiled and nodded his head in response, the words spoken made a lot of sense to him.

"Yeah, you're right…thanks Uncle John." Freddie took his plate over to the sink and rinsed it off. "I guess it's time to go to school, I just have to wait for Jake and Jonah to arrive." Freddie rolled his eyes and the others chuckled. He usually walked to school with his friends, but the issue with them was they were usually later than they said they'd be. Generally, it was because Jake hated getting up in the mornings.

"Oh, Freddie, will you be going to the gym today?" Emily asked in a quick voice. Freddie often went to the gym with his friends, he wanted to work out, since he felt as though it was keeping with the memory of his coach.

"Yes, I'll be going to the gym…"

"Okay, then I know that I'll be cooking supper a little later." Emily gave Freddie a smile and walked over to the counter. She picked up a pen and started writing on a notepad, possibly making a note that Freddie would be going to the gym after school.

Well, the first chapter should have told you a bit. Note that Freddie was a dork at his old school. So, Freddie's a bit troubled with his past, we'll just have to see where everything goes and what is to come. Stick around.