Winning His Heart

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Chapter 32 (El Fin)

Twenty years later a party was taking place. It was at the home of a couple and three kids. The celebration was an anniversary party, honoring the marriage of two people. The home was in the country and a lake was behind the house. The couple in question were none other than Freddie and Sam. They dated for seven years before getting married, having chosen to get married after college.

With them, they had a thirteen year old daughter, a six year old son, and a one year old little girl. The oldest child was named Angie, the son was Daniel, and the baby girl was Amy. They were all in the back yard, celebrating with cake and ice cream. Sam and Freddie had their best friends with them as well. Jonah, Valerie, Jake, Susie, Champ, and Morgan were all celebrating the anniversary with them. It was definitely a time of fun and celebration. What other way to spend the anniversary of the greatest time of your life than with your family and friends.

That wasn't to say they didn't celebrate other things together. They always celebrated the anniversary of the day Susie's life was saved from that deadly disease. Everyone would get together once a year and go have dinner or do something else that was fun and not something they got to do often. They also celebrated her anniversary with Jake, of course. They had gotten married about a year after Sam and Freddie did. The first of the group to get married had actually been Jonah and Valerie, they got married around the start of college.

Champ and Morgan had two anniversaries to celebrate as well, one of which was the day that Champ rescued Morgan from the waters at the beach. Over time, she actually got over her fear of water and began to swim again. Even though she got over her fear of water, whenever the anniversary of that day came around, she stayed the hell away from the water. Along with the other two couples, they actually lived close to Sam and Freddie as well. They all wanted to stay close to each other and remain friends for as long as they could.

Sam wound up not being able to get anywhere near Shane without getting flashbacks, bad memories, and feeling very sick. So the friendship with Carly had ended not long after she and Shane had gotten back together. It was okay, since everyone pretty much expected that to happen. There really wasn't any way around it, either. iCarly had come to a quick end, but Valerie's webshow with Susie and Jonah remained on the air for about ten years after, until they finally felt they were too old for it and they had to end it.

Nobody was sure what happened to Carly and Shane, since they stopped talking to them many years ago. Carly never did become an actress, she never really wanted to. Unbeknownst to the group, Carly and Shane had moved to Florida where Carly taught at a middle school level. Shane actually kept his promise to Carly and never messed around with another woman, he was strictly a one woman man. He was also fortunate that Sam, nor any others had ever decided to file assault charges on him. Of course, the fear that his past would come back to haunt him would always remain on his mind. Carly had to constantly remind him that all would be fine.

Shane ended up owning a woodshop, so he became a carpenter. That was fine in his mind, it was a hobby that would keep him satisfied of course. He never saw his two friends, Vash or Jason ever again. Of course, he did see Brian one time in the future. Brian had been in jail for eight years, made it out, but was once more put in jail for the buying and selling of drugs. After three years out of prison, he was charged with the rape of five women. He is currently serving life in prison for his crimes, a relief to everyone who knew him. No one felt guilty for wishing that Brian would die a huge death.

Rueben and Shannon had been married as well, but they didn't get married until they reached twenty five. They believed that twenty five was an appropriate age to get married. They both had apologized profusely for causing Sam and Freddie so much trouble, and over the years, both Sam and Freddie had continued to forgive them. They finally stopped after some time, which pretty much was a good thing, since it tired everyone out. Currently, they lived in Minnesota with a beautiful baby girl that they named Megan. She was their life and their greatest joy to have.

Rueben was a business man for a very large and powerful corporation, and he obviously felt overworked every now and then. The two things that made him smile were the smiles of his beloved wife and daughter. He was thankful that Shannon had come around and realized who had been there for her through it all. Even if it took almost forever.

As for Vash and Jason, nobody really knew what happened to them. They stayed away from everyone for years. It was possible that they stopped being friends with each other as well, since they didn't really make good friends. Shane did try to contact them once a few years back, and managed to connect with both of them. It was revealed that Vash had become a guidance counselor and Jason was living in China and owned a major restaurant chain. Neither man really felt comfortable with talking about the past, so they had tried their best to move on and forget.

The man that actually killed Freddie's first mom had been released and returned to being a gym competitor and coach. However, he didn't get far because of his record, so he once tried out for the Olympics. As far as being an Olympic runner went, he was often on the losing side. His greatest competition was none other than Champ, but he could only dream and hope to get anywhere near him. Champ was pretty much a champion at almost everything he did, but Freddie was still better at him, despite the fact that Freddie didn't participate in sports.

Morgan was involved in sports somewhat, but she really didn't feel a need to compete like her husband. What she did was be involved in the lives of her two little daughters. They were the ones that made her value her life so much more than she ever could. She couldn't be any more thankful for her husband, her hero, and her champion for saving her life on that fateful day. She took care of her daughters and was glad to see that they were excelling at almost everything they did as well. The elder was great at athletics while the other was pretty book smart, but both girls were the greatest girls she could want. So she and Champ were very proud of them.

Jonah had gone to law school, he wanted to be a doctor, but he found that he couldn't really do well with blood. However, what he didn't like about the lawyer occupation was that many people considered lawyers to be corrupt. Valerie had become a very famous chef, she had learned to cook all sorts of food from all around the world. Her life dream had been accomplished. With Jonah's help, Spencer had gone back into law school and become partners with Jonah. Of course, that wasn't to say that Spencer didn't also become very famous in the art world.

They had two twins that seemed to be doing well in school. Their kids were boys. Valerie wanted at least one girl so she wouldn't be the only girl there, and that wish came to be when she became pregnant with a baby girl. They were going to name that girl Samantha, in honor of their best friend. The twins were pretty smart, but also they had a lot of girls that liked them.

Susie had become a doctor as well, just like the person that would always be her greatest hero, Sarah. She realized how great it felt to be alive and how great it must feel to save a life, so that was why she chose her profession. She hadn't discovered a cure to anything just yet, but she was hoping to find one soon and save the life of another. Jake had taken voice lessons and excelled at his guitar skills, so he had become a choir and band director at the local high school. It was a good profession that gave him good pay.

They had a successful life and a wonderful son that they were extremely proud of. He did all that he was supposed to do, and made decent grades in school. He knew of his mom's brush with death long ago, and was very thankful for her survival. Why wouldn't he be, though? Without her, he would never have been born. That right there was a thought to think about, the fact that he would never have been born if his mom hadn't survived. Of course, he also thanked Sam all the time as well, because without her, he probably still wouldn't have made it.

Then there was Sam and Freddie, they had a pretty successful life as well. Both of them had a lot of money, despite both being teachers. Freddie was a coach at the local high school, of course, everyone could see that one coming up. Sam also taught the theater class. As for Freddie's back job, he wrote novels, both fiction and non fiction. Sam even helped him write one novel, and that was his greatest one yet. They say it's the greatest, and it is because it was the best seller and it won an award in excellence.

What was the novel about? It was Freddie's great joy. It detailed the story of a man who was torn between various women, but loved one that shined like an angel. The woman that loved the man, but feared that she was unable to have him and eventually went to a streetwise bad boy who seemed so right but was so wrong for her. The loyal friends that stuck by their side the entire way through, including the ex who called the man to the girl. It told the tale of how that woman won the man's heart through it all.

There it is, the end to mu first pure romance story. I hope no one complains about same plot again, lol. Now I just need to get over the writers block on CARPE DIEM. Enjoy the other stories!