A/N: Oh my goodness, my very first Kim Possible fanfic. Okay, just a few things first. For this story there is no such thing as Graduation, and any other episode that happens after Stop Team Go. This was just a little idea I had when I asked myself a big question after watching that one. Not everything from STG will be switched around. It's all pretty intact. So, enjoy.

Evil Divine

By PoisonousAngel

Chapter 1


Wow, this thing is pretty weird. And it weighs a ton! How on earth did I not fall over with this thing on my head? Hmm… some buttons on the back… Is that Rufus crawling up my leg? Ron Stoppable fooled around, turning Jack Hench's Attitudinator around and examining everything it came with. Kim and Shego were seeing off the rest of Team Go, and his short attention span had directed him to the large helmet in his hands. Ooooh, big red button. I wonder what it does…

"Yeah, Kimmie," Shego said to her new friend, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I couldn't tell you this when I was evil, but--"

She saw the beam headed right for her. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion after that first flash of light. She waited for it to hit her, waited to be engulfed in that mass of red. But before she new it, her ninja-like reflexes kicked in, and she watched it flash by in front of her face as she did an impressive back-hand spring not even a millisecond before it could strike. Her legs flipped over as the last of the beam shot like a bullet now behind her. As she landed back on her feet, she let out a long breath she didn't realize she had held.

"Well," she said, pushing some of her long black hair away from her face. "That was pretty lucky."

"Ron! That could've hit her! Gimmie it before something else goes wrong." Kim reached for the helmet. Her boyfriend was always doing things like this. Just when things seemed to be under control and right, something would happen. And it was usually his fault. "We need to get it to Global Justice so accidents like this won't happen again."

Ron held it away from her reaching hands. "I can handle it. Just a little slip. Won't happen again."

Even though Kim's eyes grew wary, she nodded and pressed on button on her little Kimmunicator. "After the Global Justice stop, why don't all three of us head to Bueno Nacho? I'm starved." Her little purple Volkswagen drove itself up, and opened it's doors for them. It was times like these where she was actually proud to call Jim and Tim Possible her brothers.

"Don't you have a quiz you should be at home studying for tomorrow, young lady?"

Kim rolled her eyes playfully. "Why yes, Miss Go. But my mind needs some nourishment before any studying can begin."

Kim and Shego smiled at each other as they headed for the car.

Ron, still holding the machine under one arm, fidgeted behind.

"Rufus, stop crawling everywhere. I already told you this morning that I cleaned out the melted M&M's from my pants two days ago. So stop looking!" He twirled around, trying to grab the little mole rat's attention, and ended up tripping over his own feet.

Ron watched with big eyes as he saw the Attitudinator roll into the street. Rufus poked his tiny head out from his back pocket and squeaked. "Oh no."

Before Ron could stand up and run after it, a truck had already soared by at top speed and crushed it under it's large tires.

"Oh come on!" the boy yelled, and stomped his foot. "What are the chances that would happen when Kim said I could hold it!?"

After some scolding from Kim, a few mellow words from Shego, and then an 'it's okay' kiss from Kim once again, Ron was packed into the back seat, and the three of them were off for some well deserved meals at Bueno Nacho. Which would then be followed by some studying for Shego's pop quiz for tomorrow.

Kim glanced back at Ron from the rearview mirror to make sure he was buckled in, then she spared a look at Shego next to her. "So before that whole mess, what were you going to say to me?"

"Hmm? Oh that. I was just going to tell you that you've been a great friend to me, since I've never really had a girl friend like you before. It's been nice."

Kim stopped at a red light. "So you couldn't tell me that when you were evil?"

"Well what I mean is, I couldn't tell you, when I was evil, that I've never had a special bond with a girl before. I never really had many friends because of my cranky temper, and that it's just nice to have someone like you now."

Kim smiled big. Good thing that beam hadn't hit her, otherwise she'd be out of a big sister. "That's sweet, Shego. Thank you."

Shego smiled too and looked out the window. Getting hit by Electronique was definitely something that happened for the better. Now she had friends and a job she always felt satisfaction from. Well… now she felt satisfaction from it. And plus, she had a hot date tonight. Her new life was definitely looking up from here on out. And nothing was going to change that.

And bonus! Stevie was taking her roller skating tonight!


Dr. Drakken growled as he punched his fist onto the dashboard. "Nnnnhh, stupid hover car. Left! I'm turning the wheel left, you blasted machine, not right!"

This apparently, is what you get, Drakken thought as he was trying to direct the hover car one way and failing miserably, when you tamper with the controls, late at night, trying to add a cloaking device to your transportation.

He grunted when he ran into a light post, causing it to fall and smash on the road below.

Where is she?

The thought ran through his mind for the tenth time since getting into the vehicle and searching for her. He stopped the hover car in mid air, and put a hand over his eyes to try and scout her out. He didn't know why he was searching Middleton of all places. But since their lives were always redirecting them here, he figured why not?

Shego had been missing for three days now, and he got nothing. Not a call, not a letter, not even an email, which was how everyone was communicating these days. What was the use of getting Shego and himself work emails if she wasn't going to use it to tell him where she'd be heading off to!? She was definitely getting another little talk from him, this one being about how not to desert your boss in his time of need!

He figured he should keep searching for her for a little while longer today. Without Shego, no decent work could be accomplished, and that was definitely going to put him in a sour mood.

Drakken sighed and slumped onto the seat. All this sidekick searching was steadily increasing his hunger. After putting the hover back in gear, he took off, already in that sour mood.

He'd go to the deli and get his own darn sandwich there.

And they had better have pickles!


A/N: Just a little prologue for everyone. Did anybody else have that question burning in their head? What would Drakken do if he found Shego during that episode? Well I decided to make a story out of it. A Drakken/Shego one to be exact.