7 kisses

1st kiss

My name is Mikan Sakura, I'm currently a fourth year in my high school life. I've never met my dad since he died in an accident even before I was born, my mother is currently in America working as a corporate lawyer for a large company. I'm currently staying in a dormitory which was provided by the school.

I was sleeping in class for I am so worn-out doing my homework last night, I had to admit that I crammed. But I slept in the wrong time and in the wrong class. Its Math time, in other words Jinno is the one teaching. He shouted my name causing me to wake up and most of all humiliated in my class. He look at me with a terrifying face that it almost made me wet my underwear. Then he pointed his index finger at the door which means a short detention. I went out.

I was walking down the hallway when I accidentally bumped into someone I never met before.

"Ouch." I mumbled while rubbing my sore butt which bumped against the wall.

Then I met him. I couldn't stop thinking about his cold piercing eyes which looked right at me. He squinted his eyes on me and shot me one of the frightening glares I ever saw in my whole life.

"Stupid." I heard him say.

No one ever called me stupid for I am the world's smartest girl. I won many awards and nobody is going to stop me from taking the magnificent glory. I shot him one of my frightening glares hoping he will flinch, unfortunately he did not.

"Stupid." I heard him say again.

Now, that really made me angry. I clenched my fists and look at him callously. I bet he's scared to death. But his face didn't change at all, I have to admit he kept his composure well enough. I'm going to beat the hell out of him.

Then I started running towards him. I geared up my fists all ready to punch his face. But fate wasn't kind to me on that day. I accidentally slipped and it caused me to kiss his lips. I immediately broke the 'accidental' kiss. I looked at him and saw him smiling or maybe smirking.

I gulped.

"If you like me that much, then tell me so rather than pretending you slip and kissed me." He said arrogantly.

"Idiot! It's an accident! I didn't mean it!" I shouted.

"Shush, stop pretending and admit that you like me" He said while touching my chin.

I slapped his hand and backed away from him.

"Playing hard to get, aren't you?" He said.

"I have no time playing silly games with you, I'm leaving." I said to him. I was about to leave when…

I heard him chuckled and I turned my head at him.

"How old are you?" He asked, still trying to hold his laughter.

"Sixteen." I told him proudly.

"You're pretty old and you're still wearing printed panties, right Polka?" He spoke with a grin.

At first I didn't understand what he meant then I remembered that I'm wearing a printed panty today.

"Pervert!" I screamed.

I hoped he turned deaf.