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Sasuke continued to run and he ran into a shack, still within Konoha's borders. He collapsed on his knees, moaning in pain. His hand was on his curse symbol. It hurt, it burned. It was telling him to go to Orochimaru. He wouldn't. He wouldn't let that snake get to him! He wouldn't give in. He owed somebody; he owed it to not be so weak.


The thought of his sensei made his neck burn further and he screamed. He crawled over to the futon, crashing into darkness.

He could feel the heat all around his body. He swore that Orochimaru was visiting him in his sleep. He could hear the Sa-nin's putrid, poisonous voice cooing him, luring him. He could see Itachi's deadly gaze, telling him to run and hate. He was delirious, he knew it. He wouldn't give in, he mustn't. The heat just rose and rose in his body, he was whimpering things he didn't even think about. He woke up multiple times, only to have his eyes covered by a hand, and a voice telling him to sleep. He could hear water hitting water and a cold, wet cloth on his head. It immediately knocked him out.

It felt like an eternity before he felt like himself again; well as close as he could be.

Sasuke noted how empty he felt. He had no access to power, therefore, no access to revenge… and… Kakashi was gone. He had nothing left. He needed to see Kakashi. Kakashi was his only hope.

When he opened his eyes, it was dark. His body wasn't boiling anymore, but his clothes and his futon felt sticky, warm and wet. He removed his clothes and he felt the chill of the night air against his skin. The door was open and a form was shaded outside. He walked out, stark naked except for his boxers. The first thing he asked was, "Who are you?"

A feminine voice replied, "Kaguya." The voice was soft and neutral as she hung up sheets and other materials on a clothes line, "I found you in my shack three days ago, you were running quite the fever."

Sasuke blinked. 'It's been three days? God… where the hell am I?' He questioned in his mind before voicing his opinions, "Where are we?"

The female just chuckled softly "You were the one who collapsed in my house…" This earned a groan from Sasuke before she continued, "We're on the outskirts of the Fire country, and from your attire, you seem to be a Shinobi. What village do you belong to… or did you defect?" Another chuckle escaped her, "Don't worry, I don't tattle."

Sasuke sighed, couldn't the girl te-… Oh yeah… he lost his headband, "Well… it's rather complex…" He said. He didn't know how to explain it, he… technically defected from Konoha, yet… he wanted to go back… he hasn't left the country yet… has he? Suddenly his curse mark began to react and he fell to his knees groaning in pain, his hand on the seal.

Kaguya turned to see Sasuke standing out in his boxers and she sighed before grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around the boy, "You've been sick, and you expect to get well by walking outside like that?" She sighed again before leading Sasuke into the shack.

Sasuke glared up at the female, "I wasn't sick, it's something else…" He grumbled. He truly wasn't sick. It was that damn snake's fault. Then again… he shouldn't have removed Kakashi's protective seal either…

The girl rolled her eyes, "Sure it was… now get some rest… You really haven't been getting much, with your mumbles and screams." She said, changing the sheets for the futon. "I'll make some soup for the morning."

Sasuke blinked. He was mumbling and screaming…? "What… what was I saying Kaguya?" He asked. He wouldn't rationalize the reason for his delirium to the girl, she wouldn't understand.

Kaguya tiled her head, "Oh stuff like 'No! I won't give in!', 'I'll kill you someday!', but mainly, 'Kakashi…' and 'It hurts… please Kakashi…'" She said, totally unfazed by this.

Sasuke blinked again 'I was… saying Kakashi's name…?' His heart throbbed slightly. "H-have you heard anything about Kakashi in my fever or… anywhere else…?" He asked carefully.

Kaguya shrugged, "Only simple things about him really, like about his white hair and perfect face, his fame of being a 'copy-cat ninja'. Nothing of recent though."

Sasuke blushed slightly before he sighed in defeat, "Oh… okay…" He really needed to find him.

"I can ask once you're well enough to fend for yourself… I have a town run to make in a bit." She said with a smile, "I'll ask round for you then, okay?" She then winked before exiting the shack and Sasuke sighed, turning and falling asleep.

The next few days were like hell for Sasuke, as he didn't have very many clothes to wear except for the few he packed when he left Konoha, and even then, those weren't many. He couldn't even use chakra unless he wanted to end up groaning in pain from the curse seal. There was nothing to keep him moving and he felt empty. He had nothing. He didn't have power; he didn't have much will to seek out revenge. He didn't have Kakashi. He only could have power, revenge or Kakashi. It was so confusing to him. He gave up on power and revenge… yet Kakashi could supply him with it couldn't he…?

But not as much as Orochimaru.

As he thought that, his curse seal began to throb pleasantly. It wanted him to go to Orochimaru, it made him want to. It made him want revenge.

"Sasuke! I have some news!"

Sasuke's head popped up at Kaguya's voice, knocking him out of his thirst for power. That girl came in the right time. He had told Kaguya about his life and what had happened. He didn't tell her about Itachi, his last name or the remainder of his obsessions. He didn't need to scare Kaguya.

Kaguya was carrying supplies, such as food and other items. A beaming smile on her face told that it was good. "When I went into town, they were talking about you… a lot Sasuke." She said quietly as she stored the food away in the refrigerator. "And... a lot of them were talking about Naruto and how he left the village for three years."

Sasuke's ears perked up at this news, he could leave to Konoha now… couldn't he? Naruto was gone!

Kaguya continued, "And I heard that Kakashi was still in Konoha, but he had a lone mission to the water country. He's leaving in two days."

A smirk appeared on Sasuke's face. He could catch up with Kakashi then; he just needed to find which way Kakashi was going. He could catch him.

Suddenly, the smile left Kaguya's face, "That means you're leaving doesn't it?"

Sasuke frowned, "I need to Kaguya, or you'll be in trouble… Sound will be looking all over for me once they recover, and that'll be soon, and if I don't return to Konoha soon, I'll be considered a missing nin if I'm not already. I don't want you to be caught up in my mess Kaguya…" His voice was soft and concerned. "I have two days left, and I'll need to get ready. I don't know how Kakashi will react when he sees me…" His voice was almost hurt at the last sentence and his eyes were downward.

Kaguya had a soft smile on her face, "It's okay… I understand. You… you really care for Kakashi don't you? I can tell… I once had somebody like that, but they left me… long ago. I hope it doesn't happen to you. I don't think it will… from what you told me about him. I know it's a bit early, but I wish you luck Sasuke, though I don't think you'll need it." She winked at him before she went out to gather in the clothes from the line.

I decided that I would have this as a part story (yet again --) because... I feel like I should end it off here...