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Warnings: Fluff-ish? (... omg my teacher's corrupted me) umm... what else... slight angst, obsessesion (butof course) and humour~ Yay lol

"Sasuke, you are being released from the hospital tomorrow."

Those words continued to spin in his head. Where would he go? Jail? He highly doubted that he would be let into the village, free without repercussions. As he thought about why he left, he felt the curse seal throb again. It made him crave for power again, for revenge. How he wanted to see Itachi's face so pale, so utterly lifeless, no blood flowing in his veins. Sasuke wanted to feel Itachi's heart stop in his hands, he wanted to feel the blood flowing through his fingers. Yet, he felt his heart clench at Kakashi's face in his mind. He felt the curse seal react negatively and he was groaning in pain. The world was spinning, and it was speeding up.

"ke?!" Kakashi's voice faintly was heard through the boy's rapidly closing ears.

"Hurts… it hurts… remove please… curse seal… hurts… help…" Sasuke blubbered, trying to grasp onto reality. He heard the low mutter of Kakashi's voice, those warm arms around him. He couldn't think straight. He felt an arm move but he could barely care. His world then violently spun, causing a spell of nausea that quickly disappeared once he realized what was going on.

Kakashi was kissing him! It felt like heaven to him. He wanted to melt into those strong arms and stay like this for eternity, but he let his shock show instead and his world steadied. He could make out distinctive sounds, like the birds chirping and the heaving of Kakashi's lungs. He wanted to look at Kakashi's face but he couldn't bring his eyes to do so. He felt Kakashi pull away fro him shortly after all of his senses returned. "Wh-why did you do that?" He asked, too exhausted and out of breath to form any tone at all.

Kakashi's face remained perfectly normal, no emotions present. He pulled his mask up as he pulled away, disabling Sasuke from viewing the perfect (presumed) face. "You stopped didn't you?" Was all the Jounin said.

Sasuke looked away, his heart throbbing. Even after all of this, even after the night in the woods, Kakashi was still an enigma. He was furious at himself not being unable to remember completely (if it even happened), furious at Kakashi for eluding his every attempt at learning if it was so. Why couldn't it be that simple?! Wait…

Wasn't that the main reason the Jounin caught his interests?

Sasuke almost chuckled to himself. That is, until the curse seal throbbed, reminding himself of the pain, of why Kakashi kissed him, and of why he was brooding so deeply. When the unexpected throb came he took in a sharp inhale of breath, hissing quietly. "Kakashi… it hurts..." He whimpered softly.

"You shouldn't have removed the seal Sasuke…" Kakashi's voice was scolding and stern, yet somehow… hurt.

'I hurt him? I... did something to affect Kakashi?' Sasuke thought, astonished by his sensei's reaction, "I know… I know… but it hurts… please… it's trying to take me away, it's trying to convince me…"

"Sasuke…" Kakashi spoke softly "I'll talk to Tsunade…" The Jounin rose to leave, but Sasuke shot out him arm to grab Kakashi's.

"No! Don't! … Don't leave me… it's… it's too strong! Without you… without you I'm afraid I'll give in, I'm afraid I'll run again… please Kakashi…" 'I want to be with you… please.' The unspoken words stayed in his mind as he pleaded the elder ninja with his eyes. "Please."

A mixture of emotions flared through Kakashi's eyes and Sasuke picked out a few – hut, pain, sympathy, confusion… and he noticed the love. No, not the love he wanted from the Jounin. Just the gentle love of friendship, of a father-figure. Why couldn't Kakashi love him the way Sasuke did? His heart clenched in pain at the rejection.

"Alright Sasuke."

Those words went through him and sparked a feeling of joy, of relief. He didn't want Kakashi to leave him. The Jounin was his only hold on sanity, – though he wasn't really classified as that – his only connection to Konoha. And, if Kakashi was in Konoha, he wanted to be there too.


The single word brought Sasuke out of his thoughts. He let his hand release the Jounin's wrist, looking – not in his general direction – at his lone grey eye.

"Why me?"

Sasuke world spun again as he panicked. 'No! Why this question out of all of them?!' he screamed in his mind and looked down. The panic spread within his internal turmoil, but he managed to come up with a single word. "Curiosity." The word was stated simply, as he was trying to hide the fear that ran in him, and tried to remain calm.

"Why are you still..?" Kakashi prodded but he didn't delve further into the situation. It frustrated Sasuke. He wanted to know if that night in the woods was just a dream or reality.

"It's not that simple!" Sasuke snapped. He couldn't keep in his frustration. He hated how Kakashi just presumed. "It just keeps growing! You're just too fascinating… you're too interesting!" Sasuke shut his mouth, but slowly, trying not to appear as if he were covering up something.

"Interesting Sasuke…" A silver eyebrow was raised quizzically, "how so?"

Sasuke swallowed deeply. How was he going to explain this without exposing himself? "You continue to be such an enigma… you are just too mysterious..." He muttered softly, wanting to get off this topic.

"Since when does Sasuke like to solve mysteries that do not involve his past?"

Sasuke glared at his sensei for this remark. "Don't assume you know everything Kakashi, I'm not some doll you can play with and expect me to do so." He couldn't believe Kakashi even went there!!! 'That ignorant!' he thought in his mind. Wasn't his being here an explanation enough!?

"So you'll do the opposite Sasuke? It's not very---"

"Oh! Just shut up with analyzing me! You know perfectly well that I am capable of my own decisions! I'm not some god-damned weak child!"

Sasuke saw Kakashi smile at him, "That's better Sasuke."

'What the hell is he talking about?!' Sasuke fumed in his mind, "What the fuck is your problem Kakashi?" he demanded, his tone stating his obviously pissed-off state.

"Ah-ah-ah. I don't want to hear that sort of language coming from a student of mine." Kakashi said to him, and there was mischief sparkling in his grey eye. Sasuke gave his sensei a slight glare, yet lighter than the last, "You're not moping around Sasuke. I don't like to see you like that."

Sasuke blinked, calming down. He managed to smile, 'Kakashi doesn't like to see me in distress…' the though warmed his heart a little. He didn't care that it was probably only that parental love. He cared because Kakashi did. "Did-" Sasuke began and shook his head, "N-never mind."

Kakashi's eyebrow raised, "Oh? What was it Sasuke…? It couldn't be that bad."

Kakashi's words repeated themselves in his mind, 'What's the worst that can happen? He already knows I'm obsessed with him… and I could blame the…' he couldn't think of the word in his head, as it was a tad bit too powerful, so he continued without it, 'on curiosity' "Did… did that night in the woods r-really happen Kakashi?" He looked down as he spoke the words, embarrassed for the directness of the sentence.

"There were lots of nights in the woods Sasuke…" Kakashi's tone was neutral, hiding yet hinting. But, at the same time, the Jounin could just be fooling him.

Sasuke's cheeks puffed up, a blush adorning his features. Kakashi just loved to frustrate him didn't he?! 'That intentional… idiot!'

"You're quite cute like that Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes widened, 'Wh-What did he just say?!' his blush deepened, "Wh-What the fuck Kakashi?!"

"Ah-ah-ah what did I say about swearing Sasuke?" The teasing tone his sensei used caused Sasuke's blush to lower into his neck, "So… will you stop… or will I have to shut those pretty little lips myself?"

Sasuke covered his face in pure embarrassment. He didn't know what Kakashi was doing, or why he was saying these things. He lifted his face, hoping that his redness had calmed down, "Wh-What the FUCK Ka-" Sasuke couldn't finish his repeated sentence as Kakashi's face neared him, though frozen in place as the nurse barged into the room.

"Sasu- OH MY GOD! I'M SORRY!" The nurse said and rushed out of the room.

Sasuke wasn't too sure if he was capable of darkening his skin tone further with the deep red that already tainted his face. He turned, placing his face into the pillow, groaning to try and cover up his hopes of another kiss by those soft lips. How he wanted to grab Kakashi's cheeks with his hands and pull down that interfering mask to see that face (possibly again) and crash his lips against his sensei's. Oh… that promise was just so tempting!

Sasuke felt the mattress rise and a shift of clothes, "I'll go see what she wants…"

Gradually, Sasuke began to feel his blush fading after Kakashi left the room. His mind began to swirl with questions again and he groaned quietly to himself. 'Oh, Kakashi can be such a headache sometimes…' he thought, pressing his face further into the pillow.

When the door was opened, Sasuke turned to see this dramatic gloom in his teacher's face.

"You're moving in with Kakashi Sasuke."

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