Warning: this will have Orosasu and Sasukaka (one-sided obsession) in it oh and obsession

Chars (c) Masashi Kisihmoto Kay?

The final attack.

He would kill Naruto. He charged at the blond boy. He let the chidori summon and strengthen. He aimed for the boy's chest. And he stood victorious. Suddenly he felt his heart stop.


His headband slipped but he couldn't kill Naruto. No… He would disappoint Kakashi; he would degrade himself to Itachi's level. He couldn't do that.

He sighed and turned around. He needed strength. He knew that his teacher from Konoha would never give him that; yet, Sasuke couldn't bring himself to be angry at the Jounin. Maybe… maybe if he survived his revenge he could return… but... would Kakashi accept him?

Sasuke shook his head. Itachi was what mattered the most. He needed to kill the bastard first, then, he would solve everything in the end.