Dragon Wing and Demon Claw

(By "I have da amazin ability ta turn almost any idle idea inta a actual fic" Zar)

(Warning: I am not responsible fer any mental damage caused by reading this fic.)


He was always around this area...

He shifted his spear in his claws, holding it tightly so the wind could not wrest it from his grasp. His bright blue eyes scanned the ground as it moved underneath him. He was looking for a telltale splotch of black, a sign that he had found what he was looking for. He knew the exact shade of black as well, although that had not been required of him...

They had sent him to take care of the problem, to take care of the threat they knew nothing of, because he was strong, because he didn't volunteer, and because he appeared to also be the most emotionally repressed regarding what had happened.

Of course he cared. Just for the wrong party. Not that he would ever say that. But he supposed that they thought that would make it easier for them, to think that he didn't care...

But secretly, he believed they were just as stupid as those they were fighting against. But he really had no choice of what to do.

They told him to do it, so that's what he would do...if he could...

Which he knew he couldn't...

A flash of movement caught his attention and he stopped, large, webbed, green and metallic blue marbled wings beating the air behind him smoothly to keep him aloft. Had he seen...?

It must have been him...no one was that shade of ebony except him...

It moved again. He tightened his grip on his spear, his claws scratching across the green and blue scales that covered his hands up to the elbow.

That had to be him...that had to be.

He took a deep breath and angled himself downwards, folding his wings towards his body to increase the rate of his descent. The ground spiraled towards him, and it took his breath away, but this was what he lived for, the freefall. He loved to fly, but he loved the exhiliaration that came with it, which sometimes came at the threat of death. He watched the world move around him as he came closer to the ground.

The black splotch clarified as he came closer, and he knew it was him. He knew now.

He expanded his wings outwards, causing him to stop just before hitting the ground, his shoulders tingling with the effort it had taken to keep his wings extended against so much pressure.

Alighting on his talons, he kneeled, holding his spear out in front of him defensively, just in case...his tail lashed about behind him angrily, blue and green scales shining in the fading light. He shook his head once, to clear the blond strands that fell over his goggles to obscure his vision at an inopportune time.

The black creature in front of him was curled into a ball, only the tips of it's bloodstained wings protruding, and the long black hair falling in thick waves. It was hard to discern with the rapidly fading light, but he knew the shade too well now.

At the rush of wind of his arrival, the curled figure slowly turned, and the scarlet eyes met again with sky blue.

The look on the demon's face was painful and sad and lost, his face streaked with tears, his mouth stained with dried blood, the tips of fangs protruding slightly, the hands dark black, extending from the elbow, ending with claws that matched his own save for color, and a thick tail that extended from his back, the same length as his own, only without spikes. The demon's left arm up to the elbow was made of gleaming gold metal, which made him so easy to find, even among his own kind. Dressed in black rags, the demon stared at him, the only other color the red bandanna that kept his hair away from his face. He stared at him, asking him what he was trying to do without using words.

They stared at eachother.

He folded his wings behind his back, thudding his spear into the ground. He walked towards the demon, finding his quarry standing awkwardly and walking towards him, as if he had not walked in a long time. Knowing him, he most likely had not. He had probably been hiding in this area ever since what had happened...because it hadn't been safe for him before, but now the world was an even more terrifying place for his kind...

"#$^# Vin..." The dragon could not help but mumble the words that escaped his mouth as the taller demon enclosed his arms around him, seeking and giving comfort in one gesture that was returned with the same deliberation. "What are we supposed to do now...?"

He could feel the scales on his tail coming in contact with the flesh of the demons. Their tails entertwined slowly, seeking comfort that was so hard to find in this world. The claws held onto his back, and he could feel the demons muscles underneath his thin pale skin underneath his own hands. He closed his blue eyes, trying to forget what he had been told to do. Ordered to do.

The demon's voice was so soft, like a whisper on the wind, a slight trace of smoke on a moonlight night, a lone feather being carried off in the wind...he shivered because he wasn't sure whether or not he would ever hear it again, and the thought was always enough to frighten him.

"I'm not sure, Highwind, but...I can't do it alone..."

There was a rush of wind around them as the moon began to rise, the sun finally disappearing and the land around them settling into night, and the two expanded their wings, meeting the tips and covering eachother from the chill breeze. They held onto eachother, a meeting that was forebidden by almost every law that they knew. The fact that they were touching was enough to merit death...

To need eachother this much meant much, much worse...

"Highwind, I'm scared."

They both were shaking.

"#$#%, me too, Vin..."


The dragon race and the demon race had been enemies for a long time. This wasn't unusual. A lot of races were enemies with the demon race, blaming them for the problems in the world that were in fact cause by their own selfish behavior, but the clearly evil appearance of the demon was enough to permanently condemn them as the world's scapegoat. Their race became few and weak, and those that survived remained hidden, trying to keep a low profile lest they be destroyed to help "further the advancement of the world" in general. The demons were not as evil or as bloodthirsty as everyone supposed...in fact, due to the race's almost total genocide, the demons had become somewhat meek and shy, desiring privacy and quiet more then anything else, although legends about their cruelty and desire for blood circulated without stop.

The dragons were an immensely proud race and the existence of demons seemed to them to be proof that they had accomplished nothing in ridding the world of evil. The dragons were very particular about details, about perfection, about purity, and the fact that at points a demon would surface was enough to send the dragons into a frenzy, sending out their fastest and strongest warriors to hunt down the rogue demons that had been foolish enough to reveal their existence.

Cid Highwind was one of those soldiers.

He didn't seem to quite fit in with dragon society. Although his blood was pure, his actions were not. His addiction to nicotine, his foul language, and his overwhelming love of sky were deemed peculiar by his friends and disrespectful to his elders. Cid did not have any respect for anyone and wasn't about to let some old lizards try and push it into him.

Cid's coloration, a metallic blue-green that marbled over the webbing between his wings, the scales on his feet, hands, and tail, was an extremely rare anomaly. Metallic colors were common, but they had never been mixed in this way before. Cid was known for that and also his outrageous behavior. And his prowess in battle.

So Cid was sent out in one of these rages to find a demon and slay it, wherever or whatever it was. He was also instructed not to come back until he had proof, which Cid basically took as a polite way of saying "#^$# off". He didn't care, as the dragon society had never appealed to him, so he spent his time leisurely, coasting along air currents and occasionally stopping to look around.

It was an accident that brought him into contact with his first and only demon.

He had been flying for a long time and he felt tired and, once he landed, sweaty from flying so close to the sun. Cid loved the sun, it's warmth and the color it lended the sky. He had found a lake and had decided to have some fun in it, although most dragons were naturally wary of water because it extinguished their inner flame if it was ingested. Cid wasn't stupid and therefore did not get water in his mouth, so he enjoyed his short sojourn in the lake.

When he came out, however, water running down his scales and skin, he noticed a pair of eyes watching him from the bushes, as red as the legends had warned him.

He seized his spear quickly and backed away, getting into an attacking crouch and expanding his wings, trying to appear larger then he was. He was aware that he was small for his species.

The creature that walked out from the bush walked on all fours, thin limbs that ended with the same claws as his own walking with quiet precision. He was only clad in a pair of very loose black pants, from the back of which protruded the thick, black tail. The wings were folded quietly against his back. The red eyes never left his as the demon sat next to where he had put his clothes.

There was a very awkward silence as the two stared at eachother, Cid not sure what to think and the demon just regarding him emotionlessly.

Finally the demon moved, standing on his hindlegs and picking up Cid's shirt. Walking with the same grace that he had on four legs, he walked over to where Cid remained crouched, holding out the shirt in what Cid recognized as a variant on a gesture of friendship among his kind.

"I think you want this, correct?"

Cid blinked and lowered his spear, confused.

"Yeah, I guess."

He straightened and felt a typical flash of anger when he noted that the demon was taller then he was. It figured, everyone was. He could feel the heat in his chest as he automatically began to generate flame, a typical reaction to anger among his kind, but he forced himself to keep it down.

He took the shirt from the demon's claws, expecting to find some stain or something where he had touched it, but the shirt was just as it had been left. The demon put his hands behind his back and watched as Cid awkwardly pulled the shirt over his wings and body, realizing how he must appear. Trying to hide the fact he was blushing, he turned to ask the demon to retrieve his pants...

Only to find that the demon already had them and was holding them out.

After Cid was fully dressed, he stared at the demon awkwardly, not sure of what to make of the silent, stoic expression on it's blank, pale face.

"Well, what?" He couldn't take the silence. The demon cocked his head slightly to one side, as if regarding what he had said.

"Well indeed. Are you going to attack me?"

Cid felt really awkward now. The demon had made no threatening movements toward him, and at the moment he felt no malice towards him. Unlike the majority of his species which harbored an intense dislike of demons just from stories and legends, Cid was cynical enough to decide that he would make up his mind when he actually found a demon. Here was a demon, and it hadn't attacked him so far...

Wait, why was a demon asking if he would attack IT?

"Um...#^$#, why? You haven't done nothin' to me yet." He took a cigarette from the goggles that he had refused to remove even when bathing and lit it with a focused breath. He inhaled deeply and tried to keep himself calm. "What about you? Goin' to attack me yet?"

The demon shook his head slowly back and forth. "I have no real reason to. You haven't really threatened me with harm yet, other then your battle stance, and I think that was because I startled you..."

Despite the demon's emotionless voice and face, his tail was moving back and forth very sharply. He was nervous, Cid knew that movement well...

"Well, what's your name?" Cid asked, breathing out a cloud of smoke. The demon stared at the smoke with strange eyes.

"Vincent. Vincent Valentine. And you are?" The demon held out a claw towards him almost in mockery of the elder dragons that Cid knew. Cid shrugged.

"Cid Highwind." Cid decided to go for it. He grasped Vincent's claw in his own and shook it, noting the shocked expression that came over the demon's face. "Nice to meet you, Vin."

"Vin...?" Vincent thought for a moment, then a ghost of a smile appeared on his face. "Vin..."

He brushed a strand of black hair out of his face, tucking it behind one of his ears. Directly above his ears Cid could see small horns, curling upwards, the same shade as his hair. Unconsciously, Cid brushed his own hair away from his ears, where the small greenish-blue horns that swept towards the back of his head. Technically his horns should be longer and more elaborate, but again, he was strange for his species.

He had heard that demons horns were longer though as well. Maybe Vincent was different too...

"I think I like that..." Vincent's voice was so soft and quiet, it was nothing like Cid had expected. Despite all his efforts not to hold any preconceptions, some still snuck into his mind. He tried to force them away. "Vin..."

"$%&#, if you don't mind me askin'..." Cid wasn't one to try and be subtle. "Don't demons have longer horns...?"

Vincent stared at him for a moment, then returned his hands back to his head, running his fingers across the small horns that were hidden against his black hair. He gave another ghost of a smile, then responded with quiet amusement that matched his voice perfectly.

"Don't dragons have longer horns as well...?"

Cid scratched his head absently, noting his claws sliding across the small horns above his ears. "Yeah, good point. $#@%."

Vincent scratched his chest absently with his claws, staring at Cid in silence. Cid noted the sharp contrast. While Cid's arms and feet were covered with scales, the black areas on the demons arm and legs were smooth and unbroken. Cid self-consciously put one hand over the other, running his hands across his scales nervously. Luckily the scales on one hand prevented him from getting cut. When rubbed the wrong way, dragon scales could slash up ones hand quite easily.

Where had this nervousness come from? He had never been nervous before, not around any of his own species. Why did he feel so awkward? He could sense his tailtip twitching back and forth shortly and quickly. He wished he could stop that movement, but the tail was something that could betray emotions very easily, even when your face was expressionless.

Vincent scratched his chest lightly with his claws, leaving slight white marks across his chest from the pressure. Vincent was pale, almost white, and the sharp black of his hand was hard to comprehend.

Cid took a nervous drag from his cigarette and turned away, not sure of where to look. He looked back at the lake, which was shining with the light of the fading sun.

#$^#, where had the time gone?

"Night is approaching." Vincent's voice simply stated the obvious, soft and quiet. Cid looked back at him and found the scarlet eyes kept searching his own, as if asking something.

"Well, um...#$^#. Um...I don't have anywhere to go..." Cid rubbed the back of his head, his claws shifting his hair around the band of his goggles. Why was he acting this childish...?

I don't want him to leave until I know everything...

"Do you want me to stay?" Vincent's soft voice. Cid coughed sharply, unintentionally releasing a small fireball that dissiapiated into the air. Cid cursed himself mentally. Releasing fire unintentionally was a symbol among his kind of the lack of control. He waved away the smoke.
"Sorry 'bout that..."

He turned to Vincent to find he had taken a few steps back, staring at where the smoke had been in alarm. When Cid's eyes found his again, there was a touch of fear in red.

Vincent shook his head slowly, as if trying to bring himself back to reality.

"I'm...I'm sorry..." There was emotion in his voice that had not been present before. "I...I kind of...I must have forgotten you were...a dragon." Vincent closed his eyes and turned away, his tail curling around his legs, a common sign of shame and embarrasment among all tailed races. "I'm sorry, Highwind..."

Cid walked towards Vincent, noting the falling of the sun with little concern. The setting of the sun brought a sharp blast of wind across the planet, a cold, powerful wind for only a few moments, then night was total. A equally powerful hot wind brought the dawn. The wind shouldn't be a problem. Vincent was his concern at the moment.

"Vin, what?" Cid was confused. "Wait, what's wrong...?"

Vincent's scarlet eyes looked at him for a moment over his shoulder, but he didn't turn to face him. "Highwind...this is very wrong, for both of us. We shouldn't even be speaking. This is not good..."

The black demonic wings that protruded from Vincent's now visible back melded in so smoothly with his skin, but Cid noticed that there were some dark lines crossing around their base, scars and such that lined his bare back.

Cid then realized that Vincent had turned his back to him, and apparently didn't think he would be hurt.

He trusts me...

He could see from where he was that Vincent had crossed his arms across his chest, holding his elbows in worry. He walked forward, hearing the grass rustling as the sun was finishing it's descent from the sky.

"Vin, c'mon."

"No, no, I shouldn't be talking to you at all, I should have...I should have listened to what they had told me..."

Cid circled Vincent until he was standing in front of him again, expanding his wings and holding his tail upright in a show of confidence. He gently took hold of Vincent's arms, being careful not to pull his hands the wrong way, fearing cutting his arms with his scales unless he was careful. The taller demon stared down at him confused and frightened.

"Listen, Vin. Why didn't you run away? Why did you even stay to talk to me?"

Vincent paused for a moment, and Cid saw uncertainty appear on his pale features. His response was soft and frightened.

"I...you weren't like them..."

The sun set, and the blast of wind swept across the area quickly, sweeping away everything that was not securely tied down.

The wind buffeted the two, and Cid found his natural ingrained reaction come into play. He moved in front of Vincent, pushing him downwards toward the ground and wrapping his wings around the both of them. The wind pushed against him sharply, but could not penetrate his scaled wings.

When Cid opened his eyes after the wind had stopped, Vincent was hanging onto him tightly, his own eyes closed. Cid withdrew his wings, the world outside now almost completly black except for the dim light of the moon.

"Vin, the wind's died down." Cid wasn't exactly sure what to say. He gently touched Vincent's shoulders to bring him back to the world, but Vincent refused to let go, his eyes still shut tightly and his claws still clasped across Cid's back. "Vin? Vin, you okay?"

Vincent was shaking, but he wasn't sure why. He kept his claws on his shoulders waiting for a response.

"You know...you're the first person...ever...to show any kindness to me like that..."

"Kindness?" Cid was confused as Vincent continued holding on. "What'd I do...?"

Vincent finally opened his eyes, which were now soft and lonely compared to their previous cold appearance. He stared at Cid in a way that he had never seen before. "You sheltered me from the wind..."

Cid shrugged, trying to keep an air of nonchalance, but it was difficult considering his position. "#$^#, anyone would've done that, it's nothin' special..."

Vincent stared him directly in the eyes, his face trying to stay serious, but the pain it took for his next statement was obvious.

"Highwind...I am a demon."

Vincent closed his eyes, as if expecting some kind of punishment.

Cid moved his claws away from Vincent's arms and instead interlocked them around his chest, holding him close. He could feel the confusion enamanating from the demon at the gesture. His own voice was soft in response.

"$#%# Vin, do you really think I care?"

"We're enemies..." It was almost impossible to hear him, but Cid was listening.

"No, dragons and demons are enemies-"

"And what are we?" Vincent pulled away sharply, curling into a small ball and wrapping his wings around himself. Cid sat back, taking a deep breath from his cigarette and looking at the now black sky.

"I'm Cid. You're Vin. Simple as that."

Vincent shook his head slowly. "They never told me it would be like this to talk to one of your kind..."

Cid laughed slightly. "That makes two of us. Hey...if you don't mind me askin'..." Cid took another deep breath to try and calm himself. The last few moments had been emotionally stressful, but he wasn't about to show it. "What happened to your arm...?"

Vincent managed to curl up so far that all he was was black, his wings hiding all of his flesh, including the metallic arm. His voice seemed to come from far away.

"I'm not supposed to be like this..."

"Really?" Cid blinked in surprise, leaning in closer. Vincent uncurled slightly and stared at him with sad eyes.

"No...I wasn't a demon...I became one."

Cid scratched his head slightly. "I didn't know that happened."

Vincent pushed his black claw into his hair, as if he had a headache. "I...I don't really...remember most of what happened...just...that I'm a demon now because of it..."

"#$^#, that's not fair at all." Cid shrugged unhappily. "They have a reason?"

Vincent dragged his metallic claw against the ground. "I've done...some bad things in my time...I guess...that's why, really."

Cid made a derisive sound at that and turned sideways. "No one deserves that, Vin. Really."

"I did...or else they wouldn't have done this..." Vincent apparently found something comforting or nonthreatening about Cid's presence and was removing himself from the ball. His wings moved away from his body and folded back against his back, and he let his feet move forward, his tail unwrapping from around his body.

Cid made another noise. "#%#@, 'course they would've, some people are just plain $%^#$s."

"Aren't you frightened of me...?" Vincent asked, looking at Cid sidelong from where he was sitting. Cid started slightly but hid it well.

"Scared? Why the #$^# should I be? I mean..."

"Highwind...I AM a demon...and...if I ever...if someone ever got me angry...I would lose control completely...and..." Vincent's pauses were accompanied with deep breaths inward, trying to keep his composure while he was talking.

"#^#%, Dragons do that too, Vin. Make a dragon mad and poof, whole town is completely toasted to #$^#. Everyone loses control when they're angry, Vin, it's no big deal."

"I don't know..." Vincent turned slightly so he could see him clearly. "You don't react...you're not like anyone I've ever talked to before. Most people want me dead on sight..."

Cid rolled his eyes. "#$^#, a lot of people want dragons dead on sight too. Blindness, that's all it really is if you ask me."

Vincent came closer and sat next to Cid, so that their shoulders were touching and Cid could feel the webbing of Vincent's wings rubbing against his own.

"They're going to kill us for this, you know that..." Vincent sighed deeply. Cid could sense the motion from where he was sitting and shrugged.

"#$^#, they would've killed me for lettin' you touch my clothes. I was dead the minute you talked to me. Why stop now?" Cid laughed for a short time. "They hated me anyway, this would be the perfect excuse for them to get rid of me..."

"I'm sorry..."

Cid was silent for a moment, staring upwards. "#%^#...I guess I kind of wanted to die...considerin' how pointless my life really is..."

Vincent was silent for almost the exact same amount of time. "Highwind...I felt the same way...my life really...has no purpose but to be ended by someone..."

"No way, Vin." Cid shook his head. "No way, you got to have someone in your life, right...?"

Vincent was silent for a long time. Cid felt Vincent's tail brush against his own.

"No...I don't have anyone anymore..."

Cid didn't think it would be wise to ask any more questions. "Well..."

Vincent remained silent, his tail still moving behind him. He was nervous or awkward or just upset, Cid could tell by the movements. He also knew because his tail was moving in almost the same way.

"I don't know, I'm glad I met you anyways, Vin."

Vincent stared at him in surprise, his voice holding a slight tinge of humor to it. "You're glad you met a demon?"

Cid turned and smirked at him. "What, is there something wrong with that?"

Vincent looked upwards. "I don't know, I guess having the opinion of the entire world against you kind of would make it wrong..."

"Yeah, and you know what?" Cid smiled to himself evilly, his fangs showing in the dim light. "You're too god#$^# serious!"

With that, Cid turned and grabbed Vincent, pushing him to the ground and sitting on his back, running his claws lightly across his sides. "And not only that, I bet you're $%&#in' ticklish!"

"No!" Vincent gasped and tried to wriggle away, laughing helplessly. "Stop it! Agh!"

Cid's laughter soon joined along with Vincent's as he continued tickling him until Vincent used his tail to knock him away. Cid was back on his feet in seconds, watching as Vincent reared upwards, his wings expanding behind him, blending in perfectly with the night sky.

"You're going to pay for that, Highwind!"

"Got to catch me first, #$^#er!" Cid laughed and lept into the air, a flash of green and blue against the sky.

With a silent fluttering of wings, the two took to the sky, darting back and forth among trees and clouds, playing a game of tag that was common only among children of their races. Laughing and playing in the sky, the two spent most of the night trying to catch one another.

The game finally ended when Vincent had managed to conceal himself in a cloud and pounce on Cid from behind. Latching onto him from behind, Vincent flapped his wings and forced the dragon downwards, laughing the entire time.

"C'mon, Highwind, break out of this one!"

"God$%# you, you're too tall!" Cid struggled against Vincent's grip, but couldn't escape him without the proper leverage. "And you're goin' to ram the ground!"

"Oh am I?" Vincent's voice had the touch of amusement it had before as he changed course abruptly to the lake.


The two landed in the lake with a large explosion of water, splashing everything in a twenty foot radius. Underneath the water, Vincent let go of Cid and swam easily to the surface, using his tail for speed. Surfacing easily, he brushed waterlogged hair out of his eyes and looked around for the dragon.

Cid surfaced a short time later, gasping and panting heavily. He was glaring at the demon, who was now laughing softly.

"Sorry, I guess I should have warned you."

"Warned me my #$^!" Cid lifted his wings free of the water causing another rain of shimmering droplets to fly in the air as he lept at Vincent, dragging him down in the water. "Don't you know dragons are vulnerable to water?"

Vincent laughed along with Cid as he wrestled against him in the water. "Yeah, you weren't too weak to it when you were bathing in it, were you?"

"Just for that, you're in for real trouble now, Vin!"

The two sent water cascading everywhere as the two playfully pushed eachother underwater or splashed eachother, laughing brightly and caring for nothing but the amusement the moment gave them.

Finally, the two pulled out of the water in exhaustion. After shaking off as much water as possible, the two sat together under a nearby tree. Vincent was wringing out his hair, trying to rid himself of the water that it had been weighted down with, while Cid was letting the liquid run out of his goggles.

"$%&$ Vin, once you let go you're actually pretty fun, you know that?"

"Let go?" Vincent squeezed and watched water run down his hands. He brushed the strand of hair back behind his ear, his horns more visible now that his hair was shining brightly and was closer to his head due to the moisture.

Cid put his goggles back on, sweeping his hand across his hair before hand to try and rid it of water as well. His small horns gleamed in the light. "Yeah, you know, stop being so god#$^# uptight about everythin'."

"I'm not uptight." Vincent pushed his hair back and stared at Cid quizzically.

Cid breathed a cloud of smoke into the air in response, this not from a cigarette. He laughed. "^#$%, you're as uptight as the grand high council of fogies that run my town."

"I am not..." Vincent stared down. "Or at least, I don't intend to be."

Cid stared at him for a few moments before speaking. "Aw c'mon, Vin, don't get like that."

Vincent held his own arms, leaning against the tree heavily. "This is so wrong, Highwind...it shouldn't be so much fun to be with you, you shouldn't be this nice or make this much sense...it's not fair. Why do you have to be a dragon..."

"#$^#, why do you have to be a demon?" Cid put his hands behind his head and leaned against the tree in a good imitation of Vincent. "Why the #$^$ ask questions we can't answer, eh?"

Vincent stared down. "What's going to happen when they find out..."

Cid put out one hand, staring at the gleaming clean scales against the stars. "Simple really. They're goin' to torture us. They might kill us if we're lucky, but we're in for some serious $%^# before they do that."

Vincent stared at Cid in amazement. "Doesn't that frighten you...?"

"#^#$, we all got to die sometime, kid." Cid smiled. "I forget where I heard that. Either way, it doesn't matter. It's true anyway. I'd rather remember havin' fun with you and dyin' badly then livin' long and havin' nothin'."

"I guess..." Vincent sighed and turned towards Cid. "I still don't understand why you want to be with me...I'm a demon..."

"Okay, that's it." Cid turned and made Vincent face him, staring him directly in the eyes. He moved his claws upwards and touched Vincent's horns.

"Look, you got horns."

Cid moved his hands to his own green horns. "So do I."

Cid took Vincent's hands in his own, careful not to move the wrong way. "I got claws, you got claws."

Cid put his arms around Vincent's neck and touched the wings that came from his back. "You got wings..."

To his surprise, he found that Vincent returned the gesture, his hands gently holding onto the arm of his wings, their faces only inches from eachother. "And so do you, Highwind."

Cid wasn't sure what to do. His tail lashed sharply, then was caught by Vincent's, which seemed stronger and more prehensile then his own. He stopped moving almost completly.

"You have a tail..." The breath from Vincent's lips seemed too soft to actually produce sound. "And I have one as well."

"Right." Cid nodded slightly, Vincent's hair brushing against his forehead as he did so. He looked upwards at him. "What the #$^# makes us different?"

Vincent pulled him close, holding onto him. "Curse you and your perfect logic, Highwind. You don't know how having someone care feels..."

"Sure I do, Vin..." Cid awkwardly returned the gesture. "You care 'bout me, right?"

He could feel Vincent's breath coming in slowly against him. "No one has ever cared about a demon like me..."

"#$^# Vin..." Cid held onto him tightly, not sure of what else to do. "You're not a demon, you're just a dragon in a different form."