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Chapter 6: Friends? Will We Ever Be Friends?

It's been one month after Kim told John about what happened to Gigi. Kim couldn't forget John's sorrowful and painful expression before he quickly excused himself and leave their house.

'No, not my house, Chris and Ellen's house. The Scotts'. It will be my son's home, but not mine. Never will be.' Kim thought.

Sometimes Kim in her own condition felt somehow thankful. Granted that she lived a poor life in those 3 years, she still have Tam. She can't imagine being in Gigi's condition. Losing everything, and losing the child that she had.

Kim is considering to find a small place to live once she's healthy. She is grateful for what Chris and Ellen have done for her, but the only way that she can think of to repay them is by letting them have their own lives. After all, Ellen is his wife now. Kim has never and will never thought of being an obstacle their marriage life. Although she still doesn't know what to do with Tam. Almost losing her life and being separated with Tam forever has brought Kim the realization that she can never ever be able to be separated with Tam. She is sure that she can't leave Tam behind, but she herself didn't have any income to provide everything they both need, and Kim just can't take away Tam from Chris anymore.

A knock interrupted her thoughts.

"Kim? Can I come in?"


"Of course."

Ellen sat on the bed and try to approach Kim.

"Kim… I want to talk to you about us. I mean, two of us."


"I know that we're always awkward to each other since we arrived. Kim, I truly want to be friends with you. I know that you'll feel that there's distance between us, but I really genuinely care for you."

"Yes, of course, I want everyone to feel comfortable, of course."

"So Kim… please, open up and let's be friends. Just forget the fact about Chris. I want to think of you as my sister. Is it ok for me to do that?"

Kim, startled that Ellen makes a huge effort, smiled and said, "Of course Ellen. I am happy and grateful to be your sister."

Ellen smiled widely, as if her burdens are all gone in a second, hugged Kim, "Thanks Kim. We can have our new start. It's nice to have a sister."

Deep down Kim felt even more confused. She felt like she's even more tangled in this complicated situation… And she just had a feeling that it might be impossible to escape it.

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