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For Hannah, with lots and lots of love, because she asked so nicely...


It had been a long day, which was proceeded by an even longer week and as Fin drove the last few blocks to Olivia's apartment he was as glad as she was to see the end of another arduous case. He grinned as he looked over at his temporary partner and found her with her head back and eyes closed, the week taking its toll on her too.

"Hey, Livvy," he called as he pulled into the parking bay across from her building. "Home sweet home." Slowly, almost painfully, Olivia forced open her eyes and tried to focus on him.

"Guess I was tired," she said, with half a chuckle, she'd spent the last ten minutes at the precinct trying to convince him she wasn't the least bit tired, she'd even bet on it.

"Guess it was good I was driving," he grinned, knowing now their next lunch was her shout.

"What time is it anyway?" she yawned, rubbing at her eyes.

"Oh…" Fin looked at the dashboard display. "Nearly midnight."

"At least we get to go home tonight," she said, thinking of Elliot and Lake who had scored an overnight surveillance, something neither of them were impressed by.

"Yeah, we …" Fin began but stopped short when something outside caught his attention. Olivia moved and followed his gaze. She was as surprised as he was to see Elliot's fifteen year old twins huddled on the front steps to her building. Instantly they were both out of the car and across the road.

"Lizzie! Dickie!" Olivia called as she ran to them, her level of concern skyrocketing when she realised they were in their nightwear. Lizzie jumped up and threw herself at Olivia, her arms wrapping around her neck, clinging desperately to her. "Hey, hey," Olivia soothed as her arms encircled the girl, holding her securely as they stood precariously on the edge of the step. "What happened?"

Dickie stood, leaning against the wall, staring at his trainers.

"Dickie?" prompted Fin. "What's going on?" Dickie's only response was to shrug his shoulders and shuffle his feet.

"Okay, guys," Olivia said. "Let's go upstairs and sort this out." She started walking up the steps with Lizzie firmly attached to her. Fin waited for Dickie but when he failed to move he put his arm around the boy's shoulders and followed them in.

After ten minutes of fruitless conversation Olivia was frustrated … neither teen would speak … Lizzie didn't seem capable and Dickie seemed too scared.

"Okay," Olivia finally said. "I need one of you to tell me what's happening or I'm calling your father."

"No!" shouted Lizzie. "Please, Liv, not dad … he'll kill …"

"Who, honey? Who will he kill?" Olivia questioned gently, edging away from her so she could see Dickie too.

"No one," Lizzie tried to backtrack, inching back towards Olivia.

"Dickie…" Olivia called. "Look at me." She waited until the reluctant boy finally looked up at her from the nearby armchair. "Who did what?"

Dickie's eyes darted from Olivia's to Lizzie's and back, he didn't know what course of action would do the less damage.

"Where should you be tonight?" Fin asked, perching himself on the arm of Dickie's chair and finally breaking his self imposed silence.

"At home," Dickie admitted, dropping his head.

"So, does your mother know you're here?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"She's with grandma in Florida, grandad's really sick," Dickie answered, raising his head as he felt Fin's hand rest on his shoulder.

"Who was at home with you then?" Olivia asked. It was followed by a long pause, so she repeated the question. When no one answered she picked up her phone. "Do I need to call?"

"Steve," mumbled Dickie, sinking back into his chair.

"Steve?" Fin questioned.

"Um … mom's … um … boyfriend," he answered, his feet of great interest once more.

Olivia leaned closer to Lizzie on the sofa and wrapped an arm around her.

"What did he do, baby?" she whispered as Lizzie dropped her head onto Olivia's shoulder.

"He … I … It wasn't my fault, honestly, Liv …" she sobbed as she gripped onto Olivia once more.

"I know, honey," she soothed, waiting for a few minutes before raising Lizzie's face up to meet hers. "What did he do?"

"He got into bed with me … tonight …" she whispered, trying to ignore her brother's quiet crying. "He was touching me … saying I was beautiful … asking whether I was like my mom … asked whether … whether I'd had … had sex before or … or if I was a good girl…" she paused as she tried to control her breathing. Her eyes searched out Olivia's, desperate to make the older woman know the truth. "I'm a good girl, Liv … I've never … I'd never … You've got to believe me," she begged.

"I believe you, baby," Olivia soothed, holding her tighter. "I believe you."

During the conversation, Fin's hand had remained on Dickie's shoulder, rubbing it gently as Dickie rested his head on Fin's side.

"Then what happened?" Fin asked him, knowing Lizzie wasn't going to give them much more.

"I heard noises from Liz's room and I thought it was strange…" he began in something akin to a strangled whisper. "Then she started yelling for him to get off and I ran in there and he was …" He stopped to wipe his tears.

"It's okay, son, take your time," Fin said gently. Minutes later Dickie continued.

"He was trying to get on top … on top of … her. He was trying to get her to stop yelling," Dickie explained trying to hold back his sobs, Olivia pulled Lizzie closer still. "Then I jumped on him and pulled him off her and onto the floor and he only had his boxers on and they weren't … on properly … Lizzie was screaming and crying and he was saying it was her fault, that she wanted it. I was hitting him and kicking at him and he was screaming at us … saying how mom would never believe us … and he went into mom's room and I grabbed Liz and we left."

"You did good, son," Fin soothed as Dickie wrapped his arms around Fin's middle and held tight. He had never been as scared in his life as when he had heard his sister's screams … he had done everything in his power to save her, protect her, to bring her to somewhere safe … he was glad to finally let someone else take the responsibility. "You did good," Fin repeated, as he held onto him.

"Liz, baby," Olivia said quietly. "Did he rape you?" She shook her head against Olivia's chest.

"No, he touched me … down there," she whispered quietly, trying to hold onto as much privacy as she could in the circumstances. "And he … he rubbed it against my leg … and he took my hand and tried to get me to … to… hold it … said it would be good for me to know what a real man felt like …"

"Real men, don't do that, Liz," Olivia replied in hushed tones, running her fingers across Lizzie's face and drying her tears. "Did he do anything else?" she questioned as gently as possible, trying to decide whether they needed to go on a trip to Mercy and have a rape kit done.

"No … I don't think so," she sobbed, desperately tired; emotionally and physically drained. She closed her eyes and leant into Olivia.

"Okay, honey, that's enough for tonight," Olivia said, realising it was nearly 2:00 AM. "It's time you both got some sleep. There are two beds in the guest room, so let's get you settled."

The twins and Olivia headed to the room and Dickie chose the bed closest to the wall, Lizzie looked hesitant.

"You okay?" Olivia asked, as Lizzie's hand remained anchored on her arm.

"Can I have a shower first please, Liv?" she asked quietly.

"Of course you can, honey. I should have offered," Olivia answered, taking her hand and leading her to the bathroom off her own bedroom. Making sure she had everything she needed she headed to the door. "You call me if you need me, okay?"

With Dickie in bed and Liz in the shower, Olivia went back out to Fin.

"Elliot's going to kill him," was Fin's first comment from the arm of the chair he was still sitting on.

"Yeah, I know," Olivia agreed, leaning back against the wall, feeling more exhausted than she had in a long time.

"We have to tell him," he continued, his stomach clenching at the thought.

"Yeah, I know," she agreed again, nodding slowly.

"How do you want to do this?" he asked, needing something more from her than just agreement.

"With a tranquiliser dart," she sighed, sitting down on the arm of the chair.

"Why don't I call Cragen, get him to approve a swap? I'll go and replace Elliot on surveillance?" Fin offered. Olivia nodded. "Want me to tell him?"

"No," she said slowly. "You tell him out there and god knows what he'll do before he comes here."

"Good point," commented Fin, sighing deeply.

He pulled out his cell to call Cragen as Liz called out for Olivia; she left him to it, not wanting to hear it again.

"What do you need, honey?" she asked, moving into the bedroom. She smiled when she saw Liz dressed in her own pink pyjamas, a few sizes too big.

"Can I…" she started but lost confidence. "Would it be okay…" she stopped completely but her eyes settling on Olivia's bed finished her question.

"You want to stay in here with me?" Olivia prompted and she nodded. "Of course you can, honey."

Olivia moved to the bed and pulled back the covers. "Climb in," she instructed gently. "I'll just go and see Fin out."

"You guys are going to tell dad, aren't you?" she said sadly.

"Yeah, we are, baby," Olivia answered truthfully. "He has to know."

Liz nodded. "Daddy's gonna kill him," she whispered, a tear trickling down her cheek.

"Fin's going to make sure that doesn't happen," Olivia comforted her.

Lizzie smiled sadly; she knew it wouldn't make a difference. "It's going to be okay, Liz," Olivia said, stroking Liz's hair.

"Mom's going to hate me," she whispered.

"How about you get some sleep and we'll worry about your mom and dad tomorrow?" Olivia said, pulling the covers around her tightly. Liz nodded.

When Lizzie's eyes closed and her breathing evened out, Olivia went back out to Fin.

"What's happening?" she asked wearily.

"I'm going to pick up Munch, take him to the surveillance, get Elliot, drive back here and tell him when we're downstairs … Don's going to get Ridley and Markson to pick up the prick and then I'll head to the precinct and start the paperwork," Fin said, fatigue etched across his face.

"So much for getting some sleep tonight," she sighed.

"I'd settled for getting the bastard," he said, zipping up his jacket. Olivia opened the door for him. "Wish me luck," were his departing words.

"Luck," Olivia muttered.

As the clock ticked over to 3:00 AM, Olivia made her way to the guest room to check on Dickie; while he was sleeping he was obviously restless as the quilt was already askew. She moved over to the bed and sat beside him for awhile, he started to mutter and toss and turn so she gently ran her fingers through his hair, his eyes fluttered open.

"It's okay, Dickie," she soothed.

"Dad's gonna kill him … then me," he sighed, more thinking aloud than talking to Olivia.

"Why you?" she asked, still caressing his head.

"Because I couldn't stop him," he whispered. "She's my sister; I'm not supposed to let things like this happen."

"This is not your fault, honey," Olivia said gently. "And your dad is not going to blame you, okay?" Dickie nodded but he didn't really believe her.

When Dickie had fallen back to sleep, Olivia made her way to her own room, silently grabbing her pyjamas she headed to the bathroom and changed. She climbed into her bed behind Liz and rested her head on her pillow. Sadly, she looked at the sleeping teen beside her and wished for the world the events of the last few hours had never happened, for Liz's sake, for Dickie's sake and certainly for Elliot's sake. He had spent his career trying to make the world safer for his own children, only to have his daughter violated in her own home, in her own bed, by someone his ex-wife loved and trusted.

As she contemplated what life would hold for them, Liz rolled over and into her, waking herself up.

"Liv?" she gasped, grabbing onto her top.

"Yeah, baby, it's me," she said gently.

"Don't let him get me," Liz cried as Olivia wrapped an arm around her.

"He'll never hurt you again, Liz, never," Olivia promised, kissing her forehead. It was a promise she knew she could keep. If Elliot didn't get the bastard, she sure as hell would.

Before long Liz drifted off again and despite her eyelids being incredibly heavy and sleep screaming her name, Olivia tried to fight it. Her mind turning to Fin and what he was about to go through.