Dragon Kiss

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Dragon Kiss


(A few hundred years before the formation of the Village Hidden in the Leaves)

The ninja world had always found itself divided into territories by the continuously fighting ninja. The border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Grass had always been the most disputed over. There was no village near the border that belonged to Fire Country; giving Grass ninja ample time to trespass before they were attacked. Even with this advantage the Grass ninja could never defeat the ninja from a nearby village. However, there were still many casualties on both sides and the fact that the Land of Grass could never progress was aggravating to them. Finally, after a few years of training a great number of elite shinobi, Grass Country decided to attack. There were many secret meetings discussing the infiltration of Fire Country and only the most loyal shinobi could attend. No one in the Land of Fire had any idea what was coming…

When the army from the Land of Grass crossed the border and marched into the forests of Fire Country, they passed a farm house. The army decided that they would kill the farmers and live off the food resources that were kept there instead of being forced to return to their own country. The ninja rounded up the farmers which consisted of two elderly parents and their son and daughter. After binding them with rope, four men were assembled to kill the farmers. One Grass ninja slowly approached the old man, sword drawn. Suddenly, a huge cloud of smoke shielded the farmers and their captors from view. When the smoke dissipated, four brightly coloured dragons stood where the farmers had been tied. The fearsome dragons crouched and growled, preparing to attack. One dragon commenced the fight by lunging at the Grass ninja that had been preparing to kill the old man. The other dragons followed suite and preformed various Fire Jutsus while lashing out with their claws, teeth and sharp blades that emerged from the end of their tails at will.

A few minutes later the whole army from the Land of Grass lay strewn in a bloody mess around the farm. Not one of them survived whilst the dragons emerged from the battle with only minor scratches. A lone howl drifting from the forest attracted the attention of all four dragons. A black wolf scampered out of the trees, followed by hundreds of ninja from a nearby village. The dragons returned to their human forms and faced the shinobi. The looks of shock on the ninja's faces were almost comical but the farmers explained who they were and what had happened to allow four people to defeat an entire army.

They had originated from a small country called the Land of Magma but after a few hundred years, the small country's conditions became too harsh for living. Constantly erupting volcanoes and extremely hot temperatures ended up killing most of their clan and forced the small family to take up residence in Fire Country. Their clan however, had the unusual ability to transform into dragons without using up any chakra.

The Fire shinobi were deeply awed by the small family's strength. They convinced the Tatsuhas to come to their village and speak with their leader. News has already spread about the surprise attack and the Grass army's defeat. The Tatsuhas were welcomed into the small village with cheering from every villager. The village leader invited them into his house and asked for a recount of the battle. He assessed the elder couple and then the brother and sister, who had to be in their late twenties. He looked at them sternly and asked if they would form a village at the border between Fire Country and Grass Country. Their job would be to protect the Land of Fire from any attack from the Grass Country and any other country that might be so bold enough as to try and trespass. The Tatsuhas would take villagers that wanted to be adopted into their family and train them to use all the Jutsus that their clan was famous for, including breeding wolves and training them to answer to the Summoning Jutsu. Their village and purpose, should they choose to accept, would be a highly guarded secret in the Land of Fire that even the villagers who had seen them earlier that day would swear to never to speak of again, even to their own families. The Tatsuhas were astonished by this proposal but agreed. They informed the village leader that only direct descendants of the Tatsuha clan would be able to use the Dragon Transformation Jutsu. The leader wasn't surprised and said that all they needed was for the Tatsuha clan to grow and became strong enough to vanquish all enemies.

A few days later, the villagers interested in becoming a Tatsuha packed their belongings and set off with the dragon family towards the border to begin a new life.

(During the end of the Second Hokage's rule)

Hundreds of years had passed since the leader of the tiny village had asked the Tatsuhas to form their own village. In that time, the small village in the Land of Fire had grown and become known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As well the leader of the village had long since passed away and even the one after that and the one after that…The Village Hidden in the Leaves had been formed by a man who the villagers had come to call the First Hokage and after said ruler resigned, a second Hokage was chosen. He swore to protect his country and the Tatsuhas renewed their loyalties, agreeing to aid the village whenever there was a problem.

Over the years the Tatsuha clan had grown to a staggering amount of two hundred members. However, only thirty of them were direct descendants of the ancient Tatsuhas and therefore could transform into dragons. Even though the clan had the most rigorous training ever heard of, the direct descendants had it even worse. It all worked out to their advantage in the end though, since the training made them stronger than any other shinobi in the world. This in turn, caused them to be called upon relentlessly when there was trouble.

As such, no Tatsuha member went into battle without his/her loyal wolf by their side. The bond between human and wolf had strengthened throughout the years which made them virtually inseparable. On top of that, each Tatsuha member had such skill with Fire Jutsu that the infamous Uchiha clan were put to shame and even rendered useless in battle. The Uchihas still talked about the Tatsuha clan in secret in their district. They hated them because they had taken their place in the Hokage's eyes and they were glad that none of their numbers had run off with the clan in the first place.

The Land of Grass had relentlessly caused trouble with the Tatsuhas over the years; even if they were beat every single time. The power of the dragon clan was just too great for any army that ever got in their way. The Land of Grass was extremely frustrated. Despite their best efforts and despite the fact that they sent out their best shinobi, they were never able to expand their territory. While the Grass Country (along with every other country for that matter), were defeated, the Land of Fire continued to grow stronger and stronger. Every country now feared the Land of Fire and were afraid that their country might be attacked, unprovoked.

Eventually, the Land of Grass had had enough of living in fear. They sent an urgent message to the Land of Earth, requesting that they join forces and attack Fire Country. The Land of Earth agreed and sent a thousand of their top shinobi to the smaller country to fight alongside the couple hundred shinobi they had. There was a lot of careful planning, secret meetings and coded messages. Before they could attack, however, there was one last thing that had to be done… The Tatsushi flower had to be fetched from the tallest mountain in the Land of Magma.

The army had found out that this special flower had the power to kill Tatsuhas who had the dragon Kekkei Genkai instantly. Its pollen had to be crushed and mixed with water to create the deadly poison and had to touch the Tatsuha's blood to take effect.

In the dead of night, the giant army surround the small village where the Tatsuhas resided. Weapons dipped in Tatsushi poison were distributed and the order to leave no clan member alive was emphasized. Finally, the signal to attack was given.

It was over at noon. The village lay in a smouldering heap, decorated with the bloody bodies of humans and dragons alike. Kunai knives and shuriken littered the ground wherever you stepped and the remaining hundred ninja, (all belonging to the Land of Earth and Grass) prodded the bodies to double check that every Tatsuha member was dead. What was left of the army were terribly injured and astonished that it had taken a hundred ninja plus poisoned weapons to kill one dragon. The direct descendants had been no match for the Tatsushi poison though…

The remaining live shinobi finished checking the bodies and returned home without giving the village a second glance. As they trudged through the forest, a mournful howl announced the arrival of a grey wolf back at the village…

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