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Chapter XII: Dragon Kiss Farewell

Chapter XII: Dragon Kiss Farewell

Night fell soon after as Kakashi and I soared through the sky, overtop the forests of the Land of Fire. A couple more hours and we would arrive at the entrance to Konoha. Kakashi had been silent most of the time except for when he would lean over and hug my neck and whisper apologies. I made a purring noise in my throat so that he knew I'd heard him but dared not speak. I was close to breaking point what with Obito's death and the battle that was raging inside of me. I had an important decision to make and it was difficult to choose between what I wanted and what I knew was right…

I watched the darkening forest speed by underneath me and I listened to all the night creatures' noises with my strengthened hearing. It was comforting to know that there was a place in the Ninja World that was peaceful.

A mournful howl rose into the sky and reached our ears; sending a shiver down Kakashi's spine.

"White Fang's below us… He's going to run ahead and meet us at the village," I informed Kakashi and then proceeded to howl and bark back a few instructions; with difficulty since I was in dragon form but I didn't want Kakashi to hear what I was saying.

"Wait… How's he getting there before us?" Kakashi asked and I looked over my shoulder at him.

"I'm going to take it slow because you look like you're going to be sick," I said, giving him a small smile; his face was tinged with green.

"Oh… Must be the altitude," Kakashi muttered as he screwed his scarred eye shut, realizing that his Sharingan was still visible.

"Or loss of chakra," I chuckled quietly; he did not like showing weakness of any kind.

I slowed my pace, glad that I could spend this time with Kakashi, even if we were silent for the most part.

"We're almost there Kakashi," I said, jerking my body slightly so that he woke from his light sleep.

"Oh…" Kakashi mumbled, trying to penetrate the darkness with his feeble human eyes.

His eyes were barely able to distinguish much in the moonlight but my wolf eyes allowed nothing to escape undetected. I'd lowered my altitude and was hardly fifty feet above the tree's canopy. The entrance to Konoha rose high above them as we approached at a moderate pace. Kakashi seemed to perk up but a feeling of dread crawled through my body as we drew nearer to the tall gates.

Soon enough we were floating above the wide dirt path that led to the village. It was deserted at this time of night and I was extremely grateful for that. I descended towards the path and my landing almost caused Kakashi to fall off since I couldn't put pressure on my front leg and I continued to walk without making a full stop.

"Where are we going?" Kakashi asked as I lumbered into the forest at the edge of the path.

"Just over here for a bit," I assured him quietly and I could feel his confused gaze boring into the back of my head.

There was a little space in the trees that allowed me to squeeze between them with my giant body.

"You can get off now," I told him politely and Kakashi slid down my left side.

He landed perfectly on the ground and turned around to look at me. I sighed as I gazed down on his masked face and I assured myself that he hadn't received any terrible injuries. I winced as I remembered my own wounds and found that they were still bleeding. I transformed back into my human body and I gave a half-hearted smile as Kakashi watched in awe. I straightened my clothes and fixed my hair as I did all I could to avoid his gaze.

"You're hurt quite badly," Kakashi noted, glancing at my shoulder and back where the cut on my tail had been relayed to.

"I'll heal them later," I mumbled, managing to keep my cool as I looked him in the eye.

"Come on, let's go home. You're safe now," Kakashi smiled and grabbed my left hand as he proceeded to lead me out of the forest and onto the path.

I dug my heels into the grass and yanked my hand away from his as gently as I could. He stopped abruptly and looked at me confusedly from the path as I cowered in the shadows of the trees.

"What's wrong?" he asked and his normally emotionless expression started to crack with worry.

"I can't go back… I don't belong there," I whispered and Kakashi's pained expression broke my heart.

"What?! Of course you do, it's your home!" I felt the tears beginning to well up in my eyes as he stared at me. "Is it because of what I said before? I was a jerk! I didn't mean a word of it, I swear; I love you!" he practically yelled at me, trying to get his words to sink in.

"I love you too, but you were right… I'm a danger to everyone…especially you!" the tears trickled down my cheeks as I stared up at him.

"No, you're not a monster. You fought in that clearing without going into that instinct driven stage," Kakashi said proudly, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"That's not what I meant… I put you in danger because I'm a dragon! I have all these powers and people want to use me to do their bidding, as Madara showed! Luckily, he caught me out of the village but he could've easily used you as bait and I would've come running! If they threatened you or anyone from the village I would run to save them but they might get hurt in the process! I wouldn't ever be able to live with myself if that happened… And Madara's still out there, still alive, still looking for me and the Jinchuuriki!" the tears fell faster now and Kakashi pulled me into his arms, trying to comfort me and keep me with him.

"You mean like what happened with Midori?" he asked my hair and I nodded into his chest.

"If I stay, that only puts everyone else in danger," I sobbed, pulling away to look up at his face.

"But, Madara's group is dead…" he said hopefully.

"Yes, but how long until he forms a new team? They won't stop until they have me and they'll use any means necessary to make me fight for their cause," I wished that Kakashi would see it my way but he loved me too much. "I have to go," I whispered, non-convincingly.

Kakashi's open eye searched mine as he desperately racked his brain for an argument.

"I… I can't live without you…" he finally admitted, gazing down at me lovingly. "I don't want to…"

"It will be unbearable but your going to have to-" Kakashi cut me off as he swiftly pulled down his mask.

I gasped; his face was too handsome to be human… It would've had to belong to an angel. His lips were perfectly shaped and soft pink that stood out on his pale, unscarred skin. He gazed at me intently before bowing his head to kiss my lips. My tears continued to fall as my lips moulded with his as he desperately tried to convince me that I had to stay. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he ran his fingers through my hair and held my head gently so that I couldn't pull away, not that I wanted to.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes but it seemed like only two seconds had passed. When we broke away for air, I sniffled and buried my head in his chest; closing my eyes and savouring his scent.

"Nothing I can do will make you change your mind," it wasn't a question and Kakashi's voice grew more depressed with every passing moment.

I had wanted our kiss to last for eternity, but I knew that that was impossible.

"I have to go," I said decidedly into his shirt.

"No you don't," his voice cracked and got slightly higher on the word 'don't'.

Kakashi bent down again and gave me another desperate kiss. Even though his lips were urgent against mine, they still transferred all of his love to me. Fresh tears stung my eyes as we pulled away from each other and I looked up into his one visible eye.

"I have something I want to give you before I leave," I told him quietly and Kakashi gave me a puzzled angelic expression.

I pulled him closer like I was going to kiss him, and I was, but just at the base of his neck. I pressed my lips to his skin and Kakashi began to kiss my head, thinking that this was the gift. I was going to give him a Dragon Kiss, just like the one my mother had given my father. All I had to do was send a small amount of fire and part of my soul into the spot where I was kissing him. I pulled my mouth away from his neck for a second and he was forced to stop kissing my hair as well.

"This may hurt…" I warned him and pressed my lips back to his neck.

"What are you-" Kakashi stopped as he began to feel an odd sensation in his neck.

I focused my chakra in the pit of my stomach and let only a little leak out of my lips and onto his skin. He cried out but did not pull away from me so I continued. For part of my soul to be transported, I just had to think about how much I loved Kakashi and wanted to be with him…even in death…. A sudden jolt went through my body as I something inside me broke in two and one half was transported with the small amount of chakra I was changing into fire on Kakashi's neck. My soul came slowly at first and then faster as I reached the end of it and it was sucked into Kakashi. I pulled away from him as he shuddered and clamped a hand over top of the burn before yelping in pain once again.

"It'll only hurt for a few more seconds," I said as I took the hand Kakashi had over the burn in mine.

I watched with fascination as the red, puffy circle of the burn slowly sunk into the skin and in its place, a red and yellow circle appeared. Little yellow flames appeared at the place where the circle had turned yellow and then the centre of it went completely blank and a black dot appeared and grew until it resembled the black eye I had when I was a dragon. The Dragon Kiss symbol had the same colors the dragon giving it had, and mine was beautiful.

"There, it's done," I said, running my hand over the mark.

"What did you do?" Kakashi asked me with a bewildered expression.

"Remember how my mom died?"

"Yeah, something strange from your clan killed her even though she wasn't injured," he replied, rubbing the back on his neck, embarrassed that he couldn't remember the name for it.

"Dragon Kiss," I corrected him. "She transferred part of her soul to my father so that she would die at the same time as him," I saw my memories flash before Kakashi's eyes.

"So you gave me part of your soul? I don't want you to die!" he exclaimed and grabbed my shoulders, careful not to press too hard on my injured one.

"I won't unless you do Kakashi… But it doesn't work the other way around," I said sadly.

"Why?" he asked, not too sure that he wanted the answer.

"Because you can't give me part of your soul because you aren't a Tatsuha. I've already decided that my heart will belong to you, and only you, for as long as I live. You however, can find some other girl that will make you happier than I have. Someone normal who won't put you in danger just by being in the same village," my tears started again as I thought of another woman in his arms.

"I will always love you," Kakashi said but there was a slight hint of doubt to his tone that was there because I didn't believe he would love me forever.

"Goodbye…" I whispered, kissing his perfect lips one last time.

Kakashi put one hand on my waist, getting blood on his hand and the other around my head in a desperate attempt to keep me with him. I finally ended it because it was getting early and I wanted to escape before the sun rose.

"Tell the rest of the village that I was killed in the fight, but tell the Hokage the truth," I murmured my instructions to him and he nodded.

Kakashi was shaking with the effort to keep his emotions hidden but his eyes gave away the pain he was feeling. I raised my hands and grabbed Kakashi's mask and covered his face with his mask for him.

"Keep this hidden," I instructed as I tapped the Dragon Kiss beneath his mask.

Kakashi nodded, turned his back on me and walked out onto the path; the moonlight danced off of his silver hair. He stood there for what seemed like hours as I stood in the shadows of the trees watching him, tears pouring down my face. Kakashi glanced over his right shoulder to look at me and I realized that he was crying too. The lone tear that had escaped his eye, crawled down his cheek and was absorbed into his mask. He seemed to be giving me one last chance to change my mind but I stayed, rooted to the spot. Kakashi heaved a shaky sigh and walked towards the village entrance. A sudden gust of wind carried his last 'goodbye' to me. I watched him pass the sentries and enter the village and I turned and ran into the forest. I didn't know where I was going but I didn't care. It didn't matter if I ran into any strange creatures because heaven forbid that they anger a distraught dragon…

I came to a sudden stop when I entered a small clearing surrounded by cherry trees. Memories from different times of my past flew before my eyes and I fell to my knees. I crumpled myself up into a ball and let the pain consume me and the torrent of tears began once again. I would let myself go here and then once White Fang found me with the stuff I had ordered him to bring me from my house, we would find some place to hide for the rest of my miserable existence.

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