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Marui was walking home from school one day, the people were staring at him again, with annoyance, anger and fright. Marui glared back at every pair of eyes that were on him, they glared harder. So he decided to just ignore them again, like he does every time he steps out of his house. It all started when he was a kid you see.


"Mom! Mom!", little Marui shouted to his mother

"What is it Bunta?", his mother asked

"I had a dream that there were this weird creatures and they were attacking our town!", Marui shouted with fright in his eyes

"My Bunta, what happened next?", his mother said, kneeling down to him so that they were now the same height

"N-nothing, we did nothing, they tortured us, made us slaves, kidnapped the other kids like me and a lot of people…died", he said almost bursting to tears remembering that awful sight

Marui's mother looked surprised at her son, "Um…don't worry dear, it was all just a bad dream", she said trying to soothed him

"No!", he screamed, tears were falling from his eyes now, "It was a horrible thing! And it's going to happen one day! We should be prepared! L-let's tell everyone!"

"That's enough Bunta!"

"It's going to happen one day!"


Marui mother slapped poor little Marui. Marui just stared at her with big, watery eyes full of hurt and anger

"Don't Bunta", her face darkened

Marui continued to stare at her


"B-but! Why?!"

Marui's mother didn't say anything, she just stood up and continued doing her work. Marui still stared at his mother.

"No, it will happen one day, I must warn everyone!", he murmured to himself with determination

Marui told everyone his dream, that they should be prepared, but everyone gave him strange looks in return and ignored him. He would try to remind them a lot of times, but they would still not listen and maybe even hit him. As he grew up, he just gave up the idea of telling them anymore, it was no use anyways. Still, those dreams haunted him

xxEnd of Flashbackxx

Once Marui got home, he said hello to his family, went upstairs to his room and lied on his bed, recalling his day and those unwanted stares people were throwing at him. He wondered, what would have happened if he did not tell them about it when he was little?

Then he thought about his secret career, that he was a famous novelist, only no one knew it was him, he was hiding under the name Steven Masiko, sucky and weird name he thought. He just finished his third novel, "I hope the readers will enjoy it…"

Shaking his head, he just forgot about it and slept

xxMarui's Dreamxx

Marui stood there in a hill, watching what was going on the ground. Houses were on fire, people were running and screaming for help, these creatures appeared again, they were chasing those humans. He watched as some were caught and were dragged away by them

"W-what h-happened?!", he screamed as he knelt and covered his face with his hands

"Who are you?", Marui heard from his back, he turned around, only to see a man with spiky, silver hair, he was wearing black pants and a blue shirt, the kind that were worn in the old times, he was pointing a sword at Marui

Marui backed away

"Answer me!"

"My name is Marui Bunta"

The silver-haired boy raised his eyebrow, "You're…human?"

Marui nodded

The guy closed his eyes and sighed, putting his sword away from Marui, "Nice meeting you then, I'm Niou Masaharu"

"Er…nice meeting you?"

"Look! There are more humans here!", Marui and Niou looked at the direction of the voice and saw those creatures, pointing at them

"Aw crap…Run!", Niou shouted to Marui, the two ran as fast as they can, luckily those things didn't catch up to them

The two rested at a big tree away from town

"Hey Niou"


"I've been meaning to ask this…what ARE those creatures?!"

Niou just looked at him and said, "They are Faeries"

To be continued


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