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"! Rikkaidai, LOST?!", Niou screamed in anger. "Like HELL that would ever happen!"

"Niou...", Marui mumbled at his friend. "They'll be alright, right? it IS Rikkai after all"

"Whatever peasants. Do you want to stay or should I turn you over?", Atobe said in all glory.

"Wait, you're giving us a CHOICE?", Marui said.

"Why, yes! Ore-sama believes you didn't do anything wrong...and besides, my little Jiroh here seems to have caught an interest in you."

"Yeah!! You should stay here for a while!", Jiroh said happily.

"No, me and Marui here have to go back and save everyone.", Niou said.

"Please?", Jiroh said.


"Aw come on Niou, we do need the rest..."

"HOW can you think of that right now when everyone else is suffering because of those creeps?!"

"I'm just caring about our health! So that we can save them! If you barge there with no strength, who's gonna loose huh? YOU of course!"

"Fine. But just one fricking night. Tomorrow, we leave."

"Hurrah! Marui-same and Niou-san can stay!" Jiroh said.

Atobe and Jiroh escorted Marui and Niou inside the huge and grand castle. As they went there, marui couldn't help but glance at Niou from time to time. His pain and suprise on what had happened to Rikkaidai had made an effect on him. His eyes show it all. it was natural that he felt that way, after all, he grew up there, made wonderful friends, met everyone and all. They were strong, they had pride, and they were everything to Niou.

"This is where you two will be staying, be lucky that Ore-sama has given you such a majestic room!", Atobe smirked.

Indeed the room was majestic. The two beds were made of gold, but with mattresses as soft as clouds, the chandelier was also made of gold and was designed with different types of jewels and was arranged in an elegant manner. The floors were so clean, one can see your own reflection in them. Marui and Niou were impressed by the whole thing. But it didn't last long, for they were too worried on what Yukimura and the others are experiencing right now. While they were in such luxury, what about them? Yukimura, sanada, Jackal, and everyone might be chained to some wall or starving to death right now.

As Marui and Niou lied down on their respective beds, they start thinking on what happened earlier, recalled past memories, and thought of what to do when they got to the kingdom of the evil faeries.

While at the OTHER side...

The Rikkaidai officials were now locked up in a dungeon at the castle of the evil faeries. It was cold, damp and dark. They were hung unto chains and was whipped every now and then. They were given little food, less water. The king of the evil faeries would come in the room to inquirer if they know where Marui is, and tell them all that will befall to them if they refused to talk. But, Yukimura and the others stayed strong and didn't say anything.

"Yukimura...", Sanada started saying, "Are you alright?"

"Yes I am my dear friend, but you shouldn't be asking me that...", Yukimura said as he gazed up at his friends who were also chained to the wall with blood dripping out of their bodies.

"Damn bastards. I'll kill them all!! Just you wait! When I get out of this chains, I'll-I'll-", Kirihara glared angrily as he tried to break the chains, but it was no use.

"Kirihara, you should reserve your strength, it's no use trying to break those. They are made from the finest metal in the land.", Yanagi stated.

"Hmm, I wonder how Niou and Marui are doing.", Yagyuu said.

"Well, you know how Niou is, they'll be fine.", Jackal said.

"Yes, hopefully they'll be fine.", Yukimura said worriedly.

The door of the room opened, and light surrounded the room. A faerie holding a whip in his hand entered. "Now, are you bastards ready to talk?"

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