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With Aziawa and Matsuda:

'Sugar, sugar, and...Oh, look! More sugar!' Aizawa thought with an exasperated sigh. Grabbing two boxes of sugar cubes, he tossed them into the little red box hanging from his arm. The frustrated officer stood up from the crouched position he had taken to find and retrieve the only sugar cubes L found acceptable ("Other companies have two percent less sugar then the one I send you for. I work better on those."), and looked about to see if his young companion was back with the strawberries he had sent him to find.

Seeing no sign of the raven-haired young man, Aizawa sighed. 'Send him to get coffee from the break room; he's back in seconds; but a grocery store? He's probably off buying some fashion magazine.' He thought, heading out of the aisle to see if he could find his teammate.


The voice of none other then Touta Matsuda rang out behind aforesaid cop. The smiling, cheerful, and downright giddy young man practically skipped up to Aizawa to proudly display his own box, which was full of boxes, bags, and random items.

"Matsu, be quiet!" Aizawa scolded, looking at Matsuda in an attempt to avoid the curious stares (and glares) they were getting from the people surrounding them. "You're causing a scene. What's all this? I sent you for strawberries, not the whole store!"

Matsuda looked slightly hurt, but appeared to get over it as he dug through his box, "I got the strawberries, and the cherries, and the shampoo for Misa Misa, and some Earl Grey tea for Watari, and some brownies for Mogi-san. I also got Mr.Yagami's favorite coffee, and Light's batteries for his watch, and the little panda cookies Ryuzaki likes so much, and th-"

"I get it, I get it!" Aizawa said, rubbing his forehead as he felt a headache coming on. No wonder Mogi begged him to do the shopping with Matsuda! The man never shut up!

"So? Did you get the sugar cubes?" Matsu asked, trying to see into Aizawa's box.

"Yeah," Aizawa responded, shoving the near empty item into his arms. "Took me forever to find it, though."

Matsuda looked at the boxes, and then shook his head. "This won't last Ryuzaki more then three days. You have to get him at least five boxes, or he runs out to fast."

"You've done this before, get it yourself!" Aizawa snapped.

"Okay!" Matsu said cheerfully as he bent down, carefully balanced the boxes on his knees, and grabbed several more sugar cube boxes without even looking. Tossing them into the near empty box, Matsu got up and handed it to a stunned Aizawa.

"That's about it," Matsu said, pulling a piece of paper from the pocket of his coat. Aizawa noted the random writing styles, and regonized everyone's messy requests. "We just need to get a few boxes of cake mix, some ice cream, and that magazine with Misa's interview in it, then we're done!"

"Then lets go." Aizawa said, praying for this trip to end as he followed the human grocery GPS through the store.

No matter how hard he wanted to bang his head off the nearest can of soup, Aizawa knew he had to be here thanks to Watari and L's new buddy system. If anyone went out, someone else had to go for backup, no exceptions. So, instead of letting Matsuda get the groceries on his own, some other poor soul had to go and suffer; and since Watari, L, and ultimately, Light couldn't leave the building, the other three task members had to draw straws once ever week or so.

Soichiro usually went on his own free will, but after a few times, he had to take a break. So, the task was shoved onto Mogi. He barely talked, so he didn't complain much. Until something happened on the last trip out, something that involved them being mistaken as lovers, and Mogi refused to go out ever again. The poor guy had locked himself in a room, and eventually it took the combined efforts of Aizawa, Soichiro, and Light and a little help from L to pry open the door.

Misa was excluded from the whole case, as Matsuda said it would look sespious if they were seen shopping together ("I'm her manager, not her boyfriend!").

"Watch where you're going!"

An angry woman pushing him out of her way jolted Aizawa back to the present. He looked a little stunned, but then snapped out of it and quickened his pace to catch up to a humming Matsu. After a minute of awkward silence, Aizawa decided to start a conversation.

Even though he knew it would most likely never end.

"So...How's home life?" Aizawa asked with a slightly bored tone.

"Oh, it's...ah, it's fine!" Matsuda stammered. "How's...how's yours?"

"Good, it's good." Aizawa replied. "Yumi has show and tell this week. Eriko tells me she's going to bring in her doll, but had to bargain with her to stop trying to bring in me."

Matsuda giggled a bit. "Sounds like she misses you."

"Yeah..." Aizawa sighed. "I miss them too. A lot. I can't wait until we can all go home and forget all about this."

Matsuda grinned brightly as he rounded a corner to the practically abandoned frozen foods aisle. "Well, I bet you we'll have this Kira case all wrapped up, and over with before you know it!"

Looking over at his friend, Matsu noticed the frown and raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "What?"

"Matsuda, you know better then to talk about cases!" Aizawa scolded, as he found the ice cream, and opened the freezer door. "I swear; it's a miracle you even got to your position. What if someone heard you?"

"Sorry, Aizawa-san." Matsuda looked ashamed. "I should have thought before my actions. I apologize."

As Matsuda looked at his shoes in shame, the older man couldn't help but feel a little bad about getting mad at the guy. "Well, it could have been worse. Just try and use your head next time! Someone might have heard you!"

Matsuda looked up, shocked at first that someone other then Soichiro was defending him after he did something stupid. "O-of course! Thank you!"

"Jeez, don't get so worked up." Aizawa said, tossing some ice cream into his box as they went on their way to get out of the store and back to headquarters. "So, what do we have next to find?"

"Cake mix. I know where that is!"

"Then lead the way..."

The youngest of the pair laughed as they walked past a man holding a box of waffles, enjoying the fact that for once he had something he could do better then the others. It was a good feeling, and Matsuda was sure nothing could destroy the happiness he felt right then.

The man they walked past shifted his sunglasses, letting the mirror hidden in the lenses catch one last look at the retreating police. He chuckled as he placed the waffles back and pulled out his cell phone. As he speed dialed someone, and listened to the ring, he let out a hissed whisper,

"Easy prey..."


Cars flashed by as Aziawa pulled his car into the Kira case headquarters parking lot, the street lights flickering and drawing moths like honey draws flies. A very tired Matsuda was passed out on the passengers seat woke with a start as the car came to a stop.

"Wha-? Wha's goin' on?" He stammered, his hands a flurry of motion as they attempted to fix the ruffled hair, crooked tie and wrinkled suit all at once.

"Nothing, Matsuda," Aziawa stated, attempting to hide a yawn as he got out of the vehicle. "Just hurry up and help me with the bags, and we can both go and get some sleep."

"I...you...okay..." Poor Matsuda could not get his brain to figure out where they were, or what he was doing with Aziawa in the first place. Aziawa couldn't help but give the younger man a playful thump upside the head to help him out.

"Ow! I'm comin'! I'm coming!"

The two men walked around to the back of the car and Aziawa popped the trunk as Matsuda watched the traffic with a large yawn. Aziawa gathered two of the three bags in the back, feeling he might as well let Matsuda carry something. Matsuda nodded as Aziawa made his way to the front doors, unconsciously looking up at the camera that Wateri was sure to be watching as the older gentlemen informed anyone still awake they were back.

"Hey! You two from around here?!"

Aziawa paused from climbing the stairs to look back at the person (apparently male) belonging to the voice.

A large delivery van had pulled up next to the car that Matsuda was next to with a bag and jug of milk. 'Carl's Catering' was painted onto the side neatly, and a young man wearing a navy blue baseball cap was leaned out the passenger window.

"Yes, why?" Aziawa called back, setting one of the bags down and resting his hand on the door handle.

"Do you think one of you could give me and my buddy here a few directions?" He answered, looking a bit sheepish. "We've got to get to a party, and we're already late as it is. Wasted time comes out of our paycheck, if you know what I mean."

Matsuda looked from the man to his teammate. "Aziawa!" He yelled, waving the hand holding the milk. "Go on ahead, I've got this!"

"Okay." Aziawa replied, pushing open the door and grabbing the bag he almost left behind. "But be quick, I'm taking Mogi home, and you're his replacement!"

With that, Aziawa made his way into the building, not knowing the danger that he was about to leave Matsu to face on his own, not knowing that the clueless young detective was about to prove just what he was worth to the team.

And not knowing that his young friend was very, very forgetful.

With Matsuda:

The youngest(next the genius Light) task force member watched as his friend walked into the building, the walked over to the van.

"So, where do you need to go?" Matsuda asked cheerfully, in spite of the fact he was half asleep on his feet and really wanted a coffee.

"Well, we need to get to the Yotsuba building, and fast. Any ideas?" He young man asked hopefully, looking at Matsuda with big puppy dog eyes.

'He can't be any older the Light.' Matsuda noted as he rambled off directions to the large building about twelve blocks away. 'And he looks like a foreigner...could he be here for that new collage that opened last year? He seems to understand Japanese very easily...'

"Oh, that's all?" The boy stated, looking shocked at how close he was to the building he was looking for He smiled and nudged his partner. "Wow, Bobby, we were closer then we thought!"

"Yeah." The other boy was also wearing a cap, this one red and was checking his watch a lot. "Speed it up, John, we gotta go!"

"Oh, alright..." The boy, John, said before turning back to Matsuda. "I'm so thankful for your help! Please, let me give you something from the back as a reward."

"It's al-alright, really, I should be going..." Matsuda started, but John had already hopped out and was dragging him to the back of the van. Had Matsuda been more alert, he might have noticed that they were now hidden from the camera.

But being tired, the young man didn't notice, and blindly followed.

"So, what would you like? We have a chocolate cake that could knock you out!"

Matsuda, however tired, wasn't stupid enough to miss the tone of voice, and dodged to the side as something whistled past his head. He hit the ground, dropping the milk and bag, both of with crashed to the ground along with him. Matsuda rolled slightly, ended up on his knees, and reach for his gun. When his hands meet nothing but air and then the fabric of his pants, Matsuda remembered where his gun was.

In Aziawa's car, along with his wallet, badge, everything and anything he could use to defend himself.

"Shi- ohhh..." Matsuda began, but was cut off as a large, heavy, and solid metal flashlight connected with his head and he slumped to the ground like a puppet who's strings had been cut mid performance.

Quickly, the two men who had been sitting in the back of the van gathered the limp officer up and tossed him unceremoniously into the back. 'John' sneered and hopped in after them.

"God damn, he's an idiot! Dave, hit the gas and go. We need to get out of here quickly!"

"Already on it, dumbass..."

As the van sped off into the night, the milk was slowly spreading out in a large white lake on the otherwise black pavement. The one magazine Matsuda had bought, the one containing the newest Misa Misa interview, slowly absorbed the milk, disfiguring the picture of the beautiful blonde teenager on the front.

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