Empty promises and a whole lot of boredom

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Light Yagami


Light stared at his watch with half open eyes, transfixed by the quick and precise movements of the hands. He yawned as the minute hand hit the eight. L was reading a book while munching on some form of cookie, as was the usual occurrence every night that L did not succumb to the need of rest, and Light was slowly starting to feel the urge to kick the other man onto the floor.

"Ryuzaki-san," Light finally muttered rubbing a hand over his face. "Would you mind not eating in bed? I'm having trouble sleeping."

L paused mid-munch on the helpless cookie victim. "What?" He looked a little shocked, staring at the boy next to him.

Light sighed. "Please, stop eating until I can fall asleep?"

L set down the rest of his cookie on the bedside table. "Light-kun...it's not the noise that's bothering you."


"It's not the noise." L repeated. "In the past month we have been under these situations, you have never once complained about my eating habits, whether in the bed or otherwise. Something else is bothering you."

Light stared at L, and tried not to mention how wrong that last sentence was. "Ryuzaki, I don't understand what you're trying to say?"

"You're worried about Matsuda, Light-Kun," L remarked in the usual monotone. "If it comforts you, I'm sure he is getting nothing but a inexperienced torturing, maybe a few burns and a broken arm."

Light stared at L in horror. "That's not at all comforting! I'm worried about him!"

"Yes, I know, but," L smugly picked up the forgotten cookie and looked it over carefully. "You admit that you are worried about Matsuda-san."

Light was screaming in his head. "Yes! Of course I am! Matsuda is a member of this team, just like you or I! He deserves that we work to our full potential to help him, because even you know he would do the same for us!"

L sighed, looking at the clock with a weary eye. "Light-kun, I assure you that Watari is still working and as soon as the rest of the team possibly can, they will too. You should try and get some sleep. There is only so much we can do at this stage in time."

"And we should be using it to prepare for the next!" Light argued, sitting up to glare at Ryuzaki more comfortably. "Matsuda-"

"-Is going to blame himself if you end up in the hospital from lack of sleep." L sighed, roughly shoving the annoying brat back onto the bed. "Go to sleep, or I'll be forced to tell you're father."

Light was outraged by that. "I'm not a child, Ryuzaki! Don't treat me like one!"

"I treat you as a child because I see you as one," L replied, nibbling on the cookie once more as he picked up his book. "Now, I request you sleep at least a little bit. You seem to decline sitting like I do will help increase your brain power, so you will obviously need more sleep to be of any use in this force."

Light stared...then glared...then picked his mouth off the floor, huffed as a response, and burrowed under the blanket as he turned his back on the irritating detective.

'Stupid Ryuzaki! He thinks he knows everything, but he still needs our help to catch Kira! Why won't he just admit it? He's human, just like the rest of us!' Light thought as he struggled under the warm duvet and felt his already heavy eyes start to droop. '...He is, isn't he? Ryuzaki...what is he? He feels emotion; he has to, right? He suffers from the same weaknesses. He gets tired, and he sleeps. He gets hunger (which, he does a lot) and he eats.'

Light yawned and let his eyes fall.

'Whatever...I'm to tired for this right now...I'll think about it tomorrow...'

An image flashed across the last bits of consciousness he had. A youthful face filled by a cheerful grin.

'Stay safe...Matsuda...'

L licked the crumbs of his fingers as he felt the young man fall asleep. The detective looked over at the finally calm face of Light.

He then grabbed the cell phone off the bedside table and hit the only speed dial on it. The other line hadn't even ringed once when Watari picked up.

"Could you bring me my laptop now, Watari-san?"

"Of course, Ryuzaki." Watari replied. "Aziawa is outside the door now."


'Stupid old geezer...Tells me to wake up Misa, nearly gets me killed by her too, then orders me to take L his laptop! What am I to them, a pack mule?!' Aziawa thought angrily, then frowned as he ignored the voice in the back of his head going 'Yes...you are.'

Even his subconscious was against him...great....

Aziawa knocked on the door to L and Light's room (that didn't sound that disturbing, did it?...yes...it did) and gently opened it. "L, Watari told me to bring you this..."

"Thank you, Aziawa-san." L whispered, motioning to the sleeping young man next to him. "Please, try not to wake him, he needs the sleep."

"Yeah. I understand." Aziawa mumbled, feeling the stupid lack of sleep he'd been having finally starting to hit. Not that it mattered, though, because as soon as L was satisfied with the computer Aziawa would be back to watching the tapes. He'd already watched the video of the ambush on Matsuda several times, and now that he had the van in his mind, Aziawa had moved on to the past weeks of the camera set up to point out at the street. So far he had yet to see the van, but he had spotted several suspicious looking people and vehicles. There was this one creepy looking old woman who passed by the building a lot.

"Aziawa-san?" Aziawa was broken from his mental back track of suspicious-old-lady-with-a-handbag, and looked at L innocently.

"Yes?" He replied, hoping he hadn't missed something important.

L looked him over quickly then turned back to the laptop. "You should get some sleep. Watari and I have our eyes on everything, and we'll contact you should something happen."

Aziawa wanted to scream. He was too damn worried to sleep! All of the team was (well, maybe not L, but that was another matter), and even Mogi reported that he'd found Mr. Yagami avoiding sleep to hunt down Matsuda's close friends and family for possible information.

Aziawa did the only thing he felt he could with an anti-social genius telling him to go to bed like a good little boy.

He stuck up his middle finger at the camera in the corner of the hallway, and made his way towards the elevators to join his team on their hunt for the missing member.



He had to admit; bondage wasn't as fun as his friends in collage had made it out to be.

"Ow..." Matsuda groaned as his shoulders gave a violent throb of pain. Blind to the world, and beginning to feel the serious pain of a full bladder, Matsuda had already gone through two night guards (Anger had actually gone to sleep in the first five minutes, and the others had been to busy fiddling away on the laptop in the corner to even notice him) and had lost count of how many times he'd found himself singing that annoying jiggle from some new clothing commercial Misa was in. He could feel the need to sleep eating away at his mind, but the pain in his body was too much to ignore.

Although he couldn't feel his fingers anymore. Give it another hour, and he might just be numb enough to get some rest.

Matsuda gave a little sigh, looking around the room another time, ignoring the insistent tapping of a keyboard from the other room. Another stab of pain, and he was looking at his shoes trying to think of something helpful.

'If only I had kept those stupid bobby pins in my hair.' Matsuda thought with a shake of his head. 'I couldn't pick the lock, but I could fling them at those kids when they come back. Or if I'd kept my gun. Or if I'd grown wings and developed magic powers. God, I'm so useless.'

A loud rumble of laughter from the other room told him that his new guard was the (for lack of a better word... and the lack of manners while being chained up) fat kid that had taken over. Matsuda felt rather offended that they had such little care for him that they didn't even come into the room to check on him. If he'd had the talent, he could very well have escaped, hailed a taxi, gone back home, and had the entire task force on their behinds before they even realized he had stopped singing.

Then again, he needed lock-picking skills for that.

'I should really thank my cousin for the gymnastics lessons, they really did come in handy.' Matsuda was getting mildly miffed.

"Oh, man! No way!"

Make that pissed to the point of considering gnawing off his own arms.

Matsuda sighed as the boy in the other room continued to laugh at something, while his arm suddenly decided to numb itself a little more, giving his elbows the pins and needles feeling.

The young officer looked around again, wishing for a window or at least a clock, so he could at least count down his misery.


'Misa Amane's New Manager!'

'Amane's new boyfriend?'


"Mogi! Are you okay?"

turned to look at his younger teammate, currently looking dead on his feet as he attempted to pick up the box of files he'd dropped. The poor man couldn't seem to get his fingers to work as he scrambled to pick up the papers that had scattered around. Sochiro watched for a moment as Mogi looked ready to cry, his hands shaking and his breath coming in pained gasps as he struggled.

"Mogi..." Aziawa sounded shocked as he got out of his chair, walking towards the man on the floor.

"Don't touch me!" Mogi suddenly shouted. "I'm fine! Just... just give me a second."

Sochiro got up carefully, ignoring the nervous look from Aziawa and bent down next to his subordinate, a hand on his back.

"Mogi, go up and get some sleep. Aziawa and I will take over here for now. I need someone to be able to see straight if something comes up." He whispered soothingly, watching as Mogi looked ready to collapse.

Mogi looked him in the eyes, his big face looking more like Light's had when he'd lost his favorite toy as a child. "But, Matsu-"

The Chief shook his head slowly. "I need you at your best," He replied. "And so does Matsuda. Go get some sleep."

Wide brown eyes turned to look at his hands, before Mogi gave a shuddering sigh and set down the small stack of papers, that he'd managed to gather, on the floor.

"Yeah, I will." He turned back to his chief, a tiny smile on his face. "Thank you, Yagami-san."

Sochiro nodded, and helped the man up and watched him walk up the stairs to head to bed. Turning around he faced a new problem. Aziawa was staring at the monitor of his laptop, watching the video taken only a couple hours ago for nearly the hundredth time.

Sitting down again quietly, Sochiro gently took the coffee cup away from Aziawa and set it off to the side.

"Aziawa, I-"

"Don't try it. I'm not going." Aziawa cut in his voice firm. "I need to do this. I was there. I failed."

looked at the younger man, watching the emotionless face, and turned back to his computer.

"What are you talking about? I was simply about to tell you I was going up to bed." Clicking the power save mode on the desktop, Sochiro closed the computer and set it up where he always did before getting to his feet.

"Because, personally, I'm far to old to pull nights like this every evening." Sochiro yawned, then patted Aziawa on his shoulder before walking over to the stairs.

Pausing though, he turned around to look at the back of Aziawa's head. The tiny thunk of the recording of the flashlight hitting his youngest members head made him cringe, but still he called out to his remaining team.

"Also, if I ever hear you blame yourself again, I'll lock you up until we find Matsuda, and trust me, sitting in the cells moping will not help us find him."


"Touta! Look what Shin got!"

The little boy looked around, and smiled at his mother coming towards him pushing his younger brother's wheelchair. The baby of the family, Hako, was running alongside, jumping up excitedly and pointing at the new cast her brother had gotten.

Touta hopped off the bench he and his father had been sitting on, forgetting the small bag of snacks he had gotten at the convenience store earlier. "How did it go?"

"It's fine, Touta, dear." His mother said, patting him on the head as Shin smiled and grabbed his hand.

"They told me I was really brave Touta!" He exclaimed. "I didn't even cry when they used the needle this time!"

"He was very brave," Hako shared with a big smile. "And look! We're allowed to sign his cast! I did already, see?"

Touta looked down at the plaster wrapped around his little brothers tiny little leg, and barely noticed the scribbles that they had already put on it through his tears. "Th-that's cool, Hako."

"Touta?" His father bent down, a big comforting hand on his son's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing." The boy replied, giving a loud sniff and holding his head with pride, trying to distract from the tears running down his face.



"Don't cry!"

Immediately, the boy was wrapped in hugs, buried beneath love and family, as he finally started to wail.

"I'm so sorry, Shin!" He sobbed. "I didn't mean to hit you that hard, I swear!"

The little brother looked ready to cry now, his big eyes filling with tears too. " 'snot your fault, Touta... I was being stupid."

With a girly cry, the older brother launched through his family, to hug the boy in the chair as they both started to bawl.

"I won't hurt you again, Shin." Touta whispered, clutching his little brother close. "I swear; I will never let anything happen to you."

Shin giggled through his sobs. "Then I'd never get to do anything, silly. You have to let me go someday."

"...someday..." Matsuda mumbled; eyes opening as he woke from his unpleasant dream. He frowned into the dark, blinking sleep from his eyes. "...not yet..." he responded halfheartedly to himself, moving his arms to feel that terrible pain shoot through him again.

It had been years since he'd had those memories pop up. Matsuda frowned, noting his still full bladder, and wondered if it would be worth it to just pee. He'd feel disgusting for the rest of his time here, but it'd be funny watching the reactions of his kidnappers.

Well, not really, thanks to the masks of delusion, and was kidnapper the best term? He was far from a kid, so maybe just nappers would do...


"Good Morning, Officer!"

Oh, joy. Pride was in the room.

"Did you have a good nap? Hope your dreams were pleasant." Pride smiled, bending down to pinch Matsuda's cheek. "Because our show is about to begin, and you have front row tickets!"

Matsuda drowned the crazy boy out, watching the others out of the corner of his eyes. Two were wheeling in what appeared to be a mental hospital bed, leather straps dragging on the floor. Another was working away at a laptop, punching in layer upon layer of codes. The last three appeared to be setting up a camera.

Pride seemed to see the confusion on Matsuda's face as a large predatory grin appeared on his own face. Gripping his captive's chin, Pride gave a little laugh, tugging down his mask with one hand.

"Get ready, Matsuda." He whispered. "The shows about to start, and you're a guest of honor."

Matsuda frowned, feeling his heart pound violently against his ribcage as he stared into the many reflections of his own terrified eyes with two ice cold blue ones in the middle.

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