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Edward's POV


I didn't want to turn around.


I knew she was standing there, and that she wasn't going to move, but that didn't mean I wanted to turn around.

"Listen, I know you don't know me, and I don't know you, and what we did wasn't exactly normal but I can't help but feel like you owe me some answers." Her voice was, on the surface, calm, but I could detect the smallest of quakes underneath.

Good. I wanted her to fear me, it would have made this whole thing so much easier.

I growled softly, I didn't want to deal with this but I had to.

"Ooo…scary." She said. I wanted to snicker at her comment.

Oh great, now I found her funny.

I had to talk to her, I had to tell the truth, unless my family had already done that. The truth, I figured, was for the best. Simply because I couldn't possibly think of a lie that would satisfy her nor explain everything that had happened that night. There were consequences to telling our secret, dangers to my family that were sure to come if Italy ever found out. Maybe, if they did find out, they would only kill me. I'd be fine with that. They'd have to kill Bella too…

I wasn't okay with that.

Wait, why wasn't I okay with that?

"Come sit down Bella, please." I tried to make myself sound calm but I didn't think I succeeded. She came and sat down anyway. She sat close to me and the smell of her alone almost caused me to come undone. I inched a bit away from her, simply so I could get through the conversation without kill her, or ravishing her.

"Calm down, it'll be alright Edward, trust me. Just take it slow, and be nice. You aren't a monster." Alice's voice filtered through my mind. I felt unbelievably guilty for how I had acted toward my sister. I was grateful to have her in my life and I made a mental note right then and there to appreciate her more, even if you lived forever it was always important to be kind to those you loved the most.

"So, do you want to start with who you are, or what that sex was all about Edward? If that's your real name." The smallest of smirks tugged on the corners of her mouth. I really had no idea how to start. I didn't know what to say to make my segue into "Hey we're vampires!" any easier.

It's easier to jump into the pool then wade in.

"Bella, have you ever seen 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', or 'The Lost Boys', or 'Interview with a Vampire'?" I asked. Bella blinked at me,

"You're a cult classic?" She asked. I laughed, and it felt nice. The sound echoed around the room and came back to me startling me a bit. I hadn't laughed in awhile and I was even more surprised that Bella had been the cause of my laughter.

"No Bella, we're not a cult classic." I searched my mind for the best way to describe to Bella exactly what we were. It was a difficult situation, that was for sure. Whenever we had explained our existence to someone they had already been changed, maybe if I just bit Bella it would make it easier.

"No! Bad Edward! Very, very bad! Don't even think about it!" Alice's voice penetrated my mind again and I couldn't help but giggle a bit at her obvious reaction to how that little plan of mine would have played out. Bella was sitting very still, and very patiently but I could tell she was growing a bit nervous. I couldn't blame her, humans often felt nervous around us and she had every reason to run screaming to the police for what I had done that night.

The wind blew outside rustling the leaves on the expansive trees that grew outside my window. The branches swayed in the moonlight and cast shadows across my room. The darkness of the shadows hid Bella's eyes from me and I didn't like that. I wanted to see her eyes, they were only windows into her mind that I had. Unlike everyone else's mind in the world Bella's mind was hidden from me which was one of the many things that I found intriguing. Her eyes told me so little, but at the same time it was all I had to go on to figure out even the slightest idea about what was going through her mind.

"Look at me Bella, please." I whispered to her. She raised her eyes to meet mine but the darkness still covered her expression. It made me angry, and apprehensive.

"Just tell me, please. Give me some idea to what you are. You aren't human, I know that much." She said. That took me back a little, I was surprised to learn that she had figured out that much already, I was curious to know what had given that away,

"How did you know that?" I didn't dismiss her assumption that we weren't human because…well…we weren't. I had decided that I was going to try the truth with her and I was sticking to the plan.

"Well my first clue was when your mom asked Alice to pick up the couch so she could sweep under it and, well, she did. In case you haven't noticed Alice could probably fit into the icebox of any average sized refrigerator, she shouldn't be able to pick up the whole, entire, couch. Also, it's getting pretty late, normal people tend to be in bed before two in the morning but everyone in the Cullen household seems to be wide awake and bustling around like it was mid-afternoon. I know something is up Edward, I'm not stupid." She was right, she wasn't stupid. Bella Swan was proving to be very smart, and that was surprising to me.

"Well, Bella, you're right. We aren't human, we are far from human." I told her. She stared at me,

"Well, go on, tell me. I'm listening Edward, and it had better be good. I want to know why you were so mean to me, then why you were suddenly outside my window and then how we suddenly…well, you know." She said. She was right, she deserved to know. I felt horrid for what I had done but, at the same time, I wanted her to run screaming so I never had to confront her ever again.

It won't happen, you don't deserve that.

"Bella, before I tell you, you have to know a couple of things. One, I'm not messing with you, I promise everything I'm about to tell you is one hundred percent true. Two, the door is right there, trust me when I say I'll understand if you run screaming from here after you learn the truth. Three, don't ever speak a word of this to anyone." I stared at her, she didn't say a word and I took that to mean she understood completely. I took a big, unneeded breath, and began, "Bella, there isn't anyway to sugarcoat this so I'm going to throw the word out there and see how you do. Myself, my mother, my father, and my siblings are all…vampires. Yeah, we're the creatures that don't have to sleep, that stalk the night, that are so pasty pale that we are constantly asked if we feel okay. We are live forever, blood drinking, vampires. I'm from Chicago about ninety years ago, Jasper is from the Civil War, we don't really know where Alice came from, between you and me I've always figured alien pod, Emmett was almost killed by a bear, Rosalie…well, I'll let her tell that story, Esme tried to kill herself, and Carlisle…well, Carlisle is just really, really, really, old. I know, it's hard to believe that to be the truth, you've always been taught that those kind of creatures only exist in books and really cheesy horror movies. You probably figure that I'm lying since there aren't any coffins around and I'll tell you right now I can eat garlic just fine. A long time ago Carlisle decided that he didn't want to eat humans, he believed our kind could overcome our desire for human blood. And every Cullen has, so far, succeeded in doing so. However, that is not to say that there aren't still obstacles to overcome. Poor Jasper has just gotten to the point where he can even go to school, it's still very hard for him which is probably why I bet he excused himself for the evening when you showed up to the house am I right?" I paused in my ramblings to look at Bella, she nodded, and I continued, "Anyway, when you came to school that first day I almost broke my promise to my family. Something about you Bella, almost made me slaughter the entire Biology class. I wasn't sure what it was at first, I didn't know this feeling that was coming over me. So, finally, I found myself at your window…and I'm pretty sure you know what happens next." I stared at her, and she stared back. The next thing I knew Bella had smacked me clear across the face,

"OW!" She shouted. I had forgotten to mention that our skin was like marble but she had done a fairly good job of finding that out on her own,

"Are you okay?" I asked.

Why did I care again whether she was hurt or not?

"Your skin is like a fucking rock!" She cried. I winced at her voice, "A vampire?! You're a vampire?! And your entire family? So I had sex with a vampire tonight?! Isn't that necrophilia?" She was rambling a bit,

"I told you that you wouldn't believe me!" I shouted. She rolled her eyes,

"I never said I didn't believe you! I just…I…don't know what to think." She told me. I couldn't really blame her, though I wanted to,

"I didn't WANT to have sex with you!" I shouted.


"HAHA Well then what did you want Edward?!" She yelled back. We were both standing by now and the moonlight streaming through the window fell along her breasts. My jeans tightened and I was, once again, reminded that some of my humanity had remained intact. It scared me, it truly did. I couldn't handle my attraction to her, not without some help,

"I WANTED TO KILL YOU! I wanted to kill you and drink your blood, I wanted you to be dead so that I wouldn't have to deal with it!" I roared. Bella moved back a few steps,

"But you don't drink human blood. That's what you said, you said your family doesn't drink human blood. I can't believe I'm even relatively accepting the fact that you are telling me you're a vampire." She wasn't believing me and I didn't know why but I was overcome with an overwhelming need for her to believe me,

"I couldn't kill you. I couldn't bring myself to kill you because…" I couldn't say it, I didn't want to. So, Bella said it for me,

"Because you're attracted to me." She whispered. My eyes met hers finally and, since we were standing up, I could see into them clearly. I could tell she was shocked,

"I'm sorry." Was all I could say. She shook her head the smallest amount but I could detect it,

"Don't be just…prove it to me." She whispered.

"Prove what? That I'm attracted to you? Because I'm pretty sure I did that already." I said. I sounded like a boy in that moment. She blushed,

"No, the vampire thing. Prove it, let me see you hunt." I growled immediately,

"No." I said. She jumped a bit at my tone. I thought for a moment, she deserved to know but I had to think of how I could prove it to her.

"Go with that idea Edward. It'll work, trust me. Take her to the meadow." Alice's voice whispered in my mind. What idea? And then it hit me,

"Bella…are you afraid of heights?" I asked. She looked at me confused. I moved quickly to my window and opened it wide.

"What? I don't think so…why? Edward?" Before she could refuse I grabbed her, threw her onto my back, and out into the chilling night air we went.