Title: What They Don't Know?

Pairings: HP/? (but WILL BE SLASH, that's undisputable)

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Harry Potter franchise, but I do play with the characters as any other fanfiction storywriters, who just can't help themselves.

Author's Note: When a plot bunny bites you in the arse, what is an author supposed to do? If you leave the little bugger alone, you'll find out real quick that it has grown over two feet tall, now has a nasty set of fangs, a pair horns and batwings, in order to fly over head. It will then dive bomb yah and launch nasty poop pellets at yah continuously until you begin to write about whatever…

Author's Note II: I know it's a very tiny prologue, but don't worry there's definitely more to this tale. Please be warned that updates for this one will be as slow as a snail going uphill in the middle of winter.

Summary: How much does anyone really know about Harry Potter? Things could have been very different if Hagrid saw more then just the Boy-Who-Lived and saw much more than just the little one he dropped off at No. 4 Privet Drive, on Dumbledore's orders. Here's a special "what if" kind of story for all of you…




What if Hagrid truly was smarter than most people thought? What if that big man had other kinds of smarts and saw slightly more than everyone else when it came to looking at one small, underfed boy named Harry Potter?

Let's add another "what if"…to this tale. What if Hagrid, on his own time decided to take a peek into Harry's life at No. 4 Privet Drive before Harry's eleventh birthday and just for fun, what if he did a little something to improve the… Time… that Harry had to spend there.

What they don't know… is that because of that loveable, big man's actions, Harry Potter knows!