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Author Note 1:This Prologue is only about Gohan's thoughts and feelings. It almost as if he's telling a story (to the readers). At chapter one this story really starts, but the end of the prologue indicates the story starts. I just needed to make a prologue to get into the story.

Author Note 2:Do not worry! I'm not giving up on that sequel many people are waiting for. I just got some inspiration for this one and had to upload something, cause uploading anything helps me get more inspiration.

At Each Others Throat


"Everything happened so fast. Dad appearing in front of me, telling me he was proud. Dad and Cell disappearing in front of my eyes. I screamed for my dad. I lost him. I felt guilty and hurt. Then Cell came back, but dad………did not. We lost Trunks. Cell took my friend and father away from me and I felt it was MY fault.

I wanted revenge, this time I would not fail. I was ready to fight Cell and WIN, but Vegeta demanded revenge first. He showed us that Trunks was important to him as he began to attack Cell viciously.

Some might think he lost it, but I know. I know how he felt. A precious person was taken from both of us. I knew Vegeta hadn't lost it, but I also knew he couldn't win. He wasn't strong enough, actually he was far out of his league. Cell would kill him!

Vegeta wasn't very precious to me, but I considered him a friend, even if he did not. And…………I wouldn't let anyone else die! I reacted without thinking when I saw Cell's attack fired at Vegeta. I heard the others gasp at my sudden movement and the screams as they saw me flying in the path of Cell's attack.

I felt it burn, I felt my blood and I felt the pain, but all I could think was; Don't let him die!

I woke up, everything hurt, especially my left arm. I slowly stood facing Cell. All looked hopeless now, I could sense my friend's distress. I lost my will for revenge, I lost my believe that I could kill Cell. Why? Because I realised if I lost………I could see my dad again. So I stood still and gave up.

Then a miracle happened. That familiar, precious voice entered my mind and I felt happy once more. 'You're not giving up already, are you?' He asked me. I wanted to say sorry for not saving him, tell him it was hopeless. I secretly just wanted to be with him, even if I had to die for that.

However before I got the chance, everything changed. I no longer felt happy and I refused to die………………to be with him. I wanted him silent! I wanted him gone! That's where it all started.

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Special!: I noticed something between the Dragonball z anime and manga. Want to know what? Keep reading then.

You know how in the anime Gohan saves Vegeta from Cell's attack and injured his LEFT arm. Well in the manga it was his RIGHT arm. Some difference he!