I watch you sleep, I watch you

Take soft and silent breaths.

After you awake, I watch you

Never be sad,

Always optimistic, I can't wait to

Ravish you, and take

yoUr arua of innocence.


Snowflakes fall on your nose,

And I watch as your face

Screams with joy.

Until I see you truly again,

Never will I forget you,

Always and forever, I love you.

Return to me soon, my love, for

Until you do, I shall wait.


Sasuke is always lusting after Naruto,

And it's hard for him not to jump the perfect uke, (Naruto)

So he just watches Naruto's ass,

Unless Sakura notices Sasuke's gay,

saKura will never give up, with the

Exception of Ino.


Never let a lustful Sasuke see you in a towel,

And most definately don't pout cutely because

Right when you do, he'll jump you,

Undress you,

Tie you to the bed, and pound into you

On every sheet you have, even if it's against your will.