Author: Sparta

Title: Xander Against The World

Pairings: Xander & Dean (Main)

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy & Supernatural & Adams Family & Angel & Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 5/?

Completed: No

Summery: Xander is found battered, bruised & Bloodied and heading to his only living family but with no memory of why when he's picked up by Dean & Sam Winchester. once home he finds himself once again pulled into the fight but this time he's facing the darkness itself.

Chapter Summery: Xander settles back into his true family role, Dean gets questioned.

Authors Note:

The Game Starts Again

Xander woke up the next morning next to Dean and sighed in pleasure as he settled on his chest, as the door creaked open Xander reached under his pillow and in a flash he pulled out his blade and launched it at the visitor.

"Jolly good shot Alexander" laughed Gomez as he pulls the dagger out of the wall and handed it back to Xander.

"Fester and I are heading out to catch a round of golf, I'd ask you to join us but I see your tied up" laughed Gomez as Xander lent back and undone the cuffs from the night before.

"Now I'm not, I'll join you both once I've tied this one down" laughed Xander as Gomez laughed too and headed out.

"Who was that?" asked Dean sleepily as he looked up at Xander.

"Uncle Gomez, he and Uncle Fester are playing golf upstairs.." said Xander as he cuffed Dean to the bed.

"so you sit tight until I come back later then you can beg me to let you lose" laughed Xander as he kissed Dean and left, he headed to the kitchen first were he found Mortisha cooking.

"Ah good morning Aunt Tish isn't it such a dreary day?" said Xander as he kissed her on the cheek.

"It is and I'm glad to see you've finally found a man as depraved as you are Alexander? It was a pleasure to hear the howls of pleasure and bloodcurdling screams of passion ring though these halls once again. It is good to have you home again nephew now I believe Gomez has asked you to join them golfing?

I hope that you have that man of yours…."

"Bound and cuffed to the bed until I'm ready to play, just as you taught me Aunt Tish" laughed Xander as she smiled and shooed him off t play with the other Addams men while she went upstairs, She found Dean bound to the bed attempting to get free.

"Alexander is very skilled at tying things down, I taught him well. You wont escape until he's ready or you please me with your answers" she said as chills ran down Dean's spine as she removed the cuffs to a more comfortable position and locked them again.

She sat in a chair in front of the bed as Dean tried to cover himself better with his free hand, while fighting off the embarrassment.

"I will make this fair Dean, I will ask you something and if you answer truthfully you may ask me something is this fair to you?" she asked as Dean nodded.

"Yes Ma'm" he answered

"Mortisha dear boy we are family now after all" she said nicely as she sat sternly.

"good then I will start, though Alexander is only my nephew by married he is dear to me so I ask what is your intentions to him Dean? The prophecy can be voided if you harm him" said Mortisha as Dean swallowed hard.

"No Ma'm I do care for him and I've heard stories about him, I'd never hurt him but I do love him but this is only new for the both us" said Dean as Mortisha nodded.

"escapable, your question?" asked Mortisha

"I'd ask if you are a vampire but that is only rude and my mother raised me better, so I will ask if the rumour about your family being immortal or at least hard to kill true then does Xander have this gift too?" asked Dean as Mortisha looked at him and smile.

"your mother raised you well so I will answer your first question, yes Dean I am a vampire in part my father was a count and my mother was a Banshee" said Mortisha as Dean was surprised

"May I say that you do wear it so well, many of the vampires and Banshees I have hunted do not hold a torch too you" said Dean honestly

"usually I would slap any one who tried those lines with me other then Gomez but I do believe you to be truthful so I will let it pass. You answer the rest yes our family is cursed not to died unless we lose our heads, it is also a gift that Alexander possesses" said Mortisha as Dean sat up a little.

"your brother Sam is hunted by them and is safe here, but I should ask do you intend to hunt us now that Alexander is well?" asked Mortisha as Dean shook his head.

"No Ma'm, unless they hunt us for now anyway. Though I'd say your family have my full respects, now for my question it's stupid but I'm interested in the graveyard outside. You wouldn't tell me more about it please?" asked Dean as Mortisha got up and unlocked him.

"Dress dear boy and I'll tell you more" said Mortisha as she left Dean to get dressed.


Xander stood in the doorway of the rooftop Golf course and watched at Gomez and Fester hit balls into the house of a nearby judge.

"Good shot old man, nice to see you've not lost the touch?" laughed Xander as they turned round.

"Alexander my dear boy care for a round?" Gomez asked as he handed Xander a club.

"Thank you but no thanks, the aims a little off these day missing eye and all but I still do love to watch you piss him off" laughed Xander as both Fester and Gomez laughed too.

"I must say Alexander very few can wear a patch and not look like a fake pirate, the gods only know that the real ones were more proud your Uncle Cutthroat Sam would be turning in his grave could he see them now but you pull it off" said Gomez as he hit a direct hit as the ball hit the judge on the head.

"Thank you Uncle Gomez and good shot" said Xander as he took Gomez's club and changed it out.

"So our gust will be staying longer I presume? Or was that a stray werewolf we need to rescue I heard last night?" asked Gomez as Xander just smiled, Gomez just grinned back at him.

"I hope he's chained down securely?" asked Gomez as Xander just smiled and walked over to the edge and looked down.

"He was until Aunt Tish realised him" said Xander as they all looked down to see Dean and Mortisha walking together.

"He must have passed her questionings? Do be careful Nephew and be wise, he was a Hunter once and bonded or not they turn just as quickly as they kill" said Gomez

"Understood" said Xander as Gomez nodded

"Now back to our game, your shot nephew aim left to compensate for the eye" said Gomez as Xander did and got it right though the tiny window in the door.

"Hole in one Alexander that's the Addams way" celebrated Gomez as Xander felt at home and free for the first time in many years.