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Chapter twenty-four: Grappling with a Guardian continued


I waited for that killing bight I knew was coming, I'm sorry master, other master I failed you; I couldn't save you from the darkness. I closed my eyes as my Master hollered out my name when something warm slashed across my face. I blinked them open in surprise; I had thought death was much more painful than this. I looked up and my eyes widened in surprise.

The blood that now dripped onto me and the floor was the wolf that had went to kill me. It now hung in the mouth of a grey almost black dragon. Critias flung the wolf from me and roared at the others, wisely keeping their distance but still circling us.

"Critias?" I thought and green eyes turned to me as if angry at my lack of movement.

You are a magic seeker, one free of your birth, fight back be the wolf you are his deep voice vibrated in my mind.

"But they are under Darts control; they do not know what they're doing."

So they shall be more likely to forgive you for saving them, as of now you are the last magic seeker with free will.

My eyes widened as I looked around me and rose to my feet. As much as I hated to admit it, I was wrong; I needed to fight them to free them. A growl rose in my throat as Critias faded away with a roar. The others, now seeing the dragon gone, were move braver now, coming closer to me.

"I will free you" I promised to them.


A huge sigh of relief passed through me and shock took its place as Critias swooped in from nowhere and saved Anu. I turned a grateful eye to Kaiba who was glaring at me.

"Thank you Kaiba" I said

Kaiba snorted and growled out

"Don't let it happen again, now focus on your duel Yugi, your mutt or whatever she is" he eyed the white fur "will be fine now that she's grown a back bone"

I narrowed my eyes at him and turned to watch Anu. She was attacking the others back just as furiously now. I nodded when her blue eyes caught me. She gave a howl and I turned back to the smirking Raphael.

"Now that I have you undivided attention Pharaoh" he chuckled

"What were you thinking Raphael" I asked "now one of us will defiantly lose his soul"

"That's the whole point Pharaoh" he spat back at me "and when I feed your soul to the leviathan you magic seeker will belong to Darts once more"

"We'll see" I said narrowing my eyes at his stupidity.


I flipped another wolf off my back and bit into one jumping over me, leg, swinging him into the ground. I growled at them, their soulless eyes saw nothing as they pulled their fangs on me. I felt something crackle around me as I tapped into my power. I glanced at my master's duel knowing there was no other way and they were now going to see a lot of my power.

Energy picked up around me and I closed my eyes. I snapped them open just as 10 wolves jumped at me at once. Wind and dust spun in the air around me as I let lose my psychic energy. The wolves were sent flying back slamming into walls, one another and one even hit the seal's barrier.

I grinned at the others torn between watching the duel and my battle and I felt grateful they didn't come over to me and help me; that would have been disastrous. I looked forward and saw only one wolf was getting back up; the one that had hit the seal barrier.

He snarled at me and I hunched over, my lips pulled back and psychic energy swirling the dust and blood on the ground. The wolf snarled at me and we ran at one another.

We bit into each other in the air, and I glared at him as we fell to the ground. We landed on opposite sides of our jump. My back burned and I could see a wound in his side. As soon as our feet touched ground we lurched forward again.

He tried to angle around me as I bit into his back again. He howled in agony as more warm blood coated me face. I grunted when he head butted the wound in my own side pushing me away. I went rolling across the roof. The action made me whine as my own wounds were pushed open wider. I growled and stood and glanced at the others.

My master would look back and forth between me and the duel, his attention divided and worry trained on me. I looked at the others. The master's friends looked torn between helping me and not getting involved. The cold one was staring at me harshly, much like his dragon had before. Oddly that look gave me motivation to keep going.

I ran at the other wolf as he ran at me. We circled one another bight and snapping into flesh. My skin burned with his teeth and claws and I was sure that if he could he would feel the pain I did. I glanced at the other master again, briefly but that was all it took.

I howled in pain as his teeth latched onto my shoulder blade, his head shaking tore and stretched the wound and blood flew on the ground. He pushed me to the ground, is teeth still in my shoulder and I struggled to get away. My feet connected with his feet, claws scratching at skin but he didn't let go. In fact I think he bit me harder.

The others were calling out to me, the other master included as he had seen my plight. I snarled and growled as I caught the others eyes, trying to decide how to help me. I could see their mouths moving but I couldn't hear their words, but I assumed they were calling my name. My eyes found the other master and think I whined at the fear I saw present in his purple eyes.


I turned from the duel, no longer interested in Raphael; he too seemed to be watching the battle as well. There was only one more wolf left and currently was biting into Anu's back. It disturbed me how much blood stained the ground and her fur. The wolf still standing was bighting her along her shoulder and spin.

My breathing deepened as her blue eyes met mine. The others cry droned out of my ears as I met her blue eyes.

"Anu fight back" I thought "do not give up, please"

I knew it was hopeless for her to hear my pleading but to my surprise she nodded. Either she did hear me or my expression told her what I was thinking. I didn't care as time seemed to speed back up and she lunged, making the teeth sink deeper into her skin, and bit into the side of the other wolf. Blood practically exploded onto her face and the ground as the wolf let her go and howled in pain.

It backed away, and she flopped onto her stomach as Anu's back legs seemed to not be working. The others had gasped behind me as the wolf back away and Anu lay on the floor, not moving. After a moment she stood again and the psychic energy from before picked up, spreading as she sat with her head bowed.

I took a chance to glance at Raphael but he looked just as surprised as the rest of us. I turned to my puzzle as it began to glow then to my deck and pocket when Joey and my dragons shined with her. I didn't have to look to know Kaiba's was glowing as well.

I looked at Anu as I saw her howl. She was stretching her neck as far as she could go and was standing weakly on all fours, howling at the sky. The wolf that had been advancing on her stopped and was looking at the ground as if his head hurt.

The other wolves were stirring where they lay and I noticed the Orichalcos on their heads were glowing, the veins pulsating.

What are you doing Anu? I thought confused at her actions.


I sat up as the wolf advanced on me again. Their cries for help louder than ever and I had seen what my master had wanted me to do in his eyes. He wanted me to live, to not give up and I couldn't let him down.

The power around me increased as I howled, connecting my mind to every wolf around me. Their pleas were like fire in my head.

Help us please, save us, help us, save us HELP US SAVE US HELP US PLEASE ,PLEASE, PLEASE!

"I WILL" I howled to them and at the sky, promising to free them.

As my mind connected with theirs the stones on their heads glowed green, and their howls joined mine. At first they were howls of pain and agony that tore at my soul to hear.

Soon I could feel their minds connect with mine and I gave a long howl, digging deep within their soul and breaking the hold of the Orichalcos. I felt it snap and then their howls sounded with mine.


The stone on the wolves forehead shattered and suddenly hundreds of dogs lay on the floor, their wounds still present but they now were howling with Anu, they were free I assumed.

Then their bodies began to dissolve. They glowed a soft light green and their feet dissolved into lights first, followed by the rest of their bodies. Anu's howl continued into the night sky as thousands of green lights twisted and spun around each other and her. As the mixed together the green turned into an ocean blue and spun around the white wolf in the center. It brushed her skin, and her wounds disappeared along with the dirt and blood staining her fur. Then the lights traveled into the sky and disappeared amongst the stars.

The only evidence there had been a fight was the blood still left along the roofs floor.


I howled as the souls of my kin traveled around me, healing my wounds and my mind.

You've done well sister their minds echoed one another, them and the thousands around the world all speaking at once. It made my heart swell and heavy at the same time you've saved us and freed yourself. We will rest now; waiting till the great beast is gone once more and our own masters free. Till then you are the last Magic seeker on this earth, save it Anu, save this planet's soul; that is your task now sister.

I stopped howling as they vanished into the in-between, waiting for me to save their masters and them. I looked over to where my own master was. He stared at me, a soft look to his eyes. His purple eyes asked thousands of questions. Questions I didn't know how to answer. I smiled at him, my eyes crinkling together as I turned and walked slowly to where he stood.

I didn't even flinch as I passed through the barrier of the seal. I kept walking, not taking my eyes off the other master. Walking around him I sat on his right side, my tail circled around his form. I slowly looked away from him to our opponent, he stared at us blankly, his true soul just under the surface. The other master eyes left me and gazed at the trapped man.

"If you're done" the angel man spoke. "I'll place this card face down and end my turn"


I drew as I stared at Raphael.

"My move, now I transform my kuribabalon into the kuribo brothers" there was green smoke and the five kuribo brothers cheeped as they appeared. I narrowed my eyes a declared an attack.

The kuribo brothers stared to bounce around with in the seal and I could practically feel my friends and Anu's stares at me. Raphael wasn't amused either.

"Reform" I called out and when they did Raphael laughed at the monster left in its wake. I had to admit Yugi and I had some silly looking monster but they shouldn't be underestimated. I took a chance glance at Anu and noticed she didn't look so amused. I glared at my opponent's laughter.

"If I were you Raphael the last thing I would be doing is laughing" I said placing a card face down. Dark magic curtain appeared beside me and went to work.

I smiled as the curtain exploded into smoke and a green staff attached to an arm clad in purple cleared it away. Anu's long white tail twitched in my peripheral vision and I smirked.

"Dark Magician" I declared ignoring my friend's comments on my life points behind me. "Dark magic attack" I shouted.

"Revel face down" Raphael shouted and the card he had just laid down activated.

His female guardian flipped over my attack and landed behind his other monsters.

"The seal of Orichalcos gives me an extra row of monsters. My trap card moves Elma to the back row. Now you can't attack her without going through my other monsters.

I bit back a growl of frustration as Anu did it for me at my side. Raphael drew a card and I suddenly developed a bad feeling.

It's time to bring out my ultimate monster." He held a card up and I held my breath "but first I'll play this card" I raised an eyebrow at him while he said "Celestial sword Eaotos"

Lightning flashed and a sword fell from the sky imbedding it's into the ground. I blinked at its appearance, suddenly developing a bad feeling.

Guardian Eaotos I thought as I stared at the sword. He drew two cards and smirked at me and my bad feeling grew. Under the influence of the seal one was capable of doing many things. Anu shifted next to me, I could tell she felt antsy at his behavior as well.

"The time has come to play the card that beat you last time" he placed the card "my guardian Eaotos"

A bird of prey cried into the air and with a flash of light a woman evolved from it. She had a native animal skin dress with a headdress of feathers in her long hair. She was beautiful and faithful creature I thought. He wings stretched out in all their glory and I glanced at my life point counter, it read a sad 500. I was running out of time.

I looked back up as the winged guardian screeched in agony. She clutched her head as the seal took her over. Her white wings turned ugly ebony black and I shuttered at her crimson gaze. This had me confused none of his other monsters had done that…my dark magician flashed into my mind and I understood. This was Raphael's soul card; the one more alive than any other card in his deck.

I glanced at Anu as she whined, almost sad for the monster. I rubbed her head with my free hand.


I stared at the winged angel, feeling sad at her transformation. The shadow realm light monsters were not meant to be this way, turned into creatures of hate and revenge. The other master agreed as he shouted

"Look at what you've done to your guardian it's been consumed by darkness"

The angel man's response surprised us both

"Exactly" the smirk was getting on my nerves. "And it's more powerful than ever now"

I growled and thought

"What is it with you humans and power?"

"It's a flaw we just can't shake I'm afraid"

I actually jumped at the other master's response. I had almost forgotten about our link within the seal, not having used it in 10000 years. I looked up to see him glance at me.

"Nothing can stop it" the angel man concludes as his once beautiful monster picked up the sword and her points rose higher.

"I'd have to disagree" the other master said and I glanced at him surprised, he had a plan?

A shattering of once of his monster distracted me and I blinked as the master continued.

"When kuribabalon is sacrifice I can draw five more cards" he drew them in one swipe "however I am only allowed to keep the magic and trap cards"

I frowned, what kind of help boost was that. The other master winked at me and I shook my head at him. If he wanted to be a risk taker, he better as hell know what he's doing.

I turned to look at the cold one and his little brother the hedgehog and snorted at their commentary. Try to have a little more faith will you.

I turned back as movement caught my eye. I looked back just in time to see the guardian attack. I then stood in agitation as the other master grunted when his arm was forced to move against his will. This was too much like the ancient shadow games for my liking.

The guardian dove for an attack and I snarled as the others shouted behind me, the other master just stood there. He better have a plan in that spiky head of his and not be suicidal.

To my surprise the sword shattered on Mahado's armor.

"Say what" the angel man echoed my thoughts.

"Allow me to clear any confusion" the other master taunted and I snorted and glared at him. As he explained I sank to the floor. One of the monsters that made the guardian stronger saved him. This dueling stuff gave me a headache.

"I end my turn" the angel man snapped and I looked at him curious. The part that was still him was offended at the words the other master said about his guardian. So a part of him still cared for the winged angel.

"You should have thought twice about poisoning your own monsters, especially your soul card with the seal of Orichalcos. Taken from someone with experience" his eyes glanced at Mahado "betraying your monsters only backfires in the end."

I sat up fully at his words and bumped my head to his knee

"You've been forgiven other master; do not dwell in the past"

He didn't reply but he did pat me on the head.

"You've played the seal of Orichalcos once and suddenly your and expert on the subject" the angel man said and my master stared at him wide eyed. The angel man shook his head "just go"

"As you wish" the other master said drawing once more. I looked at the others behind us, this was going to be a long stressful duel I know it.

I smiled a bit as the other master drew his cards. The hat thing was a bit funny but that wasn't the reason why I was smiling. As soon as the card passed into his hands I felt Timaus. I was right when the other master smirked and shouted his summoning.

Mahado's staff was raised and magic connected with the lighting. The green dragon descended to the field with a flash of light and magic.

Show off I muttered in my head and purple eyes glanced at me confused.

"Now I merge my dragon with my dark magician" Mahado jumped into the air "combine to form amulet dragon"

Mahado stood on Timaus as spells appeared on his body. I snorted, both of them were a bunch of show offs. I smirked when their power rose and the others cheered behind us. My tail wagged, brushing the other masters' leg in the process.

"Attack" the other master ordered and I howled my own encouragement.


I winced as the guardian screamed but felt a bit happy she was free from the seal. I blinked at the shout of agony that followed her defeat. Feathers floated around Raphael as he stared into space much like a lost child. He called for his creature and a wave of sadness for him washed over me. His face turned into one of rage and he said

"You'll pay" he declared

"I think you made him mad" Anu told me and I made a face at her, did she always have to state the obvious.

I blinked as Anu suddenly hunched over in anger, he lips pulled back far over her gums hair standing up on ends. I looked around and noticed the seal was pulsing as Raphael's rage grew.

"Raphael" I called worried

"My Guardian is a creature of light a purity and when it's destroyed it's replaced by a different creature" he almost sound afraid of this creature and sad his guardian was gone at the same time.

The second feeling I could understand but…why would he be afraid of his own monster. His Seal on his head began switching colors that unnerved me. Green to red, Green to red. Anu snarled louder next to me and a chill went up my spine.

"A creature of darkness" the ground in front of Raphael opened up and a hand covered in shadows rose up. It had bandages over grey dead skin and green armor. The rest of the armor rose followed by an untamed brown main then a face with nothing but glowing red eyes.

Anu had backed into my leg, snarling still. Her reaction didn't help my feelings towards this monster of darkness as it climbed its way out of the hole. Darkness dripped of it like water.

"What is that thing" I asked. It was making Anu back around me. She looked like an animal that had been cornered by a much larger animal.

"I told you, when Eaotos goes to the graveyard. This monster is summoned to the field. Say hello to my guardian dread-scythe"

Dread yes, Guardian no; were my thoughts. How the heck did one like Raphael have this…thing in his deck?

"Hello" I said, trying to relieve the chill I got from it "and goodbye"

Raphael added its name by giving it a reaper scythe that made Anu bump into me again. She was now sitting dead straight in front of me. Her hair standing like she had been electrocuted. She refused to hide behind me but I couldn't duel with her sitting like that.

"Anu" I whispered and one of her ears twitched in my direction "I need you stand beside me not in front of me. We're a team" she whined a bit but slowly moved to where she was on my right. I patted her head and narrowed my eyes at the creature that frightened her.

"Its power grows for every monster in my graveyard" he said surprising me.

"I thought you despised having monsters in your graveyard"

"But I despise you even more" he snapped, the seal on his head now was green again. Maybe the changing of colors was it trying to control him again; his eyes had cleared when Eaotos had disappeared. "So what are a few monsters in the grave, if it means destroying you forever? And with only five hundred life points left, you won't last long"

My eyes narrowed, the seal was now deep rooted in his mind, and I was going to have a hard time getting it out.

"Try me" I challenged hopping my challenge would slowly push the real Raphael back out. The one I respected, the one I really wanted to duel with no stakes, no shadow games, and Yugi by my side. "Your move"

He smirked at me

"You sound pretty anxious to lose your soul."

I shifted stances and said

"I'm not worried" my eyes met him dead on.

"Well you should be" he shouted drawing for his move. He switched his guardian to attack mode and Anu snarled again. "What's wrong, your mutt afraid of my monster" I didn't answer him.

He smirked

"Then I'll sacrifice every other monster I have so Dread-scythe can absorbed their strength"

I was having flash backs of my time under the seal as I yelled at him. He didn't disserve to follow down my mistake. I had; still felt guilty about betraying my monsters and I knew if he had been in his right mind, he would to.

My pleas fell on deaf ears as his monsters shattered one by one. He just smiled at me as his monsters points rose. I shook my head at him.

"By Timaus it's been a blast" Raphael said and I narrowed my eyes.

"Just go" I said sadly and he complied with my request.

The creature of darkness, now that I looked closer looked like the Guardian Eaotos but a possessed dead version. Raised her scythe and slashed at Timaus. Anu whined and dark magician fell of the shattered dragon before shattering himself.

My life points went down to 300 and I glared at the man across from me.

I drew, not fazed outwardly by the loss of my creatures. I activated Card of Sanctity and we both drew. I then summoned a monster that had helped Yugi and me before. The pink marsh-mellow bounced around a bit. It vanished a moment later to be replaced by Dark magician girl.

She waved her wand in glee and Anu snorted next to me.

"Then I'll play this" I slid a card into the magic/trap card slots. "And end my turn.

"I think it's about time I put you out of your misery" Raphael said and my eyes narrowed.

He played a card that had my eyes widened and Anu whining. If he attacked Dark magician girl would be switched to attack and I would lose the duel…and my soul.

Red eyes flashed as Magician girl stood, her eyes wide in shook.

"Wipe out his Magician and his life points" the creature jumped and swung its scythe but I raised my arm and yelled

"Magical pigeon" Anu snorted as if laughing but I ignored her.

A hat covered my monster and turned into two birds when cleaved in two. I explained to Raphael as the two birds landed on top of the cards.

"You're just stalling" he snapped placing two cards face down. Dark magician girl reappeared and I looked up when Raphael started to speak to me.

"Pharaoh can't you see your out of options. It's pointless to drag this out"

I closed my eyes and said

"I'm well aware the odds are in your favor but that's no reason to give up" Yugi had taught me that "Raphael you may have the magic of the Orichalcos but I have something stronger" I raised my fist where Tea had drawn on us years ago "a belief in the heart of the cards and in myself" I placed that same hand on Anu "and Anu's belief in me"

"How touching" he said sarcastically "but how soon you forget, you were once ruled by darkness"

"Lies" Anu whispered in my mind "you ruled in a land tainted by darkness…but you were not dark yourself. In fact you were one of the purest people I knew"

I stared at her before looking back at Raphael. I shook my head and vowed to help him conquer the darkness that filled him, just as Yugi helped me.

"This duel is far from over" I looked at the card and had to hold back a smirk. Instead I said "I know firsthand what the Orichalcos does to a person's heart, but I can help you. Think when Eaotos was destroyed you unleashed your anger on your other monsters. You let the Orichalcos feed on your rage. Like I did" my frowned deepened as I tried to convince him

"So what's your point" he said unfazed

"My point" I snapped then forced my tone calm "is that this isn't who you really are. The darkness with in you has taken control. And now you must face that darkness head on, it's the only way for you to save yourself."

He just snorted at me and I felt as if my words slid right off him.

"You need to be saved."

I raised a card up; knowing dueling him might be the only way

"If you don't believe my words, then maybe this will convince you" my plan was already forming and Anu looked up at me confused

"What are you holding" a confused Raphael asked

"A card that forces you to take a closer look at yourself; Underworld circle"

He looked even more confused.

"Behold" I said "it's time to take some response ability for what you've done" just as I did and we all must do in the end "underworld circle activate."

Dark magician girl vanished as did his guardian of darkness. Raphael took a step back, confused and afraid. The seal began to spin faster and faster and Anu whined at my side, wanting to know what I was doing as darkness rose from the spinning seal's outer layer.

"Witness your true darkness" I said as I summoned the shadows to my aid, feeding to the cards already dark effect. I rubbed Anu's head, willing her to trust me as our friends vanished behind the shield of black.

To be continued…

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