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Daniel paused in front of her door, hand poised to knock. He hesitated before his fist could make contact with the door. It had been three days after all, maybe she still didn't want anything to do with him.

A week ago if you had asked him if he would have enjoyed three days of solitude in isolation without the presence of Vala Mal Doran, he wholeheartedly would have responded with a 'yes'. However, if you had asked him the same question this afternoon as he waited impatiently for his blood test results to clear him, then it would have been a different story. Truth be told, he had never been more miserable. Even after he started feeling better, he still was far from okay. He missed her, plain and simple. Sure they had been apart before when she disappeared into the Ori galaxy and when she had been kidnapped by the Trust, but this was different. This time she was the one that wanted away from him and it was all his fault.

Three days alone in that room with only the occasional visit from Sam, Teal'c or Mitchell up in the observation room had definitely changed his perspective. Not once had Vala come by to see him. Not that he had really expected her to, he had been more than a jerk to her he realized. So, here he stood now in front of her door, the only place he could think of coming to first after his release from that quiet and lonely room.

"Well, are you going to knock or not?" A voice asked him from behind.

He spun around to face her. She had her hands on her hips, giving him one of her haughty looks. He had prepared ahead of time what he was going to say when he finally saw her again, carefully choosing the right words. But when he actually found himself face to face with her, those words wouldn't come out. Instead, he found himself trying his best not to imitate a fish out of water.

"Vala..." He started after he found his voice again

"Looks like you're feeling better." She noted, stepping around him, trying to get to her door "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

"Wait." He demanded, blocking her from entering with his arm across the door.


"Vala, just listen to me, please."

"Fine." She cocked her head to the side and narrowed her gaze on him.

"I'm sorry." He looked down at the floor and shook his head. Gathering his courage for the next phase in his plan to garner Vala's forgiveness, he looked back up into her eyes. "I want to show you something."

"Anything kinky?" She asked with a slight suggestive grin. He just shook his head and grabbed her hand before she could object.

"C'mon, follow me." He pulled he along until she lost her reluctance to come with him. Once to the surface of the mountain complex, Daniel signed them out and led her to his car. He opened the passenger side door for her, gesturing for her to get in. She came up to him toe to toe with her hands on her hips.

"Just where are we going?" She asked without getting into the car.

"You'll see. Will you just get in?... please."

"Alright, but this better be good." She pointed at him and got in. He shut the door for her and crossed over to the driver's side and sat behind the wheel. They took off and headed down the road. Several more times Vala inquired about their destination, but Daniel fended off her questions, intent on taking her to the spot he had been thinking about taking her to for days.

After about twenty minutes, he turned onto a dirt road leading up a steep hill. He pulled into a small unpaved parking area and stopped the car.

"Here we are...well, almost... actually, we have to walk the rest of the way."

"And where is here exactly?" She asked rhetorically as he got out and opened her door, but he ignored her question.

"There's a trail over there." He pointed. "It's not a very far walk."

When she made no move to follow him, he came back to her and took her hand.

"C'mon, I promise this will be worth it."

"Alright, but if I ruin my shoes, you're buying me a new pair."

"I'll buy you a closet full of shoes if you'll just come along." He led her to the trail and the duo headed into the woods where tall trees lined the narrow path as it grew steeper and steeper.

"This had really better be good." Vala huffed and puffed as they climbed.

"It's just a little bit further." He assured her. Finally, the hill crested and the trees thinned out. The trail led to an open clearing that ended with a steep cliff. Off in the distance the snow-capped mountains were silhouetted by the setting sun as dazzling arrays of reds, oranges and purples lit up the sky behind them. Daniel walked up to the edge of the cliff and stopped.

"This is it." He announced with a sweep of his hands as Vala joined him with a questioning look.

"This is very pretty, but why are we here?" She asked.

"Jack used to drag me up here all of the time and to tell the truth, I hated it at first. I used to have a pretty good fear of heights and every time we came to this spot, all I could ever think about was this cliff here and how far down it was. I was so scared of the remote possibility of falling, that I failed to notice how beautiful the view was. It wasn't until we came here the fourth or fifth time around that I finally looked up and noticed how wonderful this spot was. I felt foolish for letting my fear hold me back from truly enjoying what was actually here" He gazed deep into her eyes and took her hand in his. With his other hand he pushed back a curl that had fallen in her face and tucked it behind her ear, grazing the side of her cheek as he did so.

"I'm afraid I've been a fool again. I've allowed fear to rule too much of my life and I've been so afraid of being hurt that I didn't want to let you get too near, so I pushed you away, because, quite frankly, you scare me to death." He laughed a little and she smiled, he drew courage from that and continued. "But I don't want to be dominated by my fear anymore. I'm sorry I was so stupid to not realize how much I was missing out on you just because I was a coward. I never knew how empty my life was before I knew you and I don't want to go back to that lonely place anymore. I want you to be with me and I don't want to let fear get in the way anymore. Do you think you could forgive me for being such an idiot?"

"I think I could do that." She smiled at him as her face had grew soft and tears sparkled around the rims of her eyes. He put his hands on both of her cheeks and remarked on how the setting sun highlighted her dark hair, creating a halo around her. He drew her in close and pressed her into an embrace. He felt her arms tighten around him before she laid her head on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and took in the scent and soft feel of her hair as he laid a hand on the back of her head.

They stood there for sometime, each enjoying the feel and comfort in the others arms as the sun sank further and the sky darkened. Sensing that they would need to leave soon if they were to find their way back to the car before it was too dark to see anything, they reluctantly pulled apart.

Looking into her eyes again he leaned his head towards her face and kissed her softly on the lips. Emboldened by the feel of her lips pressing back against his, he fell further into the kiss. All reason and logic fled as they explored the heights and depths of their passion and when their mouths finally released each other, it had grown to be pitch black, with only the light of the moon left to guide them back.

"Guess I should have thought to bring a flashlight." He joked.

"That's alright, we can always feel our way back." She grabbed his hand and they walked back towards the dark wooded trail. "I'm sure as long as we stick to each other we won't get lost." He smiled at her and she at him. Hand-in-hand they walked into the night together.

The End