A poem based on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Author's note is at the bottom. I don't own Majora's Mask or any of its related characters and concepts.

* * *

Circular Narration

Tick tock goes the clock
The moon is falling down
Find the nameless enemy
Who threatens a quiet town

Bloody battles, violent shock
Monsters at every turn
Little boy, face your fears
Fate will not adjourn

Faces swim before your eyes
Faces you always knew
Some are human, some are masks
Can you distinguish between the two?

They dance about this cheerful town
They work, they play, they love
They hide themselves behind the masks
To elude the face above

The face that threatens all the world
Is but a shadow cast
Who in truth is the enemy?
Is it human? Monster? Or mask?

You fight the bad, you help the good
For nothing, this is true
No matter what you do for them
They won't remember you

Time circles you and these events
The people you help or kill
Do you think you saved the world this time?
You didn't. You never will.

So close the wounds, salve the pains
Let them heal and mend
Save the world, then play a song
And do it all again

* * *

Well that's the poem, hope you guys liked. I have to tell you how I ended up writing it. The poem itself was written on a Sudden Burst of Inspiration (which conveniently decided to come to me when I was in the middle of learning a new topic in chemistry), but the concept had been stewing around in my brain for months, ever since I played Majora's Mask. It happened like this...

I started a game of Majora's Mask, got into it, started beating the temples and getting the masks and all. Link, Tatl, and I jumped around Termina helping various people. It wasn't until we came to the sad case of Anju and Kafei that the whole time-travel thing really began to bother me. I liked Anju and Kafei. I thought they were cool people who deserved to be reunited. Link and Tatl and I helped them out, got to Sun's Mask back to Kafei, and witnessed their reunion scene. I thought it was very sweet and I happily told them (though they couldn't hear me) that there was no need to worry, the moon wasn't going to fall, Link and I were going to fix everything. And we did fix everything. The only way we could. We went back to the Dawn of the First Day and the first thing I saw was Kafei coming out of the Laundry Pool to mail his letter to Anju.

I was mad. Really mad. We might as well have done nothing. We didn't help Anju and Kafei at all. We may have reunited them, but the reality was that once those three days were turned back, they were back to square one. And so the concept of Circular Narration sprang into my mind as a result of my bitterness over the poor couple.

Try to imagine, if you will. Try to imagine what it would be like to live a day, or two days, or three days over again and again, and never touch anyone at all.