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Chapter Four.

Cringing, I felt my face arrange into a hard mask of anger. My eyes narrowed, and my hands balled up.

Before I could control my actions, I had grabbed a fistful of orange slush and I had flung it straight in Kelsey Moss's face.


The shocked silence was almost tangible.

"Jesus Christ!" someone yelled after a moment. The sound of it echoed off the walls of the small cafeteria, reverberating in the stunned quiet.

Kelsey's expression was the typical dramatic face. Her jaw hung open in shock, and she slowly wiped off the food.

"Williams," she hissed.

I squared my jaw. Kelsey Moss wasn't enough to intimidate me. Her little followers, Julia Dean and Heather Snightly, stood flanked on Kelsey's sides, looking appalled. They fluttered around Kelsey uselessly, but Kelsey wasn't paying any attention to them.

She was glaring at me. I stood up from my seat steadily, and kept my face unruffled as Kelsey gathered her composure.

"What," she began, speaking slowly and clearly, "did you just do to me, Williams?"

"I flung food in your face." Obviously. I shrugged indifferently.

"Are you aiming to ruin your social life, Williams? Is that, like, your goal in life or something?" Kelsey asked through clenched teeth.

My expression remained serene, and raised my eyebrows. I knew it was ticking Kelsey off by me not fighting back. "No. Actually, Moss, my goal in life is to become a professional soccer player." And see Hayden Daniels again, but I didn't mention that. I'd been wishing that wish for two years, and it has been futilely acknowledged.

Kelsey took a step forward, getting in my face. She glared right into my eyes, which betrayed no emotion.

"You think you're so cool, Addison Williams. You don't live in Texas anymore. This is my kingdom."

I snorted in her face, laughing at hearing Forks being called a "kingdom".

But I didn't let on how deep her words cut; because I really did rule my school in Houston. But I knew I wasn't like Kelsey. I was just nice to everyone, not treating everyone like dirt, or like I was better than they were.

I opened my mouth to retort, but was interrupted by a sickening splat.

Kelsey shuddered, and spun around slowly to face the silence.

She looked at the back of her shirt, which I noticed was oozing slush down the back. I snickered silently.

"Who did this?" she thundered.

No one answered.

Another splat hit her on the back of her hair, just narrowly missing my head.

She spun the other direction, and shrieked.

I couldn't keep in the chortle this time. She glared at me maliciously.

"You think this is funny, Williams?" Even though she whispered the words, I knew the whole cafeteria could hear.

"Yes, I do, actually."

I grabbed another handful of orange mush. I think it was supposed to be applesauce or something, but I didn't care. I dumped it straight on the crown of her head.

I smirked. "I think it's time for a little food fight, Moss."

Kelsey's eyes barely had time to widen before the chaos ensued.

The lunchroom was in an uproar in an instant, particles of food flying in every direction.

Chris Baker was standing in his chair, lobbing clumps of spaghetti at a group of girls who were trying to duck to safety.

Emmett Cullen had gone to stand in the middle of the cafeteria, in the center of where the food was soaring, cackling with Rosalie Hale the whole time.

Sam Arlington had gone to Julia Dean and stuffed a wad of ice cubes down the back of her shirt, and Wesley Day was standing on the tabletop, stamping on packages of ketchup with his foot and squirting them at passersby.

Jacob Black was firing handfuls of food at people like they were baseballs; he made it seem like he threw groceries at people every day.

Nessie and Alice Cullen were throwing grapes at one another and laughing and squealing, and Edward was chasing Bella Black around their table with two rolls in his hands. I was momentarily distracted by how graceful their movements were – they made a ballerina look like a klutz.

Edward Cullen suddenly looked up to meet my eyes, and Bella did, too. They smiled at me, but then Bella was hit in the ear by a burned potato. That had to hurt, I thought. The potato merely bounced humorously off her head and squashed on the floor.

The blonde boy, Jasper, laughed at them.

After about ten minutes of watching the food fight, I looked to see Kelsey Moss standing just where she had been before. Her jaw looked like it would never close unless you oiled it. I began to laugh, but then a hard something struck the back of my head. I felt dizzy, everything was turning black, the roar of the food fight was dying out, and then last thing I felt was coming in contact with the provisions of the fight on the cold, hard floor.



"Oh, I hope she's alright!" a high, silky voice fluttered.

"Nessie, relax, she was just knocked out by a block of lasagna," another deeper voice reassured.

"You guys, hush, she's awake!" a bell-sounding voice shushed.

I wondered how this person knew that. I didn't think I had opened my eyes.

"Alice!" a male voice hissed.

"Edward, please. She's been knocked out by a hunk of food, do you honestly think she cares about…" the bell-like voice countered, fading into a quick hum at the end.

I felt groggy and disoriented, like I had been asleep for days. I was sure I had only been out for a few minutes, yet I could not remember how I had rendered unconscious.

I settled to listening to the voices banter for a while. I did not feel like opening my eyes, and a spot in my head throbbed, like a hammer was being knocked into it repeatedly.

"Addie? Addie! It's Renesmee. Someone threw a chunk of lasagna at you during the food fight, and, well, you know how hard that lasagna is… and then you kind of got knocked out, and so I forced Jacob to carry you to the nurse."

Rensemee! I knew her. I groaned in recognition, but I did not open my eyes.

"I told you," the bell-voice said smugly.

A person close to my ear sighed. I assumed it was Nessie.

"Addison, would you please open your eyes?" a soft, female voice asked.

I tried, and successfully fluttered my eyes open. I glanced around me, and gasped. There were eight people surrounding my hospital bed, and they all were implausibly beautiful. The second thing I took in almost simultaneously was that I was lying on some crinkled paper in the nurse's office.

Rensemee Cullen was right next to my head, followed by Alice, Jacob, Bella, Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and Rosalie at my feet.

I hoisted myself into a sitting position.

I slurred something inaudible, rubbed my eyes, and asked, "What happened?"

Emmett Cullen laughed. The boom of it hurt my ears and made my head thud painfully.

"You kind of started a food fight. And then you were knocked out by lasagna."

"Oh," was all I could answer. It wasn't every day you could pass out by a chunk of school food.

"Of course, you could sue the school, you know," Edward Cullen said, grinning.

I scowled, and I was still missing some piece of information. Like, why there were eight people around my bed.

"What – but – Nessie?" I stammered. Why did she bring her whole family, too? I barely knew any of them.

"Hmmm?" Nessie asked. She didn't know what I was talking about.

I raked my eyes pointedly across the line of her family. She smiled sheepishly, yet angelically.

"Right," she began. "You don't know everyone. Formally."

Her brothers all threw her a look concurrently.

She stuck out her tongue at Edward, smiled, and continued. "Alice and Jacob," she gestured towards them, "Bella, Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and that's Rosalie." She pointed to each person to indicate who was who, and I appreciated that.

"Hi," I said shyly.

Alice and Bella beamed at me, as did Jacob. Jasper and Edward sent me a small smile, and Emmett laughed. Rosalie merely waved a little wave.

Good. At least they did not hate me.

At least, I didn't think.

"We all wanted to see if you were okay," explained Bella, reading my bewildered expression.

"Oh," I mumbled, looking down. "Thanks."

Alice Cullen leaned in to sniff my shoulder. I froze automatically, not knowing why, as she did so.

"Addison, you smell like carrots and broccoli," she stated. Nessie giggled, breaking my tension.

I laughed. "You guys don't look too clean yourselves."

Emmett grinned. "That food fight was fun, Addison. You should pick fights with that chick every day."

I grimaced. "I think there's been enough done today. What's the damage?"

"In the cafeteria?" Alice clarified. "Well, the fight was still in full swing when we left, but when people began to see you unconscious, they started to stop. Jordan Barlow and Bryant Ellis tried to put everyone back in order before a teacher came; but of course, the translation of that meant 'before that Moss girl and her fangirls snitch on us,' and then Jacob lifted you up and carried you out of the room.

"But I'm sure that after they saw us rushing you out of the room, they quit throwing the food. I hope that girl and her cohorts get detentions, because they deserve it. Did you see the way she treated you?" Alice asked, beginning to rant. Her tiny hands balled into fists, and her eyes narrowed. I must not have been the only one to notice this, as Edward raised his eyebrows and quickly shared a glance with me, interrupting his sister.

"Yes, Alice, I agree, she completely provoked Addison, but that doesn't mean we need to get ahead of ourselves."

My eyebrows pulled together in confusion, because I had a strange sense there was a double meaning in his words. He threw a frantic glance in my direction that I didn't understand, and looked at Bella and communicated silently with Nessie.

"I'm getting sick of this," Emmett randomly called out. "Addison, your name is hard to say," he said bluntly. "So I'm going to call you Addie. Okay?"

I laughed. "That's what I like to be called anyway."

"Oh. Well…" Emmett trailed off. I laughed at him again. I found Nessie's family easy to talk to, as well.

"So, Addie, are you okay?" Renesmee asked.

I smiled. "Yes, Nessie, I'm fine. Now, let's go be food fight heroines." I jumped off the hospital bed and linked my arm through Renesmee's and we walked out the building together. Alice soon joined up and linked her arm through my other one, and Bella hooked onto Nessie's. Rosalie had to join in, too, slipping her arm daintily through Alice's. Looking behind us, I saw the boys in Nessie's family walking behind us and watching with amused expressions.

We sloshed through the rain, gracefully on their part, maladroitly on mine.

"I swear, if Kelsey gets in trouble I'm going to have problems keeping in my laughter," I said.

"Oh, so that's her name!" Alice and Bella exclaimed at the same time.

Nessie and I giggled.

"Why do you two hate each other so much?" asked Rosalie. That's the first time I'd heard her speak, and her voice was as silvery as all the other girls in Nessie's family.

My jaw tightened. "It's a long story."

They didn't comment, and I was suddenly enveloped in a memory.

"Adds, time for school!" Brandon called from downstairs. I ran a brush through my hair and dashed down the staircase.

First day ever at Forks High School, and no Hayden to be there with me, giving me a friendly hug as we parted to our separate third grade classes. No Hayden to squeeze my hand reassuringly on the first day at our new boarding school.

I rushed into Grace's car, and she drove me to the school. It was really just a bunch of buildings huddled together in a sad little clump. My new school until college. I sighed, and clambered out.

I walked through the ever-present rain to the main office and received my schedule. Apparently I missed registration.

The lady there smiled at me, and wished me good luck. I thanked her and left.

After my first period was when all the chaos began. A girl with heavy make-up waltzed up to me, her brown – almost black – hair swayed behind her. It was so straight that you would have put it through a hurricane and nothing would have happened. I snorted internally.

The girl was flanked on her left and right by two other girls: the left one had frizzy, curly sandy hair, and the right one had blonde hair that hung limply around her face. They wore identical smirks on their faces.

"Addison, right?" the girl with the straight hair asked.

"Addie," I corrected, shifting the weight of my books to my other arm.

"Addie, then," the girl amended, and I noted her vile, high-pitched, sickly-sweet voice.

I stood there awkwardly.

"So, we were wondering," the girl began, flipping her rigid hair over her shoulder, "if you would like to hang out with us today."

"Sure!" I answered, ecstatic that I was talking to someone. I missed my school in Texas terribly, where I knew everyone, and everyone liked me, and I had Hayden, and everyone was sweet and colorful, and cheerful. Did the rain and gray here make everyone boring?

The girl snickered with her two friends. "By the way, I'm Kelsey. This is Julia and Heather."

"Hey," said the frizzy-haired girl, Julia.

"Hey," I answered.

"So, where'd you come from?" asked Kelsey.

"I'm came from Houston, Texas."

"Really?" piped up Blondie, or Heather.

"Yeah," I answered warily.

"Aren't there, like, tons of hot guys there?" Heather asked.

"I guess so," I mumbled. I didn't like talking about my friends like that.

We started walking towards the door.

"What's your next class, Addie?" Julia asked me.

"Uhm." I fumbled with my schedule. "Government."

"Really?" Kelsey clarified. "Mine, too!"

"That's cool," I said, struggling to keep my voice normal. I was beginning to get sick of these girls already.

As we walked by, the other students of Forks High stopped to gawk at us. I held my chin up and my shoulders back confidently, and walked next to Kelsey and Julia.

Kelsey thumped into a freshman boy accidentally.

"Watch where you're going, twerp!" she snarled.

The boy cringed and scampered away.

I felt my eyebrows pull together in confusion. Did she have a right to treat him like that?

"The social classes, Addison," Kelsey said, reading my expression. "The three of us are treated with the same amount of respect as the seniors."

That was surprising, but I didn't let it show on my face.

When we parted to the classroom, Kelsey didn't even say anything to Julia and Heather. I mumbled a "goodbye" and scurried after Kelsey.

We sat down, and the teacher called the class to order.

Kelsey would make faces at him every time he turned his back to the class, and she would always raise her hand to ask stupid and pointless questions, such as, "why couldn't the Legislature just run our country? They're really, like, doing just as good as the President. Like, who needs one man to run the country, anyway?"

After class, Kelsey and I met up with Julia and Heather again, and we walked to lunch. Julia and Heather walked on the outside of our line, shoving people in the way out, clearing our path.

"Move. Move. Move." They would repeat, thrusting people to the left and right as if they were royalty.

At lunch, a sophomore boy came up to Kelsey and asked her out.

"No, you creep, you're wounding my ego. Why would I like to even talk to someone like you? Your hair is greasy, your nose is too long, and I hate your shirt. So, scram," was Kelsey's response.

This was not the first time Kelsey had talked to someone like this. She had done it many times already, and it was only lunchtime.

I'd had enough. "Kelsey, don't you think that was a little harsh?" I asked gently.

She snorted. "No. The underclassmen don't need to be treated kindly. Well, except us, of course." She snickered with Heather and Julia.

"They're still people!" I said, incredulous at Kelsey's indifferent behavior.

She rolled her eyes. "Really, Addison? I thought they were vampires," she retorted sarcastically.

Kelsey was still regarding people like filth on Tuesday, and I was getting extremely sick of it. But I was quickly making other friends.

I met my real friends in Forks on that Wednesday. It was Gym class, and we were playing kickball on the little baseball field.

The pitcher rolled the ball towards me, and I kicked it as hard as possible away from me once my foot came in contact with the red rubber.

Darting around the bases, none of the members of the opposite team could catch me.

I smiled and ran even faster.

Once I made it back to home, my team cheered and clapped me on the back.

"You know, you should try out for the soccer team," one girl said. She had long brown hair, tied up into a plait at the back of her head. She was pale, and her cheekbones were sprinkled with brown freckles.

"Forks has a soccer team?" I asked.

The girl laughed a gentle laugh. "Hard to believe in a town this small, isn't it? But soccer is the only recreational sport that Forks has to offer for the girls. The boys get a baseball team, a soccer team and a football team." She made a face. "By the way, I'm Olivia Roberts."

"Hey, Olivia. I'm Addie." I said.

She grinned cheekily at me. "I know. I see you hanging out with Kelsey Moss and her posse."

I grimaced.

Olivia chuckled. "So you've begun to see the evil in her rather than being brainwashed?"

"Yes. Does she always step all over people like that?"

"Yeah. And it's only the second day of school. She gets worse at the year progresses."

"Fabulous," I groaned

Olivia's face turned serious. "I would stay away from her, Addie. She's bad news."

"Oh," I mumbled. I already guessed that much. I changed the subject. "So are you on the soccer team, then?"

"Yeah," Olivia laughed. "It's hard to find girls here that aren't cheerleaders, or ballerinas."

I snorted. I could already tell which ones the cheerleaders were; they were the ones on the corner of the baseball field that were waving their arms around and yelling chants in the distance.

"I'll let you meet some other girls from the team." Olivia took my hand and dragged me over to another group of girls. I felt self-conscious. Olivia seemed nice enough, I guess, but I still felt shy around her. But she had some Southern qualities to her, like the fact that she was bubbly and kind, and I let that thought comfort me as she towed me to the group of girls in the kicking line.

"Hey, girls, this is Addie. She likes soccer, too!" Olivia chirped to the group.

The girls looked at me in interest. It made me feel like a lab rat under speculation.

Each of the girls introduced themselves.

"I'm Leigh Headrick. Did you know today was National Crush A Can day?" a girl asked me. She had dark hair that was thrown into a messy bun, and she had dull blue eyes that sparkled with true curiosity.

"Uhm, no, I didn't know that," I muttered. "It's nice to meet you, Leigh."

The girl next to Leigh rolled her eyes. She had blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail with her side-bangs tucked behind her ear. "I'm Samantha Arlington. But call me Sam if you know what's good for you. And, by the way, try to ignore Leigh. She can be extremely airheaded sometimes." She smirked and I smiled in response. Leigh smacked Sam on her arm.

The next girl was tall and had straight, long brown hair. "I'm Jordan Barlow." Jordan stuck out her hand in a friendly manner and I shook it, smiling.

"I'm Caroline Campbell," said the last girl in a soft voice. She was small, but had lots of obvious muscles.

"Hey, everyone," I said, biting my lip.

"So what other kids of sports do you play, Addie?" Sam asked.

"Oh, I play soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, and anything else that involves running round." I grinned, remembering Hayden, some friends, and I skipping a whole day of classes to play flag football.

I sighed.

"Aren't you that girl that hangs out with those snobs?" asked Jordan.

Sam smacked her. "Way to come right out and say it, Jord," she muttered.

"Unfortunately," I moaned.

"Aren't you from Texas?" Jordan pried.


"Huh," said Jordan. "You don't have an accent, but you're really tan."

"Uhm." Was my genius response.

"You guys, you're putting her under pressure!" whined Olivia. "She probably hates us now."

I laughed. "No, it's okay. I don't hate you." I was uncomfortable, yes, but I felt better around these people than Kelsey.

A boy with floppy, bleach blonde hair and another shorter boy with sandy hair came jogging up to us.

"Hey, we heard you talking about sports, so of course we came to join in the conversation." The blonde boy grinned.

"Oh, go pee in a bush, Chris," said Leigh.

The boy named Chris laughed. Then he looked at me. "Hey, you're that chick that eats lunch with Kelsey Moss, Julia Dean, and Heather Snightly!" He gasped in recognition.

I crinkled my nose. So this is how everyone knew me.

The other boy asked, "You're not as mean as they are, are you?"

I sighed. "I hope not." I hoped very much.

"I'm Chris Baker," said the blonde.

"Bryant Ellis," said the other boy.

I needed to get this straight. Olivia, Leigh, Sam, Jordan, Caroline, Chris, and Bryant. Got it.

"Your name is Addison, right?" asked Bryant.

"Addie," I corrected.

"Right. You're a good ball player," he said to me. I mumbled incoherently as he addressed the other girls. "Olivia, are you recruiting her to the team? You could use a new player, you girls get worn out playing the whole game. Addie here is really fast, you could use her."

Olivia giggled. "Bryant, what do you think I was doing, bringing her to the rest of the team? I wasn't just trying to convince her that we're better than the Kelsey Moss crew."

Caroline suddenly blanched. "You hang out with Kelsey Moss?"

I nodded mutely as Jordan demanded, "Jesus, Caroline, where have you been?"

Sam nudged Chris. "Coach is telling us to go change. We should head back up to the dressing rooms."

We trudged up to the school.

After I changed, I met up with Kelsey, Julia, and Heather for my last class.

Kelsey's eyes flashed when I met up with her. "What were you doing, laughing with those other kids?" she demanded, hands on hips.

"I was meeting new people," I answered serenely. "Aren't I allowed to talk to other people?" I added innocently.

The rest of the week passed, and I had signed up for the soccer team, and talked with Olivia and the rest of her friends in Gym.

The first time I abandoned Kelsey was when all the drama started.

It was the second week of school, and lunch had just ended.

Kelsey cornered me in the bathroom. "Why are you eating with them?" she commanded. "You're supposed to be part of my clique!"

"What?" I screeched.

Kelsey smirked. "Please, Addison. I'm not this nice to everyone, you know. I knew you had potential, so I welcomed you with open arms. But how are you supposed to get close to me if you're not hanging out with me?" she gasped bitterly. "I don't want to see you with them again."

I squared my jaw and my teeth snapped together. "Who are you to control my life? I can be friends with whomever I want."

Another thought flitted across my brain.

"And you know what?" I asked acrimoniously, "Those 'friends' do not – and will not – include you."

And with that hovering in the air, I turned on my heel and stalked out of the bathroom.

Kelsey has made my life a living hell since then. Mostly, she has pathetic attempts to embarrass me that don't make any difference in anyone's mind whatsoever, but her intentions were the same.

"Addie? Addie!" someone was calling.

I shuddered into the present. I didn't even want to think about some of the things she'd said and done to me, no matter how pitiable they were.

"Does she do this often?" a voice, it sounded like Rosalie Hale, asked.

"Well, she did, once… earlier in the day," another voice answered. I recognized the voice to be Renesmee Cullen's. "But, really, Rosalie, I haven't even known her for a full day. How am I supposed to know if this is normal behavior?"

I became minutely aware of my surroundings. I was linking arms with Alice and Rensemee Cullen, and I remembered now we were on our way to the cafeteria.

I glanced behind me and saw Edward Cullen, Nessie and Alice's brother, staring at me with wide eyes.

Could he possibly know what Kelsey had done to me?

No. Not possible. This family wasn't even in this state at those points in time.

I realized I had been zoning out in memories again, and I blushed. They probably thought I was crazy.

"Addie?" Bella asked gently. "Are you alright? We'd been calling your name for a while…."

I flushed again. Yup, they thought I deserved to be locked up in a mental institute.

Jasper Hale chuckled behind us, and we stepped into the cafeteria.

It was an absolute mess. Food was plastered all over the white walls, and I could no longer see the checkered tile on the floor.

Tiny Mrs. Walker and Mr. Fuller, the Government teacher, were fussing at the students about responsibility.

When Kelsey laid her glare on me, her eyes turned from narrowed, to slits.

She sauntered over to me and Nessie's family, coming to a halt about six feet away.

"I hope you're happy," she snarled.

"Extremely happy," I growled in response.

Emmett Cullen suddenly snorted, distracting me. Nessie, Alice, and Bella started giggling as well; and I realized that the contrast between my words and tone were quite funny.

I let out one hard, frustrated laugh as well, and decided to forget this whole event.

I should really forget this whole day.

Kelsey grumbled and stomped out the door.

"What time is it?" I turned to ask Jacob Black, who I knew was wearing a watch.

He glanced down and said, "Two-fifty."

Oh. Ten minutes left of school.

I hoped desperately that I could last that long without succumbing to what my mind wanted.

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