Tony stood in the shadows of a quaint theater, he arrived fashionably late, as usual, but at least he wasn't bleeding this time, but that's for another day and another story. His youngest daughter, Tali, was performing in her 12th dance recital. When the performance ended, like the 11th previous times, the most vociferous person in the crowd was her father, but was she embarrassed? Not at all. If there's one thing Tali loved more than dancing and she loved dancing, was her father. She was the definition of a daddy's girl. Nothing made her smile like her father, nothing.

She heard his voice and she looked around the theater trying to locate him, she would later joke to her mother that she and her father called this, "Where in the World is Daddy?"

He moved down the narrow walkway towards the stage, coming into sight. She smiled so big.

She had started dancing at 4, she was now 10-years old. He held up a rose in his hand, like he had done 11 times before, she squatted down, kissing him on the cheek, she took the rose from her father's hand..."Love you, Daddy."...She kissed him again..."Can we go for pizza?"

"Heh. Of course."

Tony turned, knowing Ziva would be shaking her head at him from somewhere in the crowd and she was, but she would also be smiling at him ready to welcome him with a hug and a kiss, which he craved the entire day, every day. Years later, Ziva would globe trot around the world with Tali. At age 17, she would be discovered in a mall and go on to become one of the most recognized supermodels in the world. She would appear on two Sports Illustrated covers. Ironically, Tony went from loving that magazine to not wanting to come within an arm's reach of it. Like her mother, she would embrace Judaism, but would swear off marriage forever. That was until she met the man of her dreams in Italy, he reminded her of her father and they would have two beautiful girls together, the first being name after her mother.

As they sat down to eat pizza, they always had to order at least three, because Junior would finish one off by himself. At thirteen, he was already taller than his mother and his big sister. Tony always joked with his son, telling him to, "Stop growin', would ya? Jeez."...Then he laughed and rubbed the top of his son's head. The joke was on him, his son would tower his father when everything was said and done, reaching the height of 6'6 and 3/4 and he always added 3/4, no matter what. His son would play in the NBA, a respectful career playing with the Indiana Pacers, bringing them their first NBA title. He would marry his college sweetheart and have three bouncin' baby boys, including Anthony, the III and yes, he would go to The Ohio State University, as well.

Constance never married, but that wasn't for the lack of trying, unlike Gibbs, she gave up before marriage, only getting engaged several times. Her career kept getting in the way, but despite that, she did have a child, a son: Dean. She worked with her father until he retired at the age of 55, she then went on to become the Medical Examiner at NCIS for 41 years, longer than anyone in history.

Gibbs married twice more and divorced twice more and he kept making boats and burning them, except for one, his soon-to-be ex-wife lit it on fire as they were on it. Hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned. He's still looking for a redhead who loves the smell of sawdust, but until then, he'll be in his basement, drinking bourbon, working on his boat.

Abby and McGee married, then divorced, then married again, only to divorce, then marry again. They had a daughter, they named her after people they loved and lost: Caitlin Sarah McGee. They might in fact be divorced again or not, you never know with them. Abby worked at NCIS for close to 30 years, retiring when McGee got tired of his job, being Director of NCIS.

Ducky retired and moved back to Scotland after his mother died at the age of 104. He married Jordan Hampton in a small ceremony next to a small castle they had bought together. The trip was plagued by countless haggis jokes and Tony's constant Sean Connery impressions, but beautiful just the same.

Gibbler was a major pain in the ass to Tony for over 20 years, but when he died, Tony cried like a baby. They say a man's best friend is a dog, but deep down, I'm thinking Tony was crying, not because he died, but because he finally knew he could touch his wife and not get barked at for doing it.

As for Tony and Ziva, they were married for over 42 years. He would die making love to her at the age of 82, coming and going at the same time or as he liked to call it, "The DiNozzo Way." She would live on without her soulmate for an additional 10 more years, but she wasn't the same. The coroner's finding determined she died from a heart attack, but anyone who knew her knew it was from a broken heart.