TacosXPieXAnime: So Anyways This Is My First Ouran Fic, So Be Gentle, However I Shall Accept The Flames To Toast My Marshmallows. So Any who This Fic Shall Consist Of The Thoughts Of All The Members On Haruhi. So Of Course Haruhi Will Not Be Included.

However With Each Written Name Is How I Will Write Their Thoughts. So Pay Attention.

Tamaki Kyouya Hikaru Kaoru Hunny Mori Everybody

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own!!

I remember the day my daughter saved me from the biggest mistake of my life.

I remember the day I was dumped at the mall and she was there with her assumptions.

I remember the day I saw her crying...and I felt like an ass.

I remember the spring break with her and my brother...

I remember her offering her best, even if it wasn't delicious chocolate.

I remember her helping me find Mitskuni-kun...

She's so incredibly adorable!

Haru-chan is always so cute.

She's so naive in her assumptions of the world.

She doesn't even know how much we think of her...

She has shown us the outside world, little by little...

She's rough and hardened, but breakable.

I want to protect her.

She is quite the amazing girl...

It almost hurts that she doesn't realize...

One day we will have to drift apart...

Graduation is coming, I don't want to leave Haru-chan behind...

I will remember her.

We All Will.

As The Girl We Fell In Love With.

Fujioka Haruhi.

TacosXPieXAnime: Mmmmm...It's kinda sad...Surry.

But I'm Pretty Sure The Guys Would Be Bummed By Graduation Don't Y'all?