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It was 1951 in Baltimore. The city was a great spot for a couple to raise a family. One couple agreed with that statement. Edward and Laura Sullivan had been married for ten years. He worked as a lawyer in the mayor's office and she worked in a small boutique that sold women's clothes. They had two kids, Sophie and Matthew. Sophie was 8 years old and Matthew was 5 years old. The Sullivan's lived in a lovely two story house with a porch, backyard and a fence. Edward was charming and handsome with a chiseled chin, green eyes and soft brown hair. Laura was nice looking with blue eyes and blonde shoulder length blonde hair. She was a beauty but not overly beautiful. Edward was 35 years old and Laura was 33 years old. Edward and Laura kept a tight schedule with everything they did. It was how they managed careers and family. Laura and Edward were kind to everyone they met. When he was at work Edward was tough but at home around family and friends he was a jokester. Laura was a really good cook and a doting mother. Edward was a little busier with work but he always made time for his wife and kids.

On the outside their marriage seemed happy. They were always seen smiling and holding hands. Laura's sister Julia lived on the other side of town so she was a constant visitor. Julia had blonde hair and blue eyes like Laura. She was 29 years old and a writer. Once a month, Edward and Laura would invite all of their family, friends and neighbors over for a party. They were well liked by all who met them.

One afternoon in early September the kids were in school. Julia had invited Laura to lunch at her house. Laura decided to go a little early to see if she could help with anything. As she drove up to the house she saw her sister with a man standing right outside the front door. The man had brown hair and was wearing a tan suit. Julia had her hands in his hair and his hands were moving up and down her back as they French kissed. Laura parked across the street wondering who the man was for Julia never mentioned dating anyone. Julia smiled at him as they parted. When the man turned around Laura gasped. It was Edward! She watched as he walked in the opposite direction. Anger built up inside of her as she took it all in. She figured that he parked a few blocks down as to avoid detection. Laura waited a few more minutes then got out of the car and walked up to Julia's house. She knocked on the door.

"Hi sis," she said as Julia opened the door. She noticed that her sister had fixed her hair and makeup.

"Hi come in," Julia replied smiling.

"How's the new book coming?" Laura asked. Julia had just begun her newest novel.

"Good. It's going to be about these two cousins who are close as sisters and one has an affair with the others husband," Julia answered.

Sounds like someone I know Laura thought looking at her sister.

"How are Edward and the kids doing in school?" Julia asked.

"They are doing well. Matthew just started so he has to adjust to the change. Sophie doesn't like getting homework but she has a group of friends and soon there will be birthday parties and sleepovers," Laura answered acting as if she never saw Julia and Edward together.

"And Edward just started a big case which keeps him busy. I'm glad to have the boutique while the kids are in school. It gets lonely at the house," she added looking at Julia's house wondering how long she and Edward were having the affair.

"I'm glad that you had time for lunch," Julia said.

"Me too. It's my day off and there's only an empty house to go back to," Laura told her.

"Plus you like visiting your little sister," Julia said.

"Plus that," Laura said not letting her anger show.

"So what's for lunch?" Laura asked changing the subject.

"Pastrami sandwiches and potato salad," Julia answered.

"Well then lead the way," Laura said still acting like nothing was wrong.

They had a nice lunch and Julia never suspected that Laura knew about the affair. Laura didn't mention anything to Edward that night either. A few days later Laura decided to confront him about the affair. She asked him to come home at his lunch break saying that she wanted to talk. The kids were at school again so it was just the two of them.

"Hey sweetie," Edward said kissing her cheek.

"Edward we need to talk," Laura told him.

"About what?" he asked.

"A few days ago I went to Julia's house for lunch. I arrived there early and you know what I saw?" she answered.


"You making out with Julia," Laura replied.

"I was at the office it couldn't have been me honey," he told her.

"It was you. I saw your face as you walked back to your car," she said. Her anger started to show.

Edward walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Then he walked into his office. She followed him.

"Admit it you are having an affair with my sister!" she exclaimed.

He turned to look at her. "If it makes you happy yes we are having an affair."

"How long?" she inquired.

"For the past three months," he replied.

"Why?" she demanded.

"It just happened. One day I went over for a quick "hello" and one thing led to another," he told her.

"We never meant for this to happen or to hurt you," he added.

"Then why keep at it for three months?" Laura asked.

"We couldn't stop, and I've come to love Julia," Edward answered.

As they were talking Laura moved closer to where the gun they owned was stored. It was a small handgun they got a month prior for protection because of the nature of Edward's work. He had some unhappy clients. She managed to grab the handgun and point it at him. Angry tears streamed down her face.

"Laura, don't do anything crazy," Edward said nervously looking at the gun.

"Crazy?! You bastard! You slept with my sister!" Laura said. Even though she didn't really intend to she pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Edward in the chest and he died a couple minutes later.

"Oh my god what have I done?" she asked.

Their next door neighbor heard the gunshot and called the police who soon arrived. They found Laura holding the gun kneeling next to her husband crying. They charged her with murder and she was let out on bail. A few days later a young teenage couple came across a body floating in the lake right outside of town. The police were called and soon identified the body as Laura's. She was never a strong swimmer. When they went to her house they found Sophie with tears in her eyes. She had a note in her hand. She handed it to the detective after being told that her mother had been found.

I was the one who shot Edward and I am sorry that he had to die but he deserved it. I feel that this is for the best.

Laura Sullivan

P.S I love you Sophie and Matthew

The police didn't understand what she meant by "he deserved it". They interviewed their neighbors, family and friends. Everyone agreed that they were a loving couple and that there seemed to be no problems. Julia never mentioned the affair to the police when she was questioned. As she spoke to them she was overwrought with emotion. A couple days later both Edward and Laura's body were laid to rest in the Sullivan family plot in the local cemetery. Julia had taken Sophie and Matthew in after their parents died and after the will was read she found that she had been given custody of them. A couple months after the tragic deaths of her sister and brother-in-law Julie found that she was pregnant with Edward's baby. She decided to keep the baby and tell no one who the father was. The Sullivan house as it came to be called stayed unoccupied for many years, well unoccupied by those still alive.

Eighteen years later another couple was looking for their first house. Link and Tracy Larkin had been married for six months. They were both 23 years old. They were living in a cramped apartment but they wanted a big house with lots of space and a backyard. As a one month anniversary gift Link had given Tracy an English toy spaniel that she named Susie, who was now nine months old. Susie was partial to Link. Tracy worked as a dance teacher while Link worked as Corny Collin's assistant. They called Tom, a real estate agent about buying a house. Tom was portly with dark brown hair. They looked at a couple of houses but they were too expensive.

"There's one house that's in your price range that you can look at," Tom told Link and Tracy one day in his office.

"What house?" Tracy asked.

"The old Sullivan house," Tom answered.

"But there's a history behind the house I must tell you about. Eighteen years ago a family lived there by the name of Sullivan. Edward and Laura seemed to be a happy couple but one day she shot him for unknown reasons. Then a few days later she drowned herself. The police just figured that she had a mental breakdown from work and kids. They say that their ghosts still reside in the house," he added.

"There's no such thing as ghosts," Link said.

"How come we never heard of this?" Tracy asked.

"It was kept quiet," Tom said.

"And we were like 5 years old at the time Trace," Link added.

Tracy nodded. "I wonder if ma or dad remembers it," she said.

"So do you still want to see the house?" Tom asked.

Link looked to Tracy who shook her head. "Absolutely," he answered.

"Alright, I can show it to you this weekend," Tom replied uncertain if they'd change their minds before then or not.

"Can our parents come?" Tracy asked. Their parents were going to help Tracy and Link with the buying of a house.

"Of course," Tom answered.

That Saturday Tracy, Link, Edna, Wilbur, Beebe and John Larkin met Tom at the house.

"Wow this place is amazing," Tracy said looking at the outside.

"I know, but it isn't half as amazing as you," Link replied kissing her then taking her hand in his.

Tracy grinned at him as she squeezed his hand.

"I remember hearing about that awful murder from a friend of ours," Beebe said.

"It was a horrible tragedy," John said.

"It scared me so much then she killed him then committed suicide. They thought the stress of having a career out of the home and then taking care of the children drove her to it. That's one of the reasons I started staying in the house more, so I was close to Wilbur and Tracy," Edna told them.

"But you had nothing to fear hun. She killed him and I know you'd never harm me nor would I harm you," Wilbur said.

"I know but it still frightened me that someone could do that to the one they loved," Edna replied.

"And I know neither you nor daddy would harm me," Tracy told them.

"Did they have any kids?" Link asked.

"Two, but I'm not sure if they live around here still," Tom answered.

"Are you ready to see the inside?" Tom then asked.

Everyone nodded. Link and Tracy followed him in. Edna, Wilbur, Beebe, and John walked in after the young couple. Tracy and Link gasped at how big the house was. Dust had settled in corners and on the sheets that covered the furniture. They walked around the first floor seeing the living room, office, and kitchen. The office carpet had been cleaned where Edward's body had fallen. Tom then took them upstairs where they saw the master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms and the bathroom.

"We love it," Link told Tom after the tour was over. Link had noticed Tracy smiling through-out the entire time.

Tracy nodded in agreement. "And it's in our price range.

"Are you sure kids?" Wilbur asked.

"Yes daddy," Tracy answered.

"You want the house?" Tom inquired bewildered.

Link and Tracy nodded.

"Then let's go to my office and sign some papers," Tom said.

Tracy, Link and their parents followed Tom to his office.

"Congratulations," Tom said shaking Link and Tracy's hands after all of the papers were signed.

"All of the furniture is yours now and you can move in sixty days from now" Tom added.

"That was a quick sell wasn't it?" Edna asked.

"The house has been on the market for quite a while and the persons that own the property were eager to sell it," Tom answered.

"And you should have the house inspected just in case there are any problems that need fixing," he added.

"When shall we have that done?" Link asked.

"Probably within the next couple of weeks," Tom answered. He gave them a name of the inspector that he worked with before.

The following Tuesday Tracy called the inspector. Mark Quinn, the inspector, told her that he'd be able to go through the house the following Monday. That day Tracy and Link sat on the porch steps awaiting Mark's report. About forty-five minutes later Mark came out. Tracy and Link stood as he walked to them.

"The kitchen plumbing needs fixing but other than that the house looks good," Mark told them.

"Thank you," Tracy said. Both she and Link shook his hand.

The next day Link called a plumber and got an appointment for the kitchen plumbing to be fixed. It was soon fixed and over the next few weekends Tracy and Link along with Penny and Seaweed cleaned the house to ready it before moving in. Edna, Wilbur, Beebe and John sometimes helped as well. Some of the china that was left in the cupboards started to crack so Tracy and Link through them out. Edna and Wilbur bought them a new set of china and cutlery for a wedding present so they decided to use those. They also brought in a new kitchen table and chairs that Maybelle had given them. They decided to keep the bedroom furniture. Little by little they moved their clothes and other personal belongings to the house.

Just before Christmas, Tracy and Link moved into the house. That night there was still a little chill so Link lit the fireplace in the living room. Tracy fed Susie then made a simple chicken and rice dinner for them. Link uncorked a new bottle of white wine to help celebrate their first night in the house. They decided to eat by the fireplace.

"Here's to our first night in our amazing house," Link said holding up his wineglass.

"I'll toast to that," Tracy replied clinking glasses with him. She leaned in and kissed him before taking a sip.

They ate feeding each other small pieces of chicken. They drank a few more glasses of wine as well. As Tracy brought the empty plates to the kitchen Link went to the record player and placed a record on it. The Four Seasons started playing as Tracy walked back into the living room. Link grabbed her waist, pulling her close as she placed her hands around his neck. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" started playing as Link captured Tracy's lips. They started swaying back and forth staring into each others eyes. He whispered the words as blue met brown. Tracy leaned up and seized Link's lips in a passionate kiss. As the song ended Tracy and Link started moving towards the stairs. Their lips stayed connected the whole time.

They managed to get upstairs and to the bedroom. Susie was sleeping on her monogrammed pillow and blanket. Link pulled Tracy's blouse off of her and unzipped her pants as he kissed her neck. Tracy unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. Tracy hopped under the covers since she was starting to get cold. Link undid his slacks then got in atop of her. He leaned down and captured her lips in a deep French kiss. He moved to her cheek then neck where he lingered nibbling it. Tracy held onto his back and kissed his shoulders as he did that. Link then placed sweet kisses down her neck. She arched her back as he unhooked her bra. He kissed her shoulder as he slid the bra strap off of it. He moved to her breasts where he again lingered nibbling her soft flesh. Tracy whimpered and Link moved back to her lips silencing her. He then placed quick kisses down her body until he reached her underwear where he helped her out of them. She then maneuvered them so she was on top. Tracy leaned down and seized his lips. She kissed his chin, down his neck and chest. When she reached his waist she helped slide his underwear off and tossed them aside. Link gently turned Tracy over so he was on top again. He then captured her lips in another French kiss.

After they made love they fell asleep in each other's arms. Four hours later Tracy awoke hearing a funny noise. She looked next to her finding Link not there.

"Link?" she said She sat up and looked around the room.

The noise came closer and Tracy's heart began to quicken. It sounded like a humming sound and kept getting louder. She fumbled a little as she turned the bedside lamp on. Suddenly Link's face appeared in the doorway. He was making the sound. Susie awoke upon hearing the sound and barked.

"Boo!" he said as his eyes fell upon her face.

"Linky! You scared me! I thought it was one of the ghosts!" she exclaimed.

Link saw that her eyes were wide open and that she was shaking with fright. He quickly ran to her side.

"I'm sorry Trace I didn't mean to really scare you. There aren't any ghosts. It was just supposed to be a joke," he said as he wrapped his arms around her.

She leaned her head on his shoulder as he kissed the top of her head. "I know. Just don't do that again," she told him.

"I won't I promise," Link said as he rubbed her arms and back.

"You scared Susie too," she said.

Link looked at Susie who was looking at him. "I'm sorry Susie."

Susie barked again then roamed the house to make sure it was safe. After deciding that it was she returned to her pillow which was in the corner by Link's side of the bed.

Tracy calmed down as Link continued rubbing her back. He kissed the top of her head again. They lay back down and with Link's arm wrapped securely around Tracy. Tracy also had her arms wound around him as they fell asleep again.