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Soon it was Christmas. Tracy awoke that morning with a smile. Link was still asleep. She leaned over and captured his lips. He soon awoke and kissed her back, deepening it.

"Morning," he said.

"Merry Christmas," Tracy practically shouted.

"Merry Christmas lil darlin."

Tracy got up and looked in on Kim. Laura was watching her. Susie had followed Tracy and started growling as she neared the door.


Laura turned to look at Tracy. "Oh, good morning. I was just watching the little one and thinking of when Sophie and Matt were babies."

"Were they good babies?"

"Oh yes, hardly heard a peep out of them," Laura said

"You miss being alive don't you?"

Laura nodded. "Especially at Christmas. It was my favorite holiday."

"It's mine too," Tracy told her.

Laura disappeared and Tracy went to Kim. She picked her up and fed and changed her. She then walked downstairs. Susie followed. Stockings hung in the living room. Link got Kim's first. Link helped Tracy take out the items. Kim received a new bottle, pacifier, a cat stuffed animal and a new rattle. Kim happily took the rattle and started shaking it. Link took Kim so that Tracy could get hers next. She found her favorite perfume that smelled of flowers, a can of Ultra Clutch, a small box of chocolates and a stuffed dog.

"Thanks Linky."

"You're welcome."

She leaned over and kissed him. "Open yours next."

He put Kim down in the playpen with her new toys. He put the bottle on the table then got his stocking. He opened it to find his favorite cologne, Ultra Clutch, a small box of chocolates and a coupon book to his favorite store.

"Thanks Trace."

"You're welcome."

Susie barked.

"We almost forgot about Susie!" Tracy exclaimed.

She went and got her stocking. She pulled out a bone, doggie treats, a newspaper chew toy and rope to play tug of war with. Tracy put the bone and toys on the floor and Susie immediately took the bone and started gnawing on it.

This Christmas was special because it was Kim's first and they wanted to do something in celebration. Their parents came over to share in the celebration and later that night they would have a small party with their friends as well. Wilbur decided that he would dress as Santa.

"Ho ho ho Merry Christmas," Wilbur said.

Susie started growling at him. Kim didn't know what to think of "Santa" at first. She kind of just looked at him curiously. Wilbur sat down and Tracy put Kim on his lap. She walked away to get a camera.

"Ho ho ho," Wilbur said again.

Kim became scared and started crying. Link was closest so he picked her up.

"Shh..its just Grandpa Wilbur sweetie," Link said as he rocked her back and forth in his arms.

Tracy came up to them and held Kim's hand. "Is she alright?"

"She needs to be changed but she'll be fine."

Link excused himself as he went upstairs to change her. When he got back down Wilbur had taken off the Santa suit. He took Kim from Link. She recognized him now so she was happy to see him. Edna, Beebe and John took turns holding their granddaughter. They exchanged gifts. Kim received clothes. Edna made her a Santa hat. Tracy received a new necklace from her parents, and a new dress from Beebe and John. Link handed her a rectangular box last. She opened it and found a charm bracelet. One of the charms read "new mom" on it. Tracy hugged him as a thank you. Link received a new shirt from his parents and new records from Edna and Wilbur.

"Those records can be played on this," Tracy said showing him a new record player. She didn't get the chance to wrap it so she hid it in the office until John helped her get it out while he was upstairs with Kim.

"Thanks Trace. We can use this later."

Tracy smiled. They gave both of their parents framed photos of Kim when she was about a month old.

For their party they asked that their guests bring food and decorations instead of everyone buying gifts. Penny and Seaweed arrived early. Even though there were no gifts they still wanted to give Tracy, Link and Kim something. Penny made Kim and Tracy each a blanket with their name on it. She gave Link a sweater that she made. Seaweed gave Kim a stuffed bear and a gift coupon to Luigi's to Tracy and Link. Tracy knew that this might happen so she bought Penny a new sewing kit and Seaweed a gift coupon to his favorite store. Amber, Tammy, Inez and Maybelle soon arrived to help decorate. Maybelle made her famous turkey stuffing. Edna cooked a ham, Fender, Bix and Darla chipped in together for soda, and juices to drink. Tammy brought mashed potatoes and gravy, Lou Anne brought au gratin potatoes, Brad brought a salad. The others brought their favorite side dishes and for dessert Amber brought chocolate cake. Pam, Bob, Sophie, Ben and Matthew also came. Tracy put Kim in the playpen so she could keep an eye on her. Wilbur put the Santa suit back on but decided it was best not to let Kim see it.

"Hey guys I like this idea of just bringing food," Corny told them.

"Yeah it saves us all from deciding what to get each other, especially since there are so many of us," Brad added.

Tracy grinned at Corny and Brad. "That's why we thought of this idea."

Everyone grabbed a plate and started putting stuff on it. As they ate Pam found Tracy and Link.

"Do you think Laura or Edward will show up?" she asked.

At the sound of their name they appeared. Susie growled. She had on a little Santa hat and jacket.

"Hey look at that beard," Edward stated as he floated over to Wilbur and pulled on it.

Wilbur made a small unhappy noise at having the beard being pulled.

"Edward!" Tracy said.

"It was fun," he replied.

"Not for me," Wilbur said as he rubbed his chin.

"What no presents?" Laura asked.

"Nope, this year we thought it would be fun for everyone to bring food," Link told her.

She looked at Link. "Then what am I to do when there's no ribbon or bows to play with?"

"You could just enjoy the atmosphere," Sophie told her.

Laura turned to Sophie. "There's no fun in that dear."

Laura disappeared. Edward lingered the disappeared. Susie calmed down and curled up for a nap. After several minutes Susie yelped. Edward reappeared. Tracy surmised that he had pulled her tail.

"Wake up Little Susie, wake up!" Edward sang.

Tracy looked at him. "That's not very nice to wake her up like that."

He stared at Tracy. "It was enjoyable."

"Maybe it was for you but it wasn't for her," Tracy told him.

"Aww come on I love my little buddy."

Tracy just looked at him. "Then why do you pull her tail?"

"It's a sign of affection," he said before disappearing.

The rest of the party went well. There was conversation, music and dancing. After the last person left and Kim was asleep, Tracy and Link sat on the couch. He was rubbing her shoulders. She moaned happily as his fingers worked their magic. She turned and captured his lips in a deep, searing kiss.

"Kim's asleep. We have a little time to ourselves," she told him.

Link seized her lips. "Yes we do."

He stood and helped her up. Together they walked to their bedroom. Link started removing Tracy's clothes and she removed his. Their lips hardly ever left each other. They fell back onto the bed and got under the covers. As they kissed Tracy thought she heard a babies cry. It went away and then she heard it again. This time Link heard it too.

"Is that Kim?" he asked.

"It sounds a little different," Tracy answered.

They looked around the room and Laura appeared.

"Laura was that you?" Tracy asked.

She nodded. "Yes."

"Why mimic Kim's cry?' Link inquired.

"I wanted to see what you'd do," she replied.

"Now I know," she added before disappearing.

Tracy and Link stayed in place for a few minutes.

"I hope that doesn't happen again," Link said.

Tracy nodded. "Now where did we leave off?"

Link grinned as he captured her lips. He moved down her neck where he lingered, nibbling it. He made his way down to her breasts and was about to unhook her bra when they heard a baby's cry. They looked around to see if Laura was around but she wasn't so they knew it had to be Kim. Tracy started to sit up.

"I'd better go check on her," she said as she started getting out of bed.

Link watched her as she put on her bathrobe. "Alright I'll be waiting."

She winked at him. "I know."

She walked out and returned soon after. Link held open the comforter as she got in bed. Link resumed his place above her. He leaned over and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. He then moved back down to her breasts and she arched her back so he could take her bra off. He threw it on the floor. He nibbled on the sensitive area of her breast and she whimpered softly. Happy with her response, he moved down until he reached her underwear. He helped her take them off. She maneuvered so that she was on top. She kissed his forehead then one side of his lip and the other teasing him. He leaned up and seized her lips before she could tease him more. She moved down his body. He had already removed his underwear. He gently rolled her back over as he grabbed a condom. He French kissed her.

Afterwards they fell asleep in each others arms. A few times that night they had to rise and take care of Kim. They found that Susie was sleeping in front of her crib as if she was guarding it.

A week later it was New Years. Tracy and Link decided to celebrate by themselves. They bought champagne to toast in the New Year. It began to snow early in the day on New Year's Eve.

"Look more snow, isn't it magical?" Tracy asked smiling.

Link nodded. "It hasn't snowed in a couple weeks."

They also got noise makers but Kim started fussing every time they made a sound so Link put them away. Around midnight Kim was asleep with Susie lying next to her crib. Link had opened the champagne up a half and hour earlier and poured them a glass. They were on their third glass as they toasted to the New Year as they watched the ball drop in Times Square on television.

"Happy New Year Linky."

"Happy New Year lil darlin."

He leaned over and captured her lips. Tongues mingled as their kiss deepened. Tracy ran her hands through his hair as his grabbed her blouse. She lay her head down on the couch pillow as they continued kissing. Tracy rubbed her hands up and down his back as Link rubbed his hands over her stomach, underneath her shirt. Tracy shivered slightly.

Link stopped and looked at her. "Are my hands cold?"

"A little."

He blew hot air on them to warm them up. He touched her stomach again. "Better doll?

Tracy nodded as she French kissed him. Music was playing on the television but neither of them heard it.

Kim was growing everyday. When she turned 6 months old she started to attempt crawling. The first few times she failed to do it. As she started to crawl Edward appeared. Susie came in and growled. She sat watching everything.

"Look who's crawling," he said as he watched Kim.

Laura appeared. "Crawling?"

She looked down at Kim. "Sweetie you're crawling."

Kim heard them and laughed happily. She reached out to Laura. Laura floated closer to her and Kim touched her. Laura laughed. Tracy came in the room.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"Kim crawled," Edward answered her.

Tracy looked to Kim. "She did!"

Laura nodded. Both Edward and Laura disappeared.

"Linky! Kim crawled!"

Link walked into the room and smiled. "She did?"

Upon seeing both of her parents Kim started crawling towards them. She made it most of the way before taking a rest. Link picked her up and swung her. She giggled happily.

Over the next few days Kim got better at crawling. One day Susie was standing near Kim. Kim crawled to Susie and tried to crawl on her. Susie was unhappy about this but she didn't growl. She just waited until Kim became distracted by some records on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. She crawled over there and touched one of Link's records.

Tracy saw her. "Do you want me to play daddy's record?"

Kim made a happy sound and Tracy took that as a yes. She grabbed the record and put it on the record player. Link's voice filled the room. He was singing "Ladies Choice" Tracy smiled as she listened to the lyrics. Kim crawled towards the record player thinking that Link was in it. Link walked into the room. He had just gotten home from getting milk and eggs.

He walked over to Tracy. "This singer sounds familiar."

Tracy smiled at seeing him. She leaned over and kissed him.

"Well I hope I am the ladies choice," he said.

"You are the choice of two ladies."

"Two beautiful ladies," he said as he picked Kim up. Tracy kissed him and Kim touched his nose and laughed.

Later that day Kim was sitting on the floor. Susie's tennis ball was sitting besides her and Susie was looking at it. Kim pushed the ball towards her. Susie grabbed it and brought it back to her. Kim pushed it again.

A few months later, Tracy was in the kitchen cooking. Kim was sitting in her playpen playing with some building block toys. Susie was lying besides it.

Kim looked around. "LL…Laura."

Tracy looked at her. "Kim did you just speak!?"

"Laura," Kim said again.

Susie growled and Laura appeared.

Laura glanced at Tracy. "Did I hear my name?"

"Laura," Kim said yet again. She reached out to her.

Laura turned and looked at Kim. "She spoke!"

Link came into the kitchen and saw everyone. "What's going on here?"

"Kim just said her first word," Tracy told him.

"She did! What was it? Mama, dada?"

Tracy shook her head. "No, it was Laura."

"She likes me," Laura said.

She smiled fondly at Kim then disappeared.

As time went by Kim spoke more words like mama, dada and even Edward and Susie. When she turned eighteen months Link and Tracy noticed that she held onto chairs and other furniture that was low to the ground. Once she grasped it she tried to pull herself up. After many attempts she managed to pull herself up so she was standing. She then tried to walk. She would take a couple steps then fall down. Edward appeared and saw her do this.

She noticed him. "Edward!"

"Hi Kim are you trying to walk?" he asked.

She stood and two a couple steps towards him. Link came in and saw.

"Tracy come here!" he yelled.

Tracy came and looked at Kim and Edward. Kim fell but on her fourth attempt she managed to walk closer towards where Edward was.

"Kim you walked!" Tracy exclaimed smiling.

Kim turned her head and sat again. "Mama, dada, walk."

"Can you come to us?" Tracy asked.

Both Tracy and Link put their hands out towards her. Kim picked herself back up using the table and stepped towards them. She got about halfway before needing to sit again. Tracy picked her up and kissed her forehead.

"That was great sweetie!" Link told her. He was smiling.

Kim smiled happily. Edward soon disappeared. After Link placed her on the floor Susie ran over with a rope. Kim grabbed onto one end while Susie pulled the other. Kim eventually let the rope go and Susie took it to her favorite corner. Tracy and Link smiled as they watched Kim play with Susie. They didn't realize that when they moved into the house that it came with supernatural occupants. But now they couldn't envision the house without them.

The End