Little Bird

Disclaimer: I do not own any final fantasy material, be it names, weapons, characters, modes of transportation, etc.

Warning: This story contains homosexuality, sex (both consensual and non) and gore. Please do not read if you are offended by any of this. Also, I have not played crisis core and so there will be no references to that game in here.

This story is set almost directly after the original game ends, though I might have accidentally tweaked some things here and there. Right. Well. Enjoy then.


Footsteps creaked down the decrepit spiral steps leading to the basement of Shinra manor. The man to whom they belonged tossed back his long hair and paused at the bottom before continuing on down the stone floor. The few bats that drew near were deftly cut to pieces with the flash of a long, elegant looking sword. The man was in no hurry and it seemed to amuse him greatly to walk at a slow, leisurely pace. He paused, looking briefly at the rotting wooden door to his left where the Chaos holder had once resided.

He stepped into the cramped room, caressing the wood of the coffin lightly while his eyes gazed off into the darkness. A gentle thumping echoed from the lab down the hall but he pretended not to notice, absentmindedly touching the package at his side. "Soon my Sweet, soon." He murmured, still making no move towards the room. Only when an enraged cry started up did he turn and glide silently to the door at the end of the hall, unlocking it and letting it swing open.

A blonde spiky haired man raised his head, eyes covered with a strip of faded cloth. He lay in chains with the binding attaching him to a table once covered in test tubes. The blonde looked around as able to see through the blindfold and darkness surrounding him. He called out nervously. "Hello? Is someone there?" The long haired man bent down to his captive's height and untied the cloth, revealing blue eyes, slightly dulled by the covering.

"There will only ever be me, sweet Cloud." The blue eyes darkened with despair and Cloud turned his face away, all hope drained from voice. "Fuck you Sephiroth."


Cloud waited in darkness, alone and silent. His captor had left to retrieve food, though how he managed it baffled Cloud. The world was still on edge even though Sephiroth was supposedly dead. He had to hand it to the bastard though, he was cautious. Unless someone actually found the hidden door and bothered to walk down all of those stairs to the very bottom would they hear any noise from Cloud.

Sephiroth had even taken the trouble to blindfold him and lock the door. Hardly necessary considering that the room was so dark he wouldn't be able to see a hand in front of his face, let alone possible exits. Even if he could see, the weight of the chains was so deadening that he could barely move. Yes, overkill was Sephiroth's middle name.

Footsteps sounded on the stone flags causing a feeble shred of hope to flutter around in his chest. He tried to move, desperately crashing his head into the table and crying out for help (something his pride would never have let him do several months prior). His throat ached from water deprivation, causing a rasp to wind painfully into his voice.

The door was unlocked quietly, causing Clouds stomach to plummet like the proverbial stone. Only Sephiroth had that key. Still, he called out uncertainly, praying that perhaps his tormenter was dead and whoever had killed him had lifted the key and checked it in all the rooms of the mansion. The blindfold was removed and in front of him hovered those green cat-like eyes, illuminated slightly with the faint glow of mako. Sephiroth's voice came out in a deep purr. "There will only ever be me sweet Cloud." The blond man fought to keep the despair from his voice as he averted his eyes. "Fuck you Sephiroth..."

His cheek was stinging before he realized that Sephiroth had struck him. The slap was quickly covered by his captor's lips. "Such language doesn't become you my sweet. It is foul and I won't allow it here." Cloud jerked away, shuddering with a wash of emotions ranging from disgust to desire. "Stop it! Stop touching me like that!"

The green eyed man ignored him and opened the bag he was carrying, taking out a pear and slicing it into bite sized portions. Cloud reluctantly ate the pieces from Sephiroth's hand, feeling the sweet juice slide down his aching throat. A few months ago, he would never have submitted like this but now he knew that if he didn't, the food would be pre-chewed and forced down his throat with Sephiroth's tongue. The man was staring at him intently with those unholy eyes of his, an eerie smile fixed on his face.

"Cloud, do you hate me?" Cloud looked up at the man who had taken everything from him and him from everything. He remembered Aerith, the sweet flower girl, and how she had been impaled on Sephiroth's blade, her mouth moving wordlessly. He remembered Midgar, and Meteor. He remembered his friends, and how they had fought valiantly alongside him through it all. He remembered how when all was said and done, he had pushed them away because Sephiroth's shadow still hung over his memories. He remembered Nibelheim in flames, his mother burning with it. Finally, he remembered Tifa's frightened face the last time she visited, finding Cloud pinned to the wall with Sephiroth's hand at his neck. She had tried to help him, whipping out her phone even as she charged the man with the mako eyes. She had hit the wall then, cracking her head against it brutally, the phone slipping from her gloved hand.

Cloud still didn't know if she was dead, for soon after he had called out to her a flattened hand connected with his temple and then there was darkness. He had woken up here in chains... but that part didn't matter. Sephiroth was still watching him silently for an answer. "Yeah , I hate you." Another 

slap. His captor looked irritated. "I hate lies Cloud." "It's not a lie!" The blond man burst out angrily. "How could I not hate you?! You keep taking away the things that I love!"

Sephiroth looked bored and flicked back a strand of hair that had fallen into his face, cutting up another pear. "You don't hate me Cloud. Not yet, but don't worry," he smiled sweetly. "We have all the time in the world to change that."