Max Payne: No Rest For the Wicked

Nov. 28

The gusts of wind blew at an unbearable rate and temperature, forcing most indoors that night, but I was out there. On a night when the streets were completely empty, there was work. Even in rest, the demons were awake.

I hadn't had a full night's sleep in days. Not when certain individuals still walked the streets, lived their lives as they wished, those mere thoughts eating at his brain like a rabid disease. I live this hell alone. No one understands what drives me to push forward with the kind of conviction that I do, but the truth is, I have nothing else to live for. At least as far as I'm concerned.

Years ago, my wife and child were murdered by the kind of people I hunt to this day. The kind of people who murder this already dying city. I had certain plans in mind to end something I honestly couldn't see an ending to.

I was meeting an old CI of mine at Crane's, a diner I often frequented when I needed to get my head straightened out, but couldn't stand the sight of my own home. I wrenched the door open after a brief tug-of-war with the wind, and wiped the snow and slush off my shoes and onto the doormat. I spotted "James" (name changed) in the very back booth, gave him a slight nod, and headed his way.

"Thanks for dragging me out in this shit, like I had nothing else better to do," I said, and chewed my bottom lip.

"You'll like this, trust me."

"Spit out", I said already impatient.

"I hear a place of which holds some sentimental value towards you may be reopening it's doors in the near future. None other than Ragna Rock itself."

"Any word on who's behind it? I know in this city it's usually one type of citizen who can put up the kind of jack to front that kind of place." This was great news, the kind that brought back the worst of memories.

"Honestly, I have no idea. Go knock on the door and ask yourself", James said, and laughed. I didn't see the humor, and the laugh disappeared quickly as I stared a hole through him.

"I'll do some checking. Appreciate the news", I said, and tossed a couple of twenties his way.

I got up, walked out, and started down a very ugly road.