"Well this is…"


I looked at her impassively, having nothing to add. I am perfectly comfortable with silence but dear darling Deborah apparently expected conversation. "No," I protested, "Pleasant. Sharing dinner with family?"

She raised her eyebrows at me and replied, "I need a drink…" She grabbed her plate, to go get us both beers. Returning, she sat in front of the television, turned it on, and glanced towards me expectantly.

As I join her I think how people don't enjoy silent meals. Television makes my life easier... I gave Deborah a slight, knowing smile and changed the channel.


100 word drabble for the Muse Bunny, based on the word "Conversation"

Dexter, is of course, not mine, but Jeff Lindsay's and I am merely borrowing delightful debornaire Dexter.

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