Harry Potter and Dr Who's Discworld adventure.

This is a triple crossover between Harry Potter, Dr Who and the Discworld. As an introduction, Harry Potter finds himself transported to the Disc as an unfortunate byproduct of an interesting magical experiment. My stats tells me that people are still visiting this tale. This is good, but although I did write this a long time ago, reviews would be greatly appreciated, please, please, please, please!

It was a dark, cold night with a few stars, but some clouds as well. There was a forest and some little clearing. A whirling noise was heard and someone saying, 'Ouch,' A small boy stood up looking puzzled. The boy was dressed in a Wizard's outfit complete with Hat, robe, trousers and shirt with runes. He scratched his head.

The boy's name was Harry Potter. His game he wasn't sure of. He was in his fourth year at Hogwarts. In fact he was about to compete in a complex challenge, but some people where practising the transporting spell. A bit too much it seemed. Harry remembered a buzz then a loud bang then finding himself a few feet in the air, but with no time to react not for long.

He presumed he had just been transported to some place he didn't intend to be. But Harry needed to get his bearings. Harry did see a building in front of him which looked similar to Hogwarts, but not so. Harry was just about gathering himself when he heard a voice saying to him, 'Oi, there, you!'

Harry looked upwards. Three older boys also in Wizard outfits but a little different approached him. They drew their wands and didn't look friendly in the cold night. 'Well, well, well, look at this, a stranger'

'With some clothes like ours!'

'Like a Wizard but not, he is trespassing, I suggest we give him the typical strangers welcome.'

'We don't like strangers,'

'Please, where am I, I'm a little confused,' asked Harry friendly.

'Confused and you will be bruised. You are outside the grounds of Warby as if you didn't know and we Wizards from Snakey don't like people prowling around. Staring at us. This information will cost you'

'A few cuts, bruises, broken bones possibly. I'm bored. Come on lads,' Harry seemed due for a beating. But he bravely drew his own little wand and shouted, 'Avenco!'

This had no desire effect on the older boys. 'What was that?' sniggered one,

'Do you know I think it was a jelly-legs spell. Trying to give us jelly-legs. Mine do feel a bit wobbly, even. Now that wasn't very friendly. What about giving him an Itching curse? Take him days to loose that. With some curry rubbed on the eye-balls, got some Sniffy? Draw wands hold him!'

Harry Potter was outnumbered and outwanded. This wasn't Hogwarts and he appeared to have taken a wrong turning. Things where about to get ugly, when another boy about his age, appeared and talked to the bullies, 'Hey guys heard about Professor Craching, he fell from his office and it all fell everywhere. His potion that his! You should have heard him curse!' The boys laughed losing their attention to Harry.

The boy who was clearly a comedian continued, 'Hay, here's one. What do you get if you jinx an explosion curse with patrol powder. Don't know. Well, no-one hangs around long enough to have found out!' This created a laugh. 'Come now, it's almost dinner. Best get it fresh shouldn't we boys?' The bullies laughed, shook the boy's hand and walked of, totally forgetting about Harry.

The boy introduced himself. 'Rincewind. You should be getting in. Those 3 seem to have lost interest, but you shouldn't wonder around here by yourself.'

'Where am I and what's going on?' asked Harry in some confusion.

'Ah. Now that's a little complex. This is Warby school of Wizardry, Witchcraft and all things magical. The actual world is known as the Discworld. Whatever you have been taught about astronomy, foget it for now! You have been unwittingly caught in a little experiment which got out of control. But one or two other people might explain that. Possibly!' Rincewind grinned.

Harry was lead across the stony grounds, under some trees a large, beamed stone doorway, inside the buildings of Warby. He was taken to a room where several adult Wizards turned to look at him. Teachers. They had to be. Wizard teachers everywhere seemed to have a familiar look about them.

All dressed in flamboyant Wizardry robes in a similair manner that Harry recognized from Hogwarts. Rincewind said, 'Here he is. A casualty from our recent experiment. You said that something odd happened, didn't you? His name's Potter. Harry Potter. Potter, our Teachers!'

One particularly large and old Wizard stood up and greeted Harry, 'Welcome and our apologies. You are probably a bit confused as what has just happened. But Master Stibbons here, will explain!'

A younger member of the Teachers stood up and coughed. 'Thank you, head! Yes, Harry you see I was conducting a bit of an experiment on checking out some omissions from the lower dimensions and the levels of Giyuoku was higher than I expected. I should really have pulled out, but it was curious and I am afraid that with a mixture of grade 3 Warlocking, I, er, pulled the strings of the Dimensional reality and you have been moved out of your place in Space/Time over to us. The problem is, we can't really sent you back so you're stuck here for the moment. Is that clear?'

Oddly enough, while everyone else was a bit confused by Stibbons ramblings which was rather typical of him, Harry understood this. He had recently been reading something about it, actually!

'So, what do I do now?' Harry asked.

The head answered, 'You stay with us. You're a young schoolboy Wizard after all. We should stick together. And besides, young Stibbons here wants to keep an eye on you. He says this could be a "fascinating interaction of Wizards culture from different dimensions" is that right?' Stibbons nodded.

One Teacher spoke up, looking Harry direct in the eye, a tall, dark-haired man with a face as hard as nails, 'But don't expect any special favours, Potter. We'll treat you just like any other student. No favourites here!' The man looked and acted very much like Harry's least favorite teacher at Hogwarts.

'Your name's Snape, right?'

'Wrong and don't be so familiar, you little foreigner. Names Sniverley, actually!'

'Oh, come, commme SSSniverley, don't be so grumpy,' said a rather nervous looking teacher. We should offer our guest a proper welcome!'

Sniverley gave Potter a look of pure venom. Harry sighed, 'here we go again,' thought he!

'Well, that's settled then. We'll just get you Sorted and sorted, haha, you need to find out what house you're in after all! I'm sure you'll find your time here most enjoyable, and perhaps knowledgeable. Welcome to Warby.' finished the head. It might not have been politic of Harry to do so, but he couldn't help but look at the size of the head's belly! In fact all of the Wizard teachers seemed to be of more weight than those he had been used to. Maybe there was good cheer to be had at Warby!